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by: Louie Fritsch


Louie Fritsch
GPA 3.87


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Louie Fritsch on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to UTS 170 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/181640/uts-170-university-of-texas-at-austin in U Teach Natural Sciences at University of Texas at Austin.




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Date Created: 09/06/15
Good afternoon Wow 7 such a huge gathering I am amazed at the number of people here today I never realized how many people went on to pursue the art of tattooing But here I am in front of a large wonderful group of FUTURE TATOO ARTISTS When I was asked to come and speak to you today I did a bit of research on the profession and was quite impressed The impact that you will have on our world is significant I You will place a significant mark on all you encounter I Your work is true art I You will leave a long lasting impression RING RING 7 Oh Very Embarrassing Got my days mixed up Tattoo Artists are next week Future Teachers this week Oh my I had it all planned to tell them about the significant mark they will leave their work being true art leaving a lasting impression oh wait I think I can make this work I am very embarrassed 7 Future Tattoo Artists 7 that is next week So let me see ifI can change a few slides here Here we go Future Teachers of America This makes more sense why I am here UTeach 7 Practitioner and Theorist training teachers Best Practices implemented with understanding of what teachers do from day to day National Model for Training Teachers 7 if you don t come to UT that is OK we are in many universities from California to Florida and even Kansas So lets recap your impact I You WILL place a significant mark on all you encounter I I run into my students in the stores and they tell me how something I said or did I helped them I changed them I inspired them I and that was the kid some days that really challenged my patience I Your work is true art I It is a work of art a work compassion and a work of true commitment and service I You will leave a long lasting impression I Like a time machine everyday you touch the future I m very excited to be here today and to see you all with that spark in your eyes just ready to go out and change the world So what kind of teacher will you be I had wonderful teachers and not so wonderful teachers but the teacher I always wanted to be was Miss Bonkers Hopefully you have all experienced a Miss Bonkers in your education She is very famous Dr Seuss wrote a book about her Explain Hooray for Diffendoofer Day Let me tell you about Miss Bonker s through the words of Dr Seuss DIFFENDOOFER READING I ve always lived in Dinkerville My friends all live there too We go to Diffendoofer School We re happy that we do Our school is at the corner Of Dinkzoober and Dinkzott It looks like any other school But we suspect it s not I think we re learning lots of things Not taught at other schools Our teachers are remarkable They make up their own rules Miss Bobble teaches listening Miss Wobble teaches smelling Miss Fribble teaches laughing And Miss Quibble teaches yelling My teacher is Miss Bonkers She s as bouncy as a ea I m not certain what she teaches But I m glad she teaches me Look Look she chirps I ll show you how To tell a cactus from a cow And then I shall instruct you why A hippo cannot hope to y She even teaches frogs to dance And pigs to put on underpants One day she taught a duck to sing Miss Bonkers teachers EVERYTHING Of all the teachers in our school I like Miss Bonkers best Our teachers are all different But she s dI EBrenter than the rest We also have a principal His name is Mr Lowe He is the very saddest man That any of us know He mumbles Are they learning This and that and such and such His face is wrinkled as a prune From worrying so much He breaks a lot of pencil points From pushing down too hard And many dogs start barking As he mopes around the yard We think he wears false eyebrows In fact we re sure it s so We ve heard he takes them off at night I guess we ll never know We were eating great concoctions Telling jokes and making noise When Mr Lowe appeared and howled Attention girls and boys He began to fuss and dget Scratch and mutter sneeze and cough He shock his head so hard we thought His eyebrows would come off He wrung his hands he cleared his throat He shed a single tear Then sobbed I ve something to announce And that is why I m here All schools for miles and miles around Must take a special test To see who s learning such and such To see which school s the best If our small school does not do well Then it will be torn down And you will have to go to school In dreary Flobbertown Not Flobbertown we shouted And we shuddered at the name For everyone in Flobbertown Does ever lzzhgthe same It s miserable in Flobbertown They dress in just one style They sing one song they never dance They match in single file Miss Bonkers rose Don t fret she said You ve learned the things you need To pass that test and many more I m certain you ll succeed We ve taught you that the earth is round That red and white make pink And something else that matters more We ve taught you how to think I hope you re right sighed Mr Lowe He shed another tear The test is in ten minutes And you re taking it right here We sat in shock and disbelief Oh no we moaned Oh no We were even more unhappy Than unhappy Mr Lowe But then the test was handed out Yahoo we yelled Yahoo For it was lled with all the things That we all knewwe knew There were questions about noodles About poodles frogs and yelling About listening and laughing And Chrysanthemums and smelling There were questions about other things We d never seen or heard And yet we somehow answered them Enjoying every word One week later after recess Mr Lowe meandered in We d never seen him smile before But now he wore a grin He soon began to giggle Then his giggle grew by half And then it reallyhappened Mr Lowe began to laugh You ve saved our school