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by: Bridget Runolfsdottir IV


Bridget Runolfsdottir IV
GPA 3.97

Jeffrey Ward

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About this Document

Jeffrey Ward
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bridget Runolfsdottir IV on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ADV 378 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Jeffrey Ward in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see /class/181543/adv-378-university-of-texas-at-austin in Advertising at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 09/06/15
ADV 378 FINAL EXAM REVIEW SELLING CREATIVE IDEAS Allocate planning time Relate objective to idea Never use unsupportable examples Don39t go on endlessly about yourself Do not evoke negatives it will only succeed in raising doubt that may have never existed in first place Do not shock PRESENTATION GRABBERSOPENINGS I Vivid image I Importa nt statistic I Rhetorical question I Examplestory FUNDAMENTAL RULES OF NEGOTIATION I Create value I Don t discuss price until you are ready to negotiate and close STEPS OF PREPARING TO NEGOTIATE I Assess situation I Determine your targets before you go in I Determine what the walkaway is I Decide how you ll open I Plan your close then shut up and leave RULES FOR CLOSING I Anticipate closing I Never discuss price until you are ready to close I After reaching an agreement stop talking and walk away HOW NOT TO CLOSE I The quotPoor me close I The quotPendown close SEGMENTS TO MEDIA SALES PRESENTATION I Market I Medium I Problems andor opportunities I Questions and answers I Close CRUCIAL QUESTIONS ETHICS CHECK I Is it legal I Is it fair HOT BUTTON ISSUES ETHICAL ISSUES FACED EVERYDAY I Advertising controversial products I Billing for services rendered I Advertising directed at children I Creative issues I Pursuing clients I Advertising plays in media vehicles of objectionable content ADAG E MARKETERS DEMANDING RATINGS FOR EACH TV AD 22309 C3 SYSTEM I Mid2007 agreement that allowed payment for TV ads to be based on the number of people who watched them 0 Less than two years later marketers looking for evenmore granular measurement how many watched their ads I Current commercial ratings are known as C3 because they measure three days worth of viewing 0 Marketers would rather payment be based on the viewership of each commercial I Marketers feel TV ought to do the same as the web when having information available about the relationship of consumers and their reactions to ads I Marketers feel that actual commercial ratings for specific ads in a specific pod position will give them an even truer idea of the value for the price paid I Standardizing the process would require investment in technology that allows Nielsen to encode each ad so that it can be tracked PAYING FOR RESEARCH I Nielsen spokesman Gary Holmes stated that the marketplace seems to prefer the average commercial minute and that encoding would require a lot of work and it would also require some kind of costbenefit analysis to see whether the benefits would outweigh the investment I Advertisers have already pulled back on media spending in a difficult economy I Many of Nielsen s recent efforts to create a market in this area have floundered 0 Project Apollo I Portable electronic device to track consumers exposure to commercials and media and subsequent purchase behavior I Scrapped in February 2008 because companies were unable to secure sufficient commitments from clients 0 Prism I Designed to help clients track effectiveness of instore promotional efforts I Walmart ended its support of the initiative in December 2008 I Interest in getting moreprecise TV ratings isn t going away 0 The next ratings milestone is likely to come from a nontraditional source BECOMING CURRENCY I Issues in debate of whether information linking consumer purchase information to TV commercials will ever become currency 0 Negotiating process is going to become a lot more complex 0 There will be a lot more creativity in placing ads and in combining ads that are relevant to the same people to effectively increase the audience that stays through the commercial I Nielsen IAG is a company that measures consumer response to and recall of ads and product placements ADAGE GUESS WHICH MEDIUM IS AS EFFECTIVE AS EVER TV 22309 REACHING WEBOBSESSED YOUTHS I The prediction that TV advertising will die has been going on for more than a decade I There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that TV advertising may be working better than ever I A ethnographic study by the Nielsen Co finds that TV remains the dominant medium even for reaching youth despite the rise in digital and social media I According to Marketing Management Analytics MMA time shifting ad skipping or clutter does not render TV less effective OFFLINE DRIVING ONLINE I MMA also found that about a third of search queries for brands studied are driven by offline advertising particularly TV I One reason could be that commercial avoidance fragmentation and clutter actually increased the reward from spending more 0 Increased sales for brands when they had any amount of TV vs having none at all I Despite studies showing improved effectiveness more than halfthe advertisers in the study still lost money by running TV ads 0 The ones that did make a profit did very well


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