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by: Rowena Barton DVM


Rowena Barton DVM
GPA 3.98

Atila Novoselac

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About this Document

Atila Novoselac
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rowena Barton DVM on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARE 346N at University of Texas at Austin taught by Atila Novoselac in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see /class/181536/are-346n-university-of-texas-at-austin in Architectural Engineering at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 09/06/15
General strategies for cooling and heating loads Heating Loads l 2 3 Calculate Z UA for slab edge 2 FF and for in ltrationventilation Z mcp of items on rst page to get an answer in BTUhr 0F or WOC Multiply by design temperature difference The result is your raw uncorrected heating load BTUhr or W Cooling Loads all steps should be in BTUh or W QMerNH Calculate cooling load from conduction through opaque surfaces using one of three methods on TETD CLTD Te second page Add solar gain through windows Add sensible internal gains and in ltration The result is your raw sensible cooling load Calculate latent internal gains Calculate latent gains due to in ltration The sum of 5 and 6 is your raw latent cooling load Heating Sensible only Formula Strategies ASHRAE1 Other2 Textbooks Walls Q UAAT Calculate U Values of 252 7 25 12 Table 23A Sllbtl39act WindOWdOOI39 assembly from wall 25Table 4 areas components Look up assembly Some examples Ecotope report Table 214 last values in chapter 25 column is UValue below grade in BTUhrOF ftz walls 2514 2515 Windows Skylights Q UAA T Look up U Values in 27 Table 5 NFRC Certi ed Examples in 1156 rough Opening area NFRC guide or default 30Table 4 Products Guide Chapter 2 frame type very important tables Roof Q UAA T Calculate U Values of 25Table 4 Table 23A Sllbtl39 ct Skylight areas assembly from wall Attic space components 25Table 5 Look up assembly Some examples Ecotope report Table 212 values in chapter 25 Doors Q UAA T Look up U Values 25Table 6 NFRC Certi ed Examples in use rough Opening area 30Table 6 Products Guide for Chapter 2 doors with glazing SlabFoundation edge Q FPAT Look up F Value and 25 14 25l5 Ecotope report Table 2102ll multiply by perimeter Be careful P Infiltration Q chAT m pV 2624 277 Tables 28 Ventilation Q chAT cp 024 BTUlb OF 26162618 ASHRAE Standards Table 29A or 1007 Jkg K 26Tables 36 62 622 Weather Data AT Use comfort zone for 27Tables Tables 22A2 elevation latitutde appropriate indoor 1A2A3A 2B22C conditions and 99 drybulb for outdoor tem erature ASHRAE 2001 Fundamentals Chapterpage number or ChapterTable number 2NFRC Cern edPraducts Guide httpwwwnfrcorgnfrcpd html Super Goad Cents HeaILassReference Manual by Ecotope Inc on class website 3Tao and Janis 2004 Mechanical and Electrical Systems in Buildings 3quoti Ed


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