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by: Ryley Lang


Ryley Lang
GPA 3.8

Yin Zhang

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About this Document

Yin Zhang
Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ryley Lang on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to C S 395T at University of Texas at Austin taught by Yin Zhang in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/181664/c-s-395t-university-of-texas-at-austin in ComputerScienence at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 09/06/15
Course Project Book Mobile Computing and Wireless Networks CS 395T Spring 2002 Course Instructor Dr Yongguang Zhang ygzcsutexasedu Course URL httplwwwcsutexaseduusersygz395TDZS May 17 2002 F39hitviv39nn39ua39n39eo39esx o39 Project List Shruti 39 Session Migration Secure Group Management in Adhoc Network UBQuards A Smartcard Project Smart Cards Career Fair Experience Content Based Routing on AdHoc Networks A New Service Discovery Protocol for MANET Comparison of EnergyAware Adhoc Routing Mu Mode TCP A CS395T Course Project Shruti Jimmy or T EXA s AArAumN 4 Session Migration Spring 2002 To other end host Challenges Faced Lessons Learnt 0 Mod39 cations to legacy applications 0 Maintaining portab39lity olmplementation amp Integration 032bit IP insufficient for unique PK abstraction that combines security and authentication 0 Prepublish or perish httpwwwcscmuedusoftagentsmigsock M IGSOC KThesisPrese ntationppt DesignApproach oAppIication layer Application API to getset application state 0 Session Manager daemon Provides interaction between Home Agent and all user state 0 Home Agent Stores the user s session state 0 Socket Migrator Uses lP redirection to offer same abstraction Transfers TCP state Project teamAmit Amol Ra URL I r quothum Futu re work 0 Migrate Other applications mp3 ram User Mode Linux Bosch virtual machine simulator oAppIication layer Use condor stylecheckpointing Create new language abstractions 0 Home agent using smartcard vi Deepak Divya YoungRi 39 hfml Mobile Qourse web site httpvawcsutexas edulusersygzlSQST OQS 39 Instructors Dr Yongguang Zhang ygzcsutexasedul ampMWa A CSS95T Course Project Spring 2002 Mobile E XWA S 7 Intelligent Routing Decisions in AODV W533 New Ideas Key DesignApproach oUsing signal strength values to predict the oFigure out how to measure life time of a link life time and hence stability of a route link Choose more stable routes Use Friis Iavv to predict the relative position of oMaintaining multiple paths for a destination a ne39ghbour39 9 Ode Decreases route discovery latency 39 Keep secondary rOUt39ng table Reduce the effect of route failures lf Prlmary FOUte fallS U59 secondary IOUte If both routes fail initiate route discovery Course web 8 i Implementation Issues ResultsLesson Learned an i r oSimulated these extensions on ns2 mg a Experimented with varying parameters Optimum Beaconing Intenal 264 A Dynamicaly adjust wait time at destination 0 Performance comparison with base AODV Used Different mobility patterns of pause time and speeds 2 may w V244 4 l 31 indu nmut dot 20 25 Mean speed rm ms Project team Gokhan Uluderya Jared G Boone amp Ashish Ahuja URL httpwwwcsutexaseduusersuluderyaMWNETprojecthtml te httpjVWWpSutexaseduiusersly921395 l39v028 Instructor Dr Yongguang Zhang ygzmutexasvedu A CS395T Course Project Spring 2002 Mobile Security in Adhoc Networks 3333 N works Paper Themes Surveyed Algorithms Implemented oGroup key establishment o Passwordauthenticated group key Passwordauthenticated establishment Unauthenticated oThreshold cryptography shared secret Threshom cryptography division by trusted party then recollection Secret sharing by Clients Distributed cryptographic operations oWeb of trust ntroducersquot Key DesignApproach ResultsLesson Learned 0 Provide a broad reading list for research in o Implemented in Java the area 0 Used Java Cryptographic Extensions 0 Leverage existing work in security for JCE basis of solutions Sun s JCE provider for TripleDES oAdapt existing algorithms to adhoc BouncyCastIeorg s for AES and RSA networks 0 Lesson learned 0 Utilize existing toolkits for cryptographic Many existing security