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by: Reyes Glover


Reyes Glover
GPA 3.67


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About this Document

Class Notes
25 ?




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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Reyes Glover on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to M 408K at University of Texas at Austin taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/181498/m-408k-university-of-texas-at-austin in Mathematics (M) at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 09/06/15
H2 9 33 gr elder Mamas b 04 3x gt 6 9 f x sew dzdm we 4 new Ram 6 Qaic of Amiga ow 0 LL Fact JEQtwgzquot a I 9554 9 19quot quot 555 NQHQJ g bf 011mm a ms maows W Med W dyan 0L C39t gt0 Lamu a mac 0 7 66 mam mu a3 QKhaxcosx I Fc nd exX 60 139 COSX XC Smx jgmx cox X1995 2 33M 8 a Ffxlr Sz wx39wSxSnx LVN l W Ygsk39 OVI 0 or kHzla 2 306 b3 gm t3 63 T b 39 J d 3 2 wt 52 3t 12647 am 5 42 a5 6395wl2 18 ive 0 MWW CK g 80c Xs le 5X 3 Much 39 s 5 7 a sz uzx g 5 7 3 9 12 39 a 2 5quot 6 3 quot 7 9quot 0 Ln 0 at a r V95 0 25 1909 3 m 3mm 1960 xquot 10m wo of21 84 2 x 3 9 a o 2 65 gt64 450 0 gt5 GEM90Xquot 414 W 4927quot C ngtX nI SL Q2 4n gt K 1 n x quot No kw gs 4 A39HA aT39dG P VQQ af icx iiikin 7 Dntgcx dxriwd fre L gt RM 3 If 439454214 4 4 X 0K s A k 3 3 WP 4x3441300 x 0 9 K33 quot 535 ua 360 3Y1 g39 3 82X 6Q w Law a x3 3 3x2 3252313 3 13 Mg 1 a quot 39 56 f N rx 5 K2 4 6 1 5 V3gg t Z g39f BX g 2 A 3 1 3 37 L37 BCKz39jSl39 X 8 3 37 5 K Cx 14 D 3 quot DJCDSx Dusx 55quot Seam 005x DZQSx San 2 SMX C Dq39a sx 772 Dgosx p c1gt cos x 2 9 20 s cm DIZCUSK Cesx D4KCOSX Cosx 2 Eli3 27 3 24 D 0 5quot 5 Dd 6 93505 2 Sngt ISquot ab 57m DSMK Cosx nghax snx 3 a Cosx 1945 a 95 33x 3 11555 5CDDS9IX DSKSInx Cos X 9 37 W quot 6 4209 M 25 ex nmm di 12 c1 tgt Dcde at am MW 91 a m 6 0 0quot 8 wfr r 4 7 Wt Mw gff 3 759 w Gd9 8L GrimfkamEedf vetdwff brmzsm 4 0 Ft K wit 1 Q 3 P5 6 PLUM air 7M0 0 chcon 0 HET H Voluuwv quot 23 new ad a rain of w cw s Haul fag is W huh Morens wg w um HM AIMMitt 1s 579 cm 2 rohmg 0 ou s we wadx whims F I ampgtrw Mr V cw 4 3r ch aq g g 39 M 91 3 JV 2 4 F p p IC39E gig Baal rev 933 ig 3ragt r Jaw 3 1 K v me rm 1 Ti RAJ 42amw9 39 35 W cu Jr M 393 193 amp 1 473325 4 253253977 25 7T i I A adag o 396 lama rest Ctr k ver wall Z f m EvaEmu 41 M 5m a Gommmu a R 4 15 emf 51 75 h 1 cf m acuzr swag 4 m M W TW Do onA We x LLr 665 GM M M O XZL11OL ltgt KZ e L11 av 6 922m xzltgt 5 wxz www K I W M 0 2mx c E 1 lavX26 7 9x A order amb ha 39 HUL 5 6 cm 1 we PEA drzqkaq 6 Come um base Cinch tam OWL M wr 1 1h mic 39 50 75 wed 2m quotHquot Tank when W 6 aMIM n 39 Qind HM mitt oi Wick umier 3 rz s39wk 4quot W 8 3M a O eQ 3LTFFT 399x vl L 2 6 W24 49 r g L V 4r 3 2 4 quot 1 3 Cy 71032 k 4547 L m quotJ 3 W a TEin M iv 1ferew cd TA 2 7 v rt Av m z M 2amp1 quot 63 5W3 2 cm N I w E 3 amp W 5 3 l 9 1 5 1 9 W N u are H 2 2 Car A 5 muequ mgr cdquot Saw yk MA or a S WNamp worm out 60 wit13 Batu on W or Ha N39t bT39SeJt aw 0 M M manta FH dbvd39 Rife are 1 curs a mavkug wk ow Mum Cafpr cs 05 wily and Car 3 5 m0 walk m9qu 1AM 1 01 an a zx g2kj a t 392 Tm L x 321quot1 39 W a WE 9 XO Y 6A 5a 3 cl Bur o a ocf 20 quot 60 A2 03 o quotTquot c L 4 L3 WWW Agmuovd Od NW 96 65 6d 33 ab 0 Cow 5 n 30 U 8 0N 344 MTG 0 133 an udmw3 zine 51 40 50 in 4 3 3 6 23 3 36 ft ESE x i 3 3 5 399 if q 93 13 m savmudewoAaQ m iv x nyeasbg WWW 13 s W ii 39 d fa 13 3 t QM


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