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by: Ellie Paucek


Marketplace > University of Texas at Austin > Art History > ARH 374 > ARCHEOLOGY OF MESOAMERICA
Ellie Paucek
GPA 3.86


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ellie Paucek on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARH 374 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/181602/arh-374-university-of-texas-at-austin in Art History at University of Texas at Austin.




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Date Created: 09/06/15
MINISTERS ABROAD Maymester Abroad programs are intensive fourrandrarhalf week courses taught at an international location by UT Austin faculty Maymester Abroad courses begin after the spring exam period and conclude prior to the second sum mer session THE DESTINATION Vienna Austria 7 Vienna Wien is a unique blend of the historic and the modern so full of tradition it can be read on the face of the city yet with a forwardrlooking attitude that surprises many visir tors Vienna s role as the seat of the Habsburg Empire for centuries can be seen in the wealth of archir 395 e tecture and in the city s artistic and musical heritage Many of the world s most important composers including Beethoven and Mozart have lived and performed behind Vienna s Baroque facades Beyond Baroque splendor there are excellent examples of the Art Nouveau Jugendstil archir tecture that also ourished here The fall of the Habsburg Empire at the end of World War I allowed Vienna s socialist undercurrents to come to the fore during the Red Vienna period resulting in numerous social housing and other pro ects which still play a role in the city Vienna s occupation by the Nazis and subsequent partitioning by the fourAllied powr ers tend to be forgotten as the city instead focuses on its postrwar neutrality and the glittering remnants of its lmperial glory Vienna is divided into 23 Bezirke districts The original city that lay within the protective walls comprises the First District of modern Vienna The demolition of the city walls led to the construction of the Ringstrasse and an impressive parade of buildings along its length Most of the city s main attractions lie on and within the Ringstrasse Districts two to nine are arrayed between the Ringstrasse and the concen7 tric Gurtel Belt The other districts lie beyond the Gurtel and extend into the foothills of the Wienerwald Vienna Woods where Heurigen wine taverns and pretty villages are dotted among the vineyards PROGRAM AT A GLANCE Htl IOIVIISIIV 0 II II IUSVII Program UT Program An intensive fourrandrarhalfweek Type Maymester Abroad program The course lS taught by UT Austin faculty and lS considered part of spring registration I ARH 374 From the Habsburgs to Hitler c I CXS ll8 international Learning Seminar ourselsl Mondays 3 0075 00 pm Clad UT Austin inrresidence credit APPWleale Late May to Late June Housing Student apartments or dorms Costs I Spring flatrrate tuition applies for undergraduates I Program cost 3500 I Travel some meals and personal expenses Study I For Corop GOES information please Visit wwutexase ustudentconnexuscoopgoes I For additional information please visit roa SclmlarSl39lPs wwwmexaseduabroadfunding I All UT students Eligibility I Minimum GPA of 2 5 Application November l 2006 Deadline Coop GOES November l 2006 Deadline FOR MORE INFIRMATION For Course Information Professor Louis Waldman Faculty Program Leader 7 waldmanmail utexas edu For Program Information Rachael Ortego CVGEO Study Abroad Advrsor 7 rachaeloaustin utexas edu vvvvvvutexasedustudentJabroadcontactshtml For Registration Academic Advising and Coop GOES Information Michael Acuna ConnexusAdVisor r macunamail utexas edu vvvvvv utexas edustudentfconnexus MAYMESTER ABROAD IN VIENNA Center for Global Educational Opportunities 0050 MayJune 2007 Center for Global Educational Opportunities lnternationaLeficerT he Universrtye exasat A Sll wwwutexasedustudentabroad 806 AR 31 FROM THE HM TO lTLER39 ART CUUIRE AND COLLECTING IN VIENNA 004945 Cross551M will GRC 32m tury the vast collections of the Austrian ruling house illustrate the entire history of European art This inter disciplinary course explores lienna s unique place in the his tory of world art music literature and ideas as the back drop for a survey of the history of European art and culture from the Renaissance through WWll From the Renaissance through the early twentieth cene