solutions are agorithms unsuitable due to lack of online server or predefined hierarchy We must assume a prior context Project team Kevin Kane URL Il rsllfmms 39 39 quot quot 39TOZS ourse web site httptmwvacsutexaseduuserslygzl 95T 0 28 39 Instructor Dr Yongguang Zhang ygzcsputexaspeaul A 08395T Course Project Spring 2002 Eile u ivgmw or T E XA S ArAusfiN Secure Group Management in Adhoc Network a Architecture oWorks on top of existing routing protocols Motivation oSecurity in ad hoc networks is a necessity 0 Not many simulations or implementations for security have been done in ad hoc networks oCentralized approach is not suitable 0 Investigate a distributed solution for key management Conclusion 0 Has clear advantage in terms of connection time against the centralized approach 4 0 Need further optimization to adapt frequent topology changes Simulation Results tablethroughputkpn2npk3txt l speed 0 speed 5 4 speed 10 4 speed 15 4 H4 speed 20 quotME l w 039 ndq noJu l 9 c number of nodes Project team ChunChi Chen Edwin Ng ChwanMing Wang URL httpwwwcsutexaseduluserslccchenlclasseslcs395tmwclproposalhtml Mobile Computing amp Wireless Networks Course web site httpi wwwcsutexasedulusersiygzl395T 028 Instructor Dr Yongguang Zhang ygzcsutexasedu A C8395T Course Project VTHIE ummam or Spring 2002 Mobile TEXAS UBQuards A Smartcard Project mil Cardlet Device Web Service New Ideas oSpecification for using smartcards as the medium for ubiquitous web services a User state information on card stateless web service servers 0Web service workflow description HardwareSoftware specification for universal communication module Key DesignApproach 0Web service language interpreter Run as a Cardlet 32K Javacard Stripped down JVM 1 input 1 output instruction set only integer types control flow using predicates Communication Module Consumer Device uWeb Services MicrosoftNET Platform SOAP ResultsLesson Learned Proof of Concept Smartcards Ubiquitous Software Implementation Ubiquitous Communication Module USB HTTPSOAP WFDL Smartcards Computing Power Increasing Example Scenario PlugnPlay Internet Capability Communication Storage device stuff completely detached Project team Changkyu Kim Karu Sankaralingam Youngin Shin URL httpwwwcsutexaseduluserslkarulmobiIel Computing amp Wireless Networks Course web site httpwwwcsutexaseduusersygzBQST02S 39 Instructor Dr Yongguang Zhang ygzcsutexasedu mm A CS395T Course Project Spring 2002 Mobile Smart Cards Career Fair Experience errata Networks 4M A x Select app 5239 Resume Pllt Resume New Ideas oCurrent literature focuses on the security aspect of smart cards 0 Exploit smartcards for personalization oSaves effort and more efficient and easier AM for students and recruiters o Recruiters anyway have to quotscanquot the resume into the database FlexetEnllmadDal a DesignApproach Results and Future work oVB front end for sendingreceiving resume oChallenging to program with limited data oResume and BizCard in XML format types and memory Standardized format and parsing o Developed prototype to demonstrate Applet on smart card has a simple parser simple processing on and off the card oStudents have an interface to personalize 39Smart cards still not ready the data they want from recruiter Memory too low use compression on host Implementation platform side garbage collection Java Card SLB 41 toolkit and REFLEX 72 card reader T 39 k39t unstab39e and S39mu39at 0t 90 reliable Metrowerks CodeWarrior IDE for debugging and simulator on Windows 2000 platform Vafg es array 0f Objects or Z39D arrays Project team Kaushik Lakshmanan and Ramanathan Pallassana Course web site hitp liwwwcs u texasedulusersygleQSTWS lnsiructoir Dr Yongguang Zhang ygzcstmexastedu ihmkilm A CS395T Course Project TEXAS Content Based Routing on AdHoc Networks Spring 2002 Motivation 0 Peertopeer applications content driven o No centralized DNS for namelockup in MANETs oCurrent protocols have to decouple steps of name to address mapping and route discovery oCombine Content based routing Key IdeasDesign oNodes maintain information if they are on a path towards content 0Communication local broadcast oAssociate a pathid with every path discovered oEliminate