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Introduction / Structure vs Agency

by: Steven Hernandez

Introduction / Structure vs Agency POLS 1500

Marketplace > Ohio University > Political Science > POLS 1500 > Introduction Structure vs Agency
Steven Hernandez
Themes in Global Politics
Brandon Kendhammer

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About this Document

All of these notes cover the first lessons of the class and the concepts of Structure vs Agency
Themes in Global Politics
Brandon Kendhammer
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Steven Hernandez on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLS 1500 at Ohio University taught by Brandon Kendhammer in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 78 views. For similar materials see Themes in Global Politics in Political Science at Ohio University.

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Date Created: 09/06/15
Monday August 24 2015 POLS 1500 Introduction Base Information httpbrandonkendhammercomthemes in global politics ltlt course website there are also several nonbook readings that are on the website as well This is the hardest POLS 1000 class Goal of this course to be able to think about politics like citizens being able to vote and just not be an idiot There is no formal attendance Basic Expectations Weekly Quizzes Eleven weeks where there can be a quiz but you only have to take 8 Try to take quizzes where you did take the readings Exams Being able to explain key ideas about people short essay questions No multiple choice Writing to Learn Essays 500 words Best 4 essays are graded to be handed in on Blackboard Course Policies Teacher does not accept late work make up work Monday August 24 2015 Teacher does provide rescheduling for any rational and important reason You can email teacher for some reasons Teacher is unable to look at essays in advance What We re Doing in Class We live in a community made up of lots of different people No such thing as a society where everyone agrees on everything Politics is about what you do when you don t all agree Politics is the process for the distribution of the limited resources while knowing that at least someone is going to get screwed over Man is by nature a political animal Aristotle Politics Book 1 Unit 1 Government and the Economy What role do governments in democratic countries play in regulating their economies How are politics and economics connected What role oughta democratic government have in something out the rough patches inherent in capitalist economies Unit 2 Democracy and Development in the Global South Why are some countries in rich and wellgoverned while others are poor and poorly governed Monday August 24 2015 What are the main causes of political violence and why is it more likely to occur in some places than in others What if anything can the wealthy countries of the Global North do to help countries in the Global South become weather and better living UnH3 Why is it so hard for the nations and communities of the world to respond proactively to climate change What governmental strategies and policies are likely to be most effective in mitigating climate change and its effects in the next century Wednesday August 26 2015 POLS Structure and Agency C Wright Mills The action professor Discusses the way in which society in the 60 s was changing Analyzes how people adapted to the change Some major changes in the 60 s TV Highways people are moving farther and more often More people get college education New ways to organize families nuclear families of parents and direct children Urbanization Breakdown of old ways of life Attendance in different kinds of churches Divorce is more common Cold War Cuban Missile Crisis Analogy of the forest and the tree Although someone can understand the changes in oneself it is harder to analyze and understand the changes of the whole environment Modern examples of change Technology Changes in organization in society couples are living together longer before marriage different family structures smaller families Importance of healthcare Wednesday August 26 2015 People are living longer Crimes are down but confrontation abiity to see violence is more available When big change happens people often fear what happens Mills explains that there is no need to fear progress Sociological Imagination A person can only make sense of his own life If you want to understand how you feel you should be able to compare yourself to other people Usually people in you own circumstances which can change depending on the time period There must be a balance between looking at the world and yourself Example of using Sociological Imagination War Can focus on the lives of individuals as they plan to be safe and stay in contact with families But it is also about countries presidents diplomacy and technology Example of using Sociological Imagination Marriage Marriage is pretty personal about you and your spouse what you do with your significant other At the same time if there are trends about the rates of divorce going up it is not solely about personal factors but rather a broader reason When we are interested in something we should think both as an individual perspective and a global one as well Structure vs Agency Agency The importance of individual or group choice and action in determining social outcome Free Will Structure Those rules institution norms that constrain or structure individual or group behavior Wednesday August 26 2015 Example w Universities Ohio State vs Ohio University Ohio State excels in athletics while Ohio U mediocre in retrospect Agency response To be a good football team you need better players Structure response 9 million in merchandise the power of the brand fanbase popularity and the ability to pay big money all contribute to the preference of Ohio State over Ohio U Structure is more of a stronger reason This can vary between sport school and variables so everything must be considered Example with Local Issues in Athens Ohio Poverty in Athens Ohio Agency People who choose not to go out and work others who turn to personal struggles like drug addictions personal choices to quit jobs in order to provide for family Structure Lack of proper transportation systems lack of resources to reach citizens local property taxes pay education richer places will have better education than poorer ones payroll cost of getting an education If we think that poverty is an Agencybased problem what can we do as people to solve it Availability of information on colleges jobs in order to find them Try to make better decisions If we think if it s more based on Structure what can be done Decrease student loan debt Wednesday August 26 2015 Adding AP Classes


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