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by: Karianne Harber


Karianne Harber
GPA 3.54


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 35 page Class Notes was uploaded by Karianne Harber on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BME 377 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/181688/bme-377-university-of-texas-at-austin in Biomedical Engineering at University of Texas at Austin.




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Date Created: 09/06/15
Lecture 5 Ion Transport and Homeostasis worllfwicfe movie premiere oftfie 9Vl 3 77 I nternsfiip ocumentmy Come cele6rate t e ac ievements of our spectacufar BME undergracfuates t e stars of t is year s summer interns ip at T e Tejgas Medica Center Datei Sept 15 2004 Place3 ACES room 2802 Timei 5 o clock e among t e rst to screen t e M 377 documentary Enjoy ME3 77 student posters 4 reception wifoow t e screening Refres ments provided More info and tie movie after 915 are avai l le at litt 39 wwwen rute Hedi lime acult riciards ortum ENE 77 mission missioninn Special Guests Provost Sheldon EklandOlsong Dean Ben Streetman 0 Chairman Ken Diller httpwwwimclonecomindex startphp cell at eqmlibrium E gen 5 i an S 0 4n m m c P 0 FIG P p I x c P w c Ne w or Hco Lavge amons andpvmems KEY j p P asma El mersmna mm D c ncmcaumamum cwmnzumummgamm m pummsawmmmm capmary Cell a m Indomellum membrme Size mm mum coneemrz un a nquot O quot3 AV ltgt 2 melm39 or or thnhuns 2 mm Dc ominallal mm memos mm I macellular llnld I lnlraeetlularllul a An artificwal ceH whose membrane Anificia cell 5 impermeab e to ions 5 filled with K and large protein anions It is placed In aso mion of Na and Clquot Both cell and solu on are electricaHy neulra Cnpvnwnzunwlwnauum m Wmaaawmmcumm b A K leak channel is insened into K eak channel the membrane K eaks out of he cell because there is a K concentration gradwent Balance cwmnzumummgamm m punmmsawmmmm c The negative membrane potential 0f the CE creates an electrical gradient that attracts Kt back into the cell The resting membr e potential difference at which the electrical gradient exactly opposes the g d K concentration gradient is called Electrlcal the equilibrium potential for K Bradlenl Concentration ra ient cwmnzumummgamm m publiminqas lnpmmCumminu 15 mM lt 150 mM 3911 60 mV gt 0 mV The Na concentration gradient shown is exactly opposed by a membrane potential of 60 mV Therefore 60 mV is the ENa or Na equilibrium potentiai cmmmnmuumgamm m nubhsmnaas Enmmm 5mm Intracellular fluid mV Extracellular fluid 0 mV k cnmwmumuwugamm w nubllsmrwas mum Emma a Beta cell at rest The Km l channe 395 open and the lucose blow cell ls at its restan 7 membrane potemial GLUT transporter V Metabolism slows l o No insulin se Insulin in Clem secretory vesicles KATP chgngel openi K leaks out of cell a Call at resting membrane potential e Voltageigated 032 channel closed cawmnznuwumnzuumm m pubusmr vis nmmmcummmvn b Bela cell secretes insulin closure 0 KATF 9 9 Glucose In blood f chann depolarizes cell triggering exocytosis of insulin GLUT transporter lGlycolysis an Citric acid cycle 0 052 entry triggers exocytosis and Insulln is secreted ca2 77 032 o channel opens 7 R KATp channel 6 Less K i leaves cell lt2 Cell depolarizes annwnzummmnauum me mmquawmcumna


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