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Week 5 Notes; Forgotten Men Lecture and All Quiet

by: Jordan Rouse

Week 5 Notes; Forgotten Men Lecture and All Quiet HIS 121

Marketplace > University of Kentucky > History > HIS 121 > Week 5 Notes Forgotten Men Lecture and All Quiet
Jordan Rouse

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About this Document

Lecture on Prisoners of War in Total War, Class notes from All Quiet on the Western Front
United States History 1914-1945
Lacey Sparks
Class Notes
history, WWI, POW's, All Quiet, week 5
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jordan Rouse on Sunday February 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIS 121 at University of Kentucky taught by Lacey Sparks in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see United States History 1914-1945 in History at University of Kentucky.


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Date Created: 02/28/16
Week 5: Forgotten Men: POW’s in Total War  Historians are recently drawing info on this subject, even amateurs  Vanished POW Camp- Friedrichsfeld o Only a war monument now  Years ago, Donald Trump said to John McCain “I like people who weren’t captured” (against POW’s)  POW’s unrecognized because it seems as if not 100% was given  War led to growing brutalization  Treatment of POW’s showed: o Passion of defeating o limits preventing from going too far o Prove WWI was more civilized  POW’s build their own camp since able bodied Germans were at war  French created map of camp (only known)  Special apartments for barracks leader  Evidence of global war= different race POW’s together  Germans give evidence of feeding POW’s in pictures  Prisoners did all camp work  Had their own newspaper/ Sports field/arts & crafts/ orchestra & theatre/printing shops  Special railway had to be build  Adequate medical care  Some tried getting education  Complained about wooden shoes  Construct monument honored comrades  General Cederhalm- camp commander  Mareel Rigel- satisfied with Friedrichsfeld over other POW camps  Prisoners were treated humanely because of Powers agreed to regulate inspections of camps by neutral countries  Their POW’s treatment was based on how they treated their POW’s  Able to communicate with families/censored  Packages were sometimes more food as German civilians ran out of food  POW’s used as laborers; not supposed to be used directly for war or close to homeland  Reprisal Camp- French Camp, conditions much worse o Payback of treatment to German POW’s o Not fully structured barracks/ crowded/ frequently outdoors  German POW’s punished by being forced to stand with hands tied to a pole  So many pictures o German Army deliverately took pictures to answer complaints about treatment of French POW’s o Photographers not allowed in camp except family portrait souveneirs Class Notes: All Quiet on the Western Front  Published 10 years after war  Teacher was pro war and nationalism, inspiring Paul and friends  Frustrated at teacher due to miserable conditions  Himelstass – Drill Sergeant o Was a mailman  Unhappy with cook because of cooks orders yet get their rations after all  Kat o 40 years old o Ability to find food  Break many rules just to eat  Little is said about his family/ lying to them  Kanterie calls students “Iron Youth”  Young children feel older than fathers due to experience and highly discouraged, don’t feel like Iron, or Youth  “Lost Generation”- survive physically, not mentally  Going home is pointless/war is all they know/bombarding questions from family  Try to help new recruits without experience  Less and less training given  Motivation to survive and help comrades  Glory, patriotism, nationalism no longer a motivation  Goose scene resembles food struggle  Paul and Kat are “closer than lovers” makes new bonds; dependent on each other for survival  Reject heroism quite quickly  Hero- someone who will stick by o Give knowledge to new recruits o Someone providing more food is valuable o Demonstrating loyalty to other soldiers/ breaking rules  Selfishness of wanting to make himself happy through French ladies/ nationalism disappears  French lady loses interest when talking aboyt leave instead of being on Front Lines, making Paul feel like he is simply an idea


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