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by: Ezequiel Orn


Ezequiel Orn
GPA 3.89

John Abbott

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About this Document

John Abbott
Class Notes
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This 19 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ezequiel Orn on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIO 321L at University of Texas at Austin taught by John Abbott in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see /class/181701/bio-321l-university-of-texas-at-austin in Biology at University of Texas at Austin.




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Date Created: 09/06/15
Tree of Life 396 C University of Arizona httpwwwtolweb0rg Approximate s of Aquatic Species Order Number of Total Number Aquatic Species Species Collembola 50 8 677 Ephemeroptera 71 1 100 71 1 Odonata 435 100 435 Plecoptera 537 100 537 Hemiptera 400 11 3587 Megaloptera 50 100 50 Neuroptera 6 2 300 Coleoptera 1000 43 23701 TIichoptera 1261 100 1261 Lepidoptera 50 04 11286 Diptera 3500 19 18200 Hymenoptera 64 03 17200 gt Includes semiaquatic species Diversity 751000 species of insects 86 of all Arthropods 76 of all invertebrates 73 of all animals 53 of all living things In North America 87000 species of insects 31 orders626 families 8600 species have aquatic associations 12 orders 150 families Incomplete Metamorphosis HemiPaurometabolous Distinguishing Characteristics of Larvae 3 readily distinguished body segments 1 pair of compound eyes 1 pair of antennae Most with 2 pair of developing Wings 3 pair of segmented legs Complete Metamorphosis Holemetabolous Distinguishing Characteristics of Larvae 3 body segments often indistinguishable Simple eyes stemmata 1 pair of smallindistinguishable antennae No evidence of developing wings 3 pair of segmented legs often absent Short eshy appendages may be present on abdomen Collembola Common Name Derivation Size Development Distribution No of families No of Species Springtail coll glue embola bolt minute 0256 mm World Wide 7 North America 677 NA 6000 ww Collembola noninsect Hexapod primitively Wingless entognathous mouthparts forked structure furcula for jumping arises ventrally on 4th abdominal segment folded forward beneath abdomen when at rest held in place by retinaculum on 3rd abdominal segment 36 mm long springtail can jump 7 5100 mm most found in soil leaf litter amp moist vegetation Rhyniella from the Rhynie chert of Scotland on1y hexapod now known from Devonian 400 mya rare1y preserved as fossils except in amber Rhyniella HEXAPODA Entognatha Elana t Mamuaea glt Gry oblatmvn ff 33 Manlcphas Ees Phasmalodea Phthivamera 3 Thysancplera Hemiplera 7amp3 Neumplela V Megalopleva Hanhimcplala Coleoplera Slvepsiptera Diplsra 1 Ennumewgnu Mecaptela Siphonaptera Trichuplsra m Lepidoplela 39 Hymenoplsra NonInsect Hexapcds Sometimes each Order given Class status Entcgnathous mouthparts Muscle articulation to each antennornere Collembola 8 ommatidia on each side of head 0 collophore respiratoryosmoregulatoryadhesive organ found ventrally on 1st abdominal segment mouthparts Chewing ltering piercing sucking primitively 3 thoracic6 abdominal segments 0 tarsus With unguis and unguiculus Collembola Morphology antenna eyepatch abdomen anal spine 23456 post antennal organ PAO ventral tenant hair V tube furclla ten bulum un un unguls 9 cquot quota Aquatic Collembola 50 species29 genera most common species Podura aquatica Neustonic Forms 10 Aquatic Associates found exclusively in aquatic habitats 2 Aquatic Associates found in amp around aquatic habitats also moist areas of high humidity 3o Aquatic Associates found in rain or temporary pools Collembola Assortment v Smiuridae at Neele Aquatic Collembola known specialized habitats interstitial littoral surface film in caves In NA Arrhopalites known from latter feed primarily on diatoms unicellular algae amp plankton some feed on bacteria and uid diets instars number varies from 250 often lacking definitive adult Distribution of NA Littoral Collembola Archlsoroma Infers alls onychlu us Howl39s quot Entomobya arula quot Enfomobryc laguna Anurlda calcararc 39 Onychlurus dabII 5 5 Anurlda marmma 39 range Archlsofgma In fersh als Pseudoslnsla Iahainensis 392 Arch39 roma Infsrsrmalls 39 Frlassb 0th Axesonic rubfem quot Adaares N SD range Staa nlcoyb Anurlda ashbyaa Anurlda ashbyae 39 Pseudanurlda sawayana Isotoma dispar I Siam fulva range Archscram Intersmlalls Frlesea OW Adaares boner slera nlco ya An urlda mam 5 On yChurus debllls A a polam Onychlums debtts Alchlsofoma polans Hypogasfmrb morqu


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