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Notes for South Asia

by: Kathleen Notetaker

Notes for South Asia gry 100

Kathleen Notetaker
GPA 3.52
World Regional Geography
Deborah Corcoran

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About this Document

Completed notes over lectures covering South Asia
World Regional Geography
Deborah Corcoran
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kathleen Notetaker on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to gry 100 at Missouri State University taught by Deborah Corcoran in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see World Regional Geography in Geography at Missouri State University.


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Date Created: 09/06/15
South Asia Notes Second most populous world region Shared history and culture but much diversity Physical geography 4 diverse landscape regions mountains river lowlands plateaus islands Northern mountains o Himalayan mts highest mountain range in world Highest peak mt Everest Tectonic activity 0 Himalayan mountains formed when lndia crashed into Eurasia 0 High Risk earthquake zones at plate boundaries River lowlands o lndus river quotLifeline of Pakistanquot 0 Ganges Ganga India s holy river 0 Brahmaputra Dominates Bangladesh 0 These rivers have created vast alluvial plains with very fertile souls that support large populations Peninsular India 0 Deccan Plateau Bordered by narrow coastal plains and ghats Makes up southern third of India Western and Eastern Ghats small mountainshills Climate Patterns 0 Tropical south and east 0 Dry in the northwest 0 Wet in the northeast Monsoon Climate 2 types 0 Monsoon seasonal reversal of onshore and offshore winds Related to changes in atmospheric pressure 0 Winter dry monsoon High pressure system over asia Offshore winds 0 Summer wet Monsoon Low pressure system over asia Offshore winds The orographic effect 0 Orographic rainfall in western Ghats and Himalayan foothills o Rainshadow effect Deccan Plateau Cyclones and ooding in Bangladesh 0 Huge cause of loss of life 0 Lots of people lose homes 0 Historically one of the poorest countries Environmental Concerns o Deforestation 0 Air pollution New Delhi On top 10 of list of worlds most polluted mega cities Acid rain and the Taj Mahal 0 Acid rain is the major cause for the gradual change in the color of the Taj Mahals white marble 0 Water Pollution Too many people not enough clean water 0 60 of India does not have tap water or an indoor toilet Population over 20 of the worlds population lives in this region 15 billion India Pakistan and Bangladesh in top 10 countries 0 India 12 billion High Densities in river valleys India s population growth 0 Currently 2 in population 0 Will be 1 by 2020 o RNI is decreasing 0 But it s growing faster than china Gender imbalance in India 0 More males than females in the population 0 Due to female infanticide and quotgendercidequot 0 Impact of the Dowry banned in 1961 but still exists Brides family pays a large sum to the grooms family Dowry Violence Predominantly Rural Societies 0 India only 30 green 0 The green Revolution Research program to improve grain yields 1960 s South Asia became selfsufficient in food production Economic and Social Costs Urban Growth in South Asia 0 India wil have 3 of the top 10 largest cities by 2015 Mumbai New Delhi Kolkata 0 Urban Wealth and Poverty Bustees squatter settlements Dharavi the heart of Mumbai 0 Home to over 500000 people 1 square mile of land 0 15000 one room factories Making stuff in their tiny little huts like pottery and stuff 0 All are squatters not really paying don t have plumbing 0 Urban renewal plans tear down the whole area to t cheap modern apartments Early civilizations in south asia o lndus valley civilization Pakistan 0 Ganges valley civilization india Religious diversity 0 4 religions started in india Hinduism Buddhism Sikhism Jainism Geography of religions in south asia Hinduism India an ethnic religion 0 80 of india s population is hindu o Polytheistic sort of Multiple gods expressions of single deity o Sanskrit sacred languages 0 Belief in reincarnation A series of births deaths rebirths o The sacred cow Source of labor fuel fertilizer food Goshalas retirement home for cows they will be safe and loved and have a nice life that includes all the grass they want Sacred sites for Hindues o Ganges river 2 million bathe in it daily 0 265 million gallons of raw sewage enter it everyday 0 World s most polluted river 0 Cant clean it because gods river and say that can t take garbage out of the river because god wanted it that way Varanasi a hindu pilgrimage site on the ganges river 0 Cremation ceremonies The caste system 0 0 Social strati cation 4 main castes varmas o Priests