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by: Sydnie Adams


Sydnie Adams
GPA 3.78

John Daly

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About this Document

John Daly
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sydnie Adams on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CMS 315M at University of Texas at Austin taught by John Daly in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/181622/cms-315m-university-of-texas-at-austin in Communication Studies at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 09/06/15
Interpersonal Communication 1172012 101200 PM Centrality of Communication o People judge us by our communication 0 We judge competence upon our communication 0 Example with communication as in teaching 0 Poor communication leads to lousy relationship when you don t care anymore that s when things fade c We accomplish almost everything through communication the evoloutianary advantage 0 Speech makes us different FOXPZ gene mutation allows speech 0 Survival is enchanted by coordination o Communication makes us happier and healthier o LOW interaction reduces our immunities and is equivilent to 0 Smoking 15 cigs a day 0 Being an alcoholic 0 its crucial in our life Importance of First exchange o If you don t do good in the first exchange then nothing else happens even with the mundane communication 0 Small talk holds communication together o Why do people meet and talk 0 PROXIMITY convenience 0 Appearance 0 Utility networking you want to meet them because they could be helpful 0 Loneliness you want to be around other people Why Do we say what we do o Managing an impression c We are trying to make sense of eachother o Reduce uncertainty by making Predictions Levels of Predictions o CulturalDifferent predictions of people from Africa than Virginia o Sociological Interpersonal Propositions about Communications 1172012 101200 PM I You cannot not communicate o Wat you wear how you talk II Meanings are in people o Not in words 0 Labels Meanings are in people not in words It depends on the person The word love is a good example 0 Not in behavior Not tell me show me punctuation a John said mary go home Interpret where things start differently There is different punctuation marks Same behavior but the marks are in different places III Communication is irreversible o EX first memory as child made mom breakfast for her birthday made pancakes and made the kitchen a wreck Mom said Wish you have never been born Even if you forgive its still in the back of your mind o You have to be careful with your words IV Communication is functional c We do this to accomplish certain things o In search of getting and receiving info o Persuadinginfluencing o Affinity to make people like us o Entertainment least researched but however most important we entertain ourselves with talk You cantell jokes better This function V Communication is learned c We learn over time Its not totally natural VI Communication is a tool o It is a knife a tool o Comm Is also a tool More betternot so much VII communication is both unintentional and intentional o Most things we do don t have any intent n n n Walk across campus You do something intentional he regognizes it Unintentional added more sauce he doesn t notice poor comm When your doing all this you forget the chopsticks he says what no chopsticks It was unintentional but he sees it as intentional Poor communication 0 Unintentional unintentionalgood c When intentions matches there is more effective communication VIII Communication is contextual o Physical Context 0 Physical environment shapes the communication It matters o Psychological Context 0 Looking at the bright side of things mood changes things 0 Story about ohotographer and proxy father we were put in the position to know certain things IX communication has both content and relational aspects o 90 of communication is nonverbalhow would you teach stats nonverballyno research c We communicate two messages simultaneously 0 Content 0 Relationship power good or bad mood etc o Content is mostly verbal90 verbal o Like dislike relationship stuff is stuff is most nonverbal o Textsits hard to convey it through typingneed some smiley faces everyone in a while 0 Sometimes you need to be in front of that person X Communication Relationship o You need the relationship and communication to make it work 0 Ex Writing letters won t work c When you stop communication it stops working 0 O O 40 12 45 150k John said mary go home If there were only 100 people in the world El 17 would not be able to read El 60 are always hungry only 24 have enough to eat El 20 earn less than a dollar a day El 61 are from Asia 13 from Africa 12 from Europe 5 from the US or Canada El 21 speak Chinese 9 speak English 8 speak Hindi 7 speak Spanish CI 39 are under the age of 20 El 32 are Christian 19 are Muslim 13 are Hindus 1 is Jewish CI 25 do not have nearby access to safe water Cl 24 do not have electricity El 1 person would be a teacher


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