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by: Edna Hammes Sr.


Edna Hammes Sr.
GPA 3.85

Sharon Dunn

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About this Document

Sharon Dunn
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Edna Hammes Sr. on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MIS 374 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Sharon Dunn in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/181559/mis-374-university-of-texas-at-austin in Management Information Systems at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 09/06/15
Evaluation of System Alternatives Choice of Tools for Judy Paul s Ecommerce Website Tool Set 1 Open Source 7 Java and Tapestry Development Tool Set 2 Hybrid Tool Set 3 Microsoft Client Decision Key Features of Web site that can be completed with each tool set Login system for owner and customer AddUpdateDelete for customers information AddUpdateDelete for paintings events and news Paintings status update sold vs available Shopping Cart Google analytics Mailing subscription Website management adding new links using and changing templates Login system for owner and custom er AddUpdateDelete for customers information AddUpdateDelete for paintings events and news Paintings status update sold vs available Shopping Cart Managerial reports smaller quantit Search word optimization Google analytics Mailing subscription Website management adding new links using and changing templates Login system for owner and custom er AddUpdateDelete for customers information AddUpdateDelete for paintings events and news Easytouse content modification bio contact etc Paintings status update sold vs available Shopping Cart Purchase history for customers Managerial reports Search word optimization Artist link network Google analytics Mailing subscription Website management adding new links using and changing templates Tool Set 1 7 Java using Tapestry Development Environment Advantages Barry Familiarity with the Compromise between preferred Most functionality in the same amount system to provide support environment for client and team of time Compromise in see e cut Team more value added for Some familiarity for client and More likely to be bugfree due to learning new technologies team group s familiarity with development Team more value added for tools amp environment learning new 39 Disadvantages Bigger learning curve Integration of both systems Redesigning of environment to Reduction of scope due to Learning curve smaller but there Microsoft unfamiliarity with environment is still one Barry less familiarity with the Possibility of more Possibility of some undiscovered system to provide support undiscovered bugs bu s Team less value added for learning Barry less familiarity with the new technologies system to provide support Questions Will Barry have time to help us get up the learning curve on these tools Professors note text coverage and examples Tech Module 3 p 328 337 This example was created by a team in Spring 2009 Larissa Belssner Dylan Mayberry Priyanka Pathak Alberto Qui and Tommy Schindler ASI Sales System Level Troubleshooting Chang39ng File Locations If it becomes necessary to change the locations of the output les or input templates it can be done A user with VBA experience can open the code behind the Update Excel Button The workbook object is currently set like this Set objka objAppWorkbooksOpenquothtemplatelxlsquot This can easily be changed by altering the information within the quotes Likewise the output le can be changed in a similar fashion The following is the current output line objkaSaveAs quotHFor7quot amp strSaveName amp quotxlsquot This line is slightly more complicated because the save name is based on a VBA string function that had been generated Errors Integrating Excel In the unusual event that there are errors when executing the Excel integration code or even if the user manually halts its execution the user must be aware that an instance of Excel remains open This can cause problems for future Excel updates and if the erroneous process is often repeated it could cause memory problems To avoid this under the Windows NT environment the user should press CTLALTDEL and invoke the Task Manager Under the Processes tab click each instance of Excel and End Process This will free the system s resources and make future instances of running the Excel update successful Out of Resources Error Message This may happen if Excel integration is executed without closing the Excel processes after several uses See the section above for freeing system resources


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