lPAddressnodeid o For optimization use pseudo random localid oDistance metric hop count Content Requested e l l v Kl 4 Replywith Content Channel Project team Vivek Su URL r quothiya 39 39 39 39 39 ResultsLesson Learned olmplemented in N82 0 Comparison Plain flooding vs Our ContentRouting Metric Traffic over 80 reduction Route cache hit rate about 27 Control traffic negligible 0 Lesson learned Think out of the box challenge to implement a whole new protocol in ns bramanian amp Amish Gandhi 39 quot projhtm or httpwwwschmooglecom Mobile Computing 8 Wireless Networks Course web site httpthwthcs utexas eduuserslygzl 95T 0 28 39 Instructors Dr Yongguang Znang ygzcstutexasteaul A CS395T Course Project A New Service Discovery Protocol for MANET Spring 2002 Maste Application 1 Agent API Service Agent AdHoc Tool Kit Environment New Ideas 0 Distributed directory oCache optimizations ala DSR AODV 0 Periodic Broadcast based Service Advertisement oTransparent to underlying routing protocols 0 Each node serves as a Service Agent Directory agent and also User agent Motivation oService Discovery will become a crucial need for upcoming networksdevices for seamless interoperability 0 Existing Protocols JN UPNP SLP Salutation etc oExisting protocols are unsuitable for Mobile AdHoc Networks oWe Propose and implement a new SDP for MANETs ResultsLessons Learned oFile Sharing Application implemented in Java oTested using AdHoc toolkit oUsed Socket Library extension to emulate the mobile environment 0 Lessons learned Using AdHoc toolkit Various SDPs Project team Krupakar V Pasupuleti Jisun Park and Subramanyam Mallela URL r quothiya 39 hfm Mobile Computing 8 Wireless Networks Course web site httpvawtcs utexas edulusersygzlSQST 0 28 39 Instructors Dru Yongguang Zhang ygzcstutexasedul A CS395T Course Project Spring 2002 Mobile a3 AT1U5TI N TEXAS Comparison of EnergyAware Adhoc Routing Cafnputing a Wireless Important to ensure batteryoperated mobile nodes operate as long as possible oSeveral solutions proposed and compared with nonenergyaware protocols Our goal is to compare different solutions under DSR using same parameters Networks Motivation Algorithm oSpan Only coordinator nodes stay awake The noncoordinator nodes go to sleep oAfeca Sleep depending on the number of transmitting neighbors 0 FA Choose the minimum cost routing path 0 DSR Simulation Setup 0 Use the ns 2 simulator 0 Parameters traffic load number of source nodes and traffic rate mobility pause 1 time speed oMatrices Packet delivery rate vs traffic load packet loss rate vs mobility network lifetime vs traffic load network lifetime vs mobility nodes survival percentage vs time ResultsLesson Learned Survival Percentage vs Time r25 FA SPAN l DSR Afaca BBBJUBDJed 1000 Time s Project team Pisai Setthawong Hari Shankar Yihong Zhou URL httpwwweceutexasedulpisailcs395t Course web site httpl wwwcsutexasedulusersiygziC JQSTOZS Instructor Dr Yongguang Zhang ygzcsutexasedu A C8395T Course Project Spring 2002 ltTHE UNLVERSITY OF LEE5 c t39 a MultIMode TCP mats Networks MMTCP oWhen the bandwidth of bottlenet changes I frequently TCP can save a subset of current TCP states mode oWhen TCP return to a history network enviorment it can use the saved mode to set some initial values such as cwnd oTCP can adapt the enviorment quickly and then improve the performance WExperiment Result ConclusionLesson Learned l ownd l mownd 250 receiving rate 60000 i y i y i 200 receiving rate l 39393939 olmplemented in ns2 oSimulation results in ns2 There are some improvements when TCP switches between different network enviorment But the improvement is not large W MN m N enough 0 Lesson learned Implementation of TCP stack Simulation an evaluation X L 7 xi 50000 gtltgteult n n x gtlt l l 1 00 1 50 200 250 120000 100000 4 80000 4 60000 4 40000 4 20000 4 5 0 to 29w 2 50 Project team Yi Li URL httpwwwcsutexaseduluserslyleelprojecthtml Course web site httpwwwosLitexaseduusersygzSQST O2S Instructor Dr Yongguang Zhang ygzcsutexasedu Contact Prof Vongguang Zhang Dept of Computer Sciences University of Texas at Austin Austin Texas 78712 USA ma ygzcsutexasedu E Phone 5122327889


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