The city itself will be our classroom as we explore I The Gothic splendor of the Stefansdom I The Renaissance fortifications which made the city Europe 395 last bastion against the invading Ottoman Turks I The grandiose baroque palaces and gardens of the Habsburg emperors I The eclectic nineteentnecentury buildings of the Ringstrasse I The sensuous Art Alouveau creations of Otto Wagner and his contemporaries Klimt Scniele and Hofmann I The menacing Elak towers constructed by a former liennese art student named Adolf Hitler Course meetings will take place in these and many other historically significant monuments of the cityias well as in lienna s streets museums parks concert halls and opera houses Our daily activities will be supplemented by guest lectures given by renowned scholars living and working in Vienna The course will include group visits to performances of liennese music and opera German conversation classes taught by a native speaker will be offered GETTING STARTED Step 1 Attend the Maymester tntormattonadvtstng session for the program that interests you You ll find the schedule of sessions at wwwmexasmlwxluthrtialxondlmmtlml You must attend the meeting to get authorization to access the onltne application Step 2 Applyl Complete all program requirements onltne by November T under MY CAGEO As part of the application process you Will wnte two bnet essays and provtde a letter of reference from an ll lStTLlCtOT These parts Will be submitted electronically once you are authorized to enter the application To learn more about these require ments plase see www utexas edunmdemabmattlmmlml IWO RTA39H DATES Nov 1 2006 Deadline for program application Deadline for loop GOES award applications Nov 17 2006 Students notified of program acceptance dectstons Students notified of loop GOES award dectstons Dec 2006 Students Wlll be registered for Spring 2007 Maymester course and CXS TT8 course Jan 312007 I Program tee 3500 posted on the students quot at l Owe a edunng the week otJan 22 I 500 nonrefundable depostt due Feb 12 2007 3000 balance due Spring I Predeparture OTlEl39lIaIlOl l sesstons Semester I CXS TT8 lnternattonal Learning Seminar 2007 Mondays 3 0075 00 pm Late May to Approxtmate program dates Late June PREDARTIRE PREPARATION CKS Ht INTERIMIIONAL LEARNING SEMI The CXS TT8 lnternattonal Learning Seminar prepares students for the cultural experiences of studying and lrvrng abroad Students are introduced to academic cultural and personal aspects of foreign study through lectures and actrvrttes coordinate ed by the seminar professor as well as presentations by Maymester Abroad faculty This one credit hour seminar meets for two hours each week dunng the first half of the semester wrth readings and regular wnttng assignments each week Attendance is mandatory CGEO PRLUEPARTURE KEHNGS ln addlllOtT to the required CXS TT8 there Wlll be mandatory CAGEO predeparture meetings dunng the spnng semester These meetings Wlll focus on practical relevant information related to the dayrtorday realities of lrvrng rnrcountry COSTS I Estimated Expenses Program cost includes 500 deposit 3500 Roundtrip airfare 1500 Some meals 500 Local transportation 50 Books and supplies 100 Passport and ISIC card 130 Total Estimated Expenses 5780 I The program fee includes accommodation some meals field trips program activities and international health insurance I Students will be registered for the Maymester Abroad course and the CXS 118 International Learning seminar as part of their spring semester registration Flatrrate tuition applies for undergraduates Financial Aid Students spring financial aid awards may be applied towards the cost of studying abroad Spring semester financial aid packages can be recalculated base on the additional costs of the program More infore mation on nancial aid will be available at the various study abroad information sessions throughout the fall semester and on the CAGEO website Questions regarding nancial aid should be directed to your CAGEO Study Abroad Advisor Scholarships Various scholarships are specifically designated for international study I For information on Corop GOES awards please visit wwwmexas edulstudentt39connexuscoopqoes or contact a Connexus Advisor I For information on additional scholarship opportunities please visit wwwutexas edidstudentalxoadltmdtng or contact your CAGEO Study Abroad Advisor


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