You ve saved our school He jubilantly roared We got the very highest scores He wrote it on the board Then we held a celebration There was pizza milk and cake Like everyone I ate too much And got a bellyache We laughed and whooped and hollered The entire school day long Then we all sang triumphantly The Diffendoofer Song We love you Diffendoofer School We de nitely do There surely is no other school That s anything like you Oh nest school in DinkerVille The only one as well We love you Diffendoofer School Much more than we can tell You are so dl endoo rous It gives us joy to say Three cheers for Diffendoofer School HOORAY HOORAY HOORAY INDIVIDUAL UNIT LEARNING PLAN ILP UNIT InsTrucTion and Delivery Name ObjecTives Enhance Teaching skills To increase effecTiveness in The classroom Discuss and devise plans for improving The insTrucTion and delivery in The field placemenT IdenTify possible video Taping days in The nexT Two weeks Analyze assessmenT and quesTioning sTraTegies Discuss Technology uses in Teaching STaTe engaging and meaningful lesson ideas BASE INE ACTIVITIES FOR WHOLE CLASS 1 ACTIVITY POINTS EARNED POINTS POSSIBLE InsTrucTion and Delivery Discussion 10 NOTES ASSESSMENT 1 ACTIVITY POINTS EARNED POINTS POSSIBLE PresenTaTion of InsTrucTion and Delivery STraTegies 10 NOT E5 ENGAGING STUDENTS IN MEANINGFUL ACTIVITIES TOPIC ACTIVITY WHY IS IT ENGAGING MEANINGFUL ANY TECHNOLOGY USED BY THE STUDENT Engaging Characteristic Meaningful Characteristic Engaging Characteristic Meaningful Characteristic Engaging Characteristic Meaningful Characteristic TIC TAC TOE LisTen To parTs of a workshop abouT effecTive quesTioning in The classroom and Take noTes on Techniques you will Try lememberareacomedwork PG01 KTvquCFQVfFQodPCI htt wwwclass a shnn 39 7xw Click on Questioning 1 andor 2 you will not be able to watch it all in class due to the length 10 poinTs DrafT ouT an engaging lesson you will Teach in The fuTure 5TaTe explicile why The acTiviTy is a meaningful acTiviTy for sTudenTs If Technology is involved explain how The Technology is used by The sTudenTs To enhance Their undersTanding 20 poinTs Technology in The classroom Check ouT The Things you goTTa Tryquot link aT hTT wwwedzoneneTmwesTern and oTher links of inTeresT To you LisT Three ideas from This siTe you mighT Try in The classroom 10 poinTs Review The maTerial below and wriTe down someThing you can use To spice up your lessons MATHEMATICS 3142009 is Pi Day What are your plans to celebrate the occasion Check out httpwwwteachgiorg for ideas SCIENCE Fun Things to do and know about science httpwww39niq39n 39 nrqactivitieshtm Search Days in History for fun facts to include in your lessons httpwwwh istoryorbcom 10 poinTs CompleTe The ENGAGING STUDENTS HandouT besT if done elecTronically so you can use iT direchy in your porTfolio 20 poinTs Analyze The quesTions you use in your Teaching and caTegorize Them using Bloom39s Taxonomy To show you ask a varieTy of quesTions of varying levels of undersTanding 20 poinTs IdenTify The Topics you plan To video Tape yourself Teaching in your currenT field placemenT Record The informaTion below REASON WHY THIS MIGHT BE A GOOD VIDEO TAPING DAY TOPIC 20 poinTs Read The arTicle MeThods of Engaging 5TudenTs aT The 5TarT of The Classquot hTTp www indiana eduensiwebTT engage2pd and lisT Three meThods you will use in your classroom ThaT are suggesTed in The arTicle or oTher ideas you have developed 10 poinTs View video clips To use in your lessons hTTp www brainpop com Be sure To design an assessmenT piece To go wiTh Things you use Ask a quesTion sTudenTs have To respond To afTer The video verbally or in wriTing 10 poinTs In 1956 Benjamin Bloom headed a group of educational psychologists who developed a classi cation of levels of intellectual behavior BLOOM S TAXONOMY important in learning Cognitive learning is demonstrated by knowledge recall and the intellectual skills comprehending information organizing ideas analyzing and synthesizing data applying knowledge choosing among alternatives in problemsolving and evaluating ideas or actions Bloom identi ed six levels within the cognitive domain from the simple recall or recognition of facts as the lowest level through increasingly more complex and abstract mental levels to the highest order that is classi ed as evaluation Verb examples that represent intellectual activity on each level are listed here COMPETENCE SKILL DEMONSTRATED OBJECTIVE VERBS QUESTION Observation and recall information arrange define duplicate label list EXAMPLE QUESTION 0 knowledge of dates events places memorlzegt namegt 0rdergt recogmm KNOWLEDGE knowledge of maj or ideas relate recall repeat reproduce state Understanding information classify describe discuss explain EXAMPLE QUESTION grasp meaning express identify indicate locate COMPREHENSION o interpret facts compare contrast recognlzegt report Slam reV1eWgt select translate 0 order group infer causes Use information apply ghoose demqnstrate EXAMPLE QUESTION 0 use methods concepts theories in new situations drama employ 11133335 APPLICATION o solve problems using required skills or knowledge Interpret Operam pracnce schedule sketch solve use write Seeing patterns analyze appraise calculate EXAMPLE QUESTION organizing parts categorize compare contrast ANALYSIS 0 recognition of hidden meanings cflticlze dlfferentiate dlscrimmate d ff t f t distinguish examine experiment 0 1 en 1 1ca ion 0 componen s question test Use old ideas to create new ones arrange assemble collect compose EXAMPLE QUESTION 0 generalize from given facts consmlcb create d551gngt develop SYNTHESIS o relate knowledge from several areas formulate manage orgamze plan prepare propose set up write 0 predict draw conclus1ons Compare and discriminate between ideas appraise argue aSSCSS attach EXAMPLE QUESTION assess value of theories choose compare defend estimate EVALUATION make choices based on reasoned arguments Judge predlct rate core select O o verify evidence 0 recognize subjectivi support value evaluate


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