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by: Rebekah Christiansen


Rebekah Christiansen
GPA 3.63

Richard Heyman

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About this Document

Richard Heyman
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rebekah Christiansen on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GRG 356T at University of Texas at Austin taught by Richard Heyman in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 78 views. For similar materials see /class/181645/grg-356t-university-of-texas-at-austin in Geography at University of Texas at Austin.




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Date Created: 09/06/15
Brynn Carlile Dr Heyman GRG 356T 7 Introduction to Globalization 30 April 2009 HampM We Try HampM Hennes amp Mauritz AB is a Swedish clothing company that provides generally high quality fashionable clothing at cheap prices Based in Stockholm they have about 1700 stores in 30plus countries and have direct sales operations in selected areas Hoover s Inc In order to keep prices down they don t own any of their own factories and instead buy in bulk from suppliers in various countries However in order to regulate working conditions they put in place a Code of Conduct to be sure that their products are produced under good working conditions HampM They employ 60 auditors to inspect about 800 factories to try and maintain good working conditions They can request changes be made and if the factory isn t meeting their standards they claim that they will stop relations with that factory But as stated on their website the Code of Conduct provide guidelines for the factory because they don t own the factories they can t forcefully impose any rules or regulations they can only suggest changes be made Stated in the Code of Conduct their general rule is that all their suppliers must in all their activities follow the national laws in the countries where they are operating HampM HampM is associated with suppliers primarily from Europe and Asia with about 30 of their clothing manufactured in China They also have many suppliers operating in Bangladesh and an organic cotton clothing line primarily grown and manufactured in Turkey China has been experiencing rapid economic growth and yet the gap between the rich and the poor has widened dramatically They have massive unemployment and unionization is allowed but it is controlled by the state The Social and Economic Policy Institute Bangladesh has also experienced recent growth in GDP but that doesn t necessarily mean the country is benefiting from it They are largely agrarian and manufacturing is considered weak They are suffering from increasing unemployment and high rates of in ation Bangladesh Institute of Labor Studies Turkey has been suffering an economic crisis and has had intervention by the IMF Neoliberal policies have created an atmosphere controlled by privatized companies that have demanded more from their workers and have driven wages down Yeldan All three of these countries have been subject to neoliberal practices resulting in increasing inequalities and falling wages for poor urban and agrarian workers with no social policies in sight They all suffer from increasing unemployment resulting in a rising demand for jobs which in turn drives down wages It also creates an atmosphere in which workers are easily replaceable making it easy for factories to implement practices that can be considered inhumane The Code of Conduct set forth by HampM does try to correct inhumane practices and give workers more rights but they work with so many factories and I find it hard to believe that they are able to regulate all of them Plus since they don t own any of these factories their Code of Conduct is full of shoulds and is considered a set of guidelines rather than the required standard HampM has good intentions in the policies set forth in its Code of Conduct Policies outlined in the CoC include restrictions on child labor safety regulations workers rights working conditions and environmental regulations HampM does not accept child labor HampM They define a child as a person under the age of 15 or 14 in some countries They qualify this ban by saying that if they do nd a child working in a factory they will investigate the child s situation they don t want to put the child in a worse situation so they seek to nd a satisfactory solution HampM sometimes requiring the factory to pay for the child s education They claim that if a supplier doesn t accept this policy on child labor they will sever ties with the factory Safety is a high priority for HampM requiring that buildings be safe for workers and first aid equipment available Basic rights are outlined for workers including the rejection of forced labor a ban on harsh punishments and discrimination freedom of association overtime limits wage stipulations and a request for a free daily meal for workers in developing nations Working condition requirements include restrictions on pollution inside the factory temperature ventilation and lighting restrictions and requirements for sanitary facilities For environmental regulations they require factories to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations in the country of operation HampM Which doesn t mean much because many developing countries lower environmental laws to attract companies with lower costs However HampM requires suppliers to sign a Chemical Restriction Commitment confirming that no prohibited chemical substances will be used in the production HampM Restrictions are set by countries with the toughest chemical laws and batches are regularly tested to ensure compliance In enforcing the codes they believe in a policy of trust and cooperation As stated in the CoC they will work with their suppliers to achieve workable solutions taking into consideration cultural differences and other factors which may vary from country to country HampM HampM is taking some measures to control environmental impacts which in turn offer some cost saving opportunities For example working with the Better Cotton Initiative and World Wildlife Fund they have spread information about better cultivation methods and increased their use of organic and fairtrade cotton in their clothing Farmers use natural fertilizers crop rotation and reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides providing better conditions for the planet According to their environment brochure farmers reduce costs because they don t have to pay for chemicals and there is no land depletion HampM also travels to fabric production facilities to try and modify practices to reduce water usage and recycle chemicals Their goal is for suppliers to take on even more responsibility than their local government and HampM require HampM For transportation HampM in association with Green Cargo and other carriers tries to reduce and clean up emissions by using more modern fuelefficient trucks and educating drivers to drive using fuel saving techniques They try to evaluate progress though an annual questionnaire that the truck drivers fill out In addition they have replaced halogen light bulbs in their stores they with ecoconscious HID bulbs and have changed lighting practices in order to conserve energy Finally they reuse all of their hangers and recycle them when they are no longer useful HampM primarily concentrates on these efforts to reduce their impact on the environment Because HampM doesn t own any of their own factories it s hard for them to regulate all activity As stated above the CoC is really a set of guidelines and most suppliers are bound to sacrifice some rules in order to maximize profits There have been a few boycotts and complaints against the company because of the conditions in many of their factories particularly in Bangladesh The National Labor Committee put out a report on the EviteX Factory in Bangladesh claming that out of the 800 workers employed 30 to 40 were under the age of 14 The factory also forces employees to work overtime without adequate compensation 1 112 hours and generally only allows them one or two days off a month Helpers get paid about 85 cents an hour and sewing operators make about 1416 cents an hour both well below subsistence levels There are terrible working conditions in the factory including unsanitary bathrooms unsafe drinking water a hot atmosphere and harsh punishments for not meeting targets EviteX Factory There has been no report of HampM ceasing relations with the factory In 2003 UNITE HERE organized a boycott against HampM for not allowing US workers to unionize and there were concerns about how they treated their workers in Indonesia Neumann In 2004 the dispute reached the National Labor Review Board where they eventually reached an agreement and workers in the New Jersey Distribution center gained the right to unionize there were no reports on the concern for Indonesian workers HampM is also an accredited company in the Fair Labor Association a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending sweatshop conditions in factories worldwide Fair Labor Association According to their Annual Public Report for 2006 HampM received 10 third party complaints mostly about excessive overtime In all cases HampM investigated the complaint 2007 Annual Report HampM is generally a globally conscious company trying to sell cheap and chic clothing while also improving working conditions and environmental sustainability They claim taking responsibility for how their operations affect people and the environment is an essential prerequisite for their continued profitability HampM On the surface their policies are very civilized and humane however it s proven difficult to completely put them into practice


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