l soldiers l landowners l poor 0 Each category has thousands of sub castes like what type of product you sell in the merchant caste o Jati subcastes o Dalits out castes LOL the untouchables Buddhism started in 563 BCE o Started in northeast india by a hindu from a Brahmin family priest caste 0 Believe enlightenment is available to everyone 0 Today mostly found in Bhudan north Sri Lanka south Islam arrived much later 0 By 13005 this area was under muslim rule the Mughal empire 0 Today found in Pakistan Bangladesh The Maldives 0 15 of india s population is muslim World s 3rOI largest Islamic country Other religions o Chirstianity NE and SW india 0 Sikhism Punjab area NW Blend of hindu Islamic beliefs 0 Jainism Ahimsa policy of extreme nonviolence SOUTH ASIA part 2 Colonization of south asia 0 When Europeans arrived in 15005 south Asia was ruled by the Mughal empire Coastal trading ports were established 0 Brits took control by 18005 Maharajas ruled some states indirect rule 0 British impacts on south asia 0 British east india company Worlds largest corporate industry Controlled all the trade in the region and in about 12 of the world s trade 0 In uence Language Architecture Transportation systems Sports Mahatma Gandhi 0 Large in uence on independence movement 0 Introduced the concept of civil disobedience satyagraha 0 Indian independence achieved in 1947 o Protested the salt tax led marches and protests 0 Partition of India 1947 0 India was divided into India Pakistan 0 West Pakistan 0 East Pakistan late became bangladash o Divided among religious boundaries 0 Based on muslimhindu divisions 0 Massive migrations and violence 15 million displaced 1 million deaths Kashmir con ict 0 Territorial dispute between india and Pakistan 0 Line of control now divides this region 0 Pakistan relocated capital to Islamabad 0 Kashmir a lovely spot 0 Its pretty 0 They have wood and ski resorts and lake and pretty stuff 0 Turmoil in Pakistan 0 FATA federally administred tribal areas At independence Pakistan gave autonomy to Pashtun tribes along afghan border Many people in this region continue to support the Taliban 0 US drone strike on insurgent leaders 0 Sweet valley Pakistan 0 Once a tourist destination mini Switzerland 0 Taliban took control of this area in 2004 In 2007 closed all the girls schools 0 Malala champion for female education 0 Was an outspoke critic of the Taliban o In 2012 she was shot in the head by the Taliban on her way to school and was 15 o Won the nobel peace prize in 2014 o lam not Malala day is Nov 10th 0 Economic and social characteristics 0 South asia is one of the poorest world regions 0 23 people in india live on less than 2 a day 0 India is one of the BRICS with rapid but uneven growth 0 The silicon plateau o Hitech region within the Deccan plateau Bangalore and Hyderabad 0 Destination of many outsourced US jobs Low wages Educated population English speaking population 0 Bangladesh textile industries 0 World s second largest textile exporter o 80 of the country s exports are textiles 0 23 of factories deemed unsafe by engineers o 85 of the workers are women 0 Tourism in south asia o A growing industry in northern mountains and the southern islands 0 Geotourism 0 Nepal problems in paradise 0 Tourism is the main economic activity 0 Pollution on MT Everest o Hippies in Kathmandu 0 Bhutan roof of the world 0 Remote isolated Buddhist region 0 Sits between the giants of china and india 0 Focus on conservation and preservation About 30 of the country is set aside as conservation areas or national parks Adults are required to wear traditional clothing Limits on tourism 0 No independent tourism 0 Charged 500 a day to visit 0 Don t have any way to process credit cards have to use cash 0 No smoking is allowed TV was banned until 1999 0 Gross national happiness King came up with a new concept of development GNH 4 pillars of happiness 0 Sustainable economic development 0 Conservation of the environment 0 Promotion of natural culture 0 Good governance 0 Southern islands 0 Sri lanka Most developed country in south asia Tea and tourism Civil war for over 25 years ended in 2009 o The Maldives Economy based tourism Thousands and thousands of little islands Highest elevation is 6 feet above sea level Rich people can buy islands East asia Economic and social development 0 Export led development 0 Increasing wealth but china still has 30 of its population living in poverty 0 Economic growth in china 0 Now the 2nOI largest economy after the US 0 Economic output 0 The SS Walmart 0 For every container ship arriving at Guangdong 9 leave lled with exports 0 Giant container ships that ship to the US 0 Working conditions 0 Average wage is l65 an hour


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