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by: Gregg Ziemann


Gregg Ziemann
GPA 3.77


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Class Notes
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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gregg Ziemann on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to M S 0 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see /class/181775/m-s-0-university-of-texas-at-austin in Military Science at University of Texas at Austin.




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Date Created: 09/07/15
Implementatian amp Analysis of Variable Speed Wind Turbine inodel 2008 4 28 Energy System Curriculum Track yDept of Electrical and quot Th 10f 1 g f v a EE 394 Wind Energy System Presentation Outline PurtI Introduction of VS WT system Part II VS WT system modeling Part III Simulation results of the implemented VS WT model Part IV DEMO Part V Conclusions Q art I Introduction OfTSmsystem Need for VS WT system Variable speed operation yields 20 to 30 percent more energy than the xed speed operation provides bene ts in reducing power uctuations improves Var supply 39 quot mum mm ea Human 39 VSWT is mostly connected to distribution feeders 39 Generation system cannot be easily connected to the electric power network without conducting comprehensive evaluations of cgtrol performance and grid Reliable tool for simulating and assessing dynamics THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN of a grid connected variable speed wind turbine is required ELECTRICAL amp COMPUTER ENGINEERING Variable Speed Wind Turbine This is also known as power converter interfaced WTs since the WT generator is interconnected through power converters Power Blade Converter Generator Gearbox Typical features Rotor speed variables to follows wind speed Real power and reactive power can be controlled TO UTILITY 1 Conceptual Diagram for implementing VS WT system p VSWT Reclifier VSI Power Grid THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN DC lin k Trangforger x 1 arr 63 2F E ECQDI I e ELECTRICAL amp COMPUTER ENGINEERING Q di t I 39 WSWSystem Mocfe ng Wind Model VWIND VBASE 39 VGUST 39 VRAW 39 VN OISE Constant Expressed Built in trianlge speed as a sine or mm wavoe function function 0057 lt EMTDC result gt wavf VBASE base Wind speed ms 139 funcnon VGUST gust Wind speed ms 14 VRAMP ramp Wind speed ms VNOISE noise Wind speed ms Cutin speed 6 ms Wind Speed msec Cut out speed 25 ms Time sec THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN S K Kim PSCADEMT DC based dynamic modeling and analysis of a variable speed wind turbine ELECTRICAL amp COMPUTER ENGINEERING Wind Turbine A UMR WADE l a 39 R 07 C lr391n39Il39v39r3 5 a Air Density 055 kgm3 1 MRSC 7 397 IP Rated Turbine speed 2808 rads 3 PM 09M TM JIM 2 CP 044 00mm sm 000I84ci 2 13 038 A tip Speed ratio mm blade angular speed mechanical rads R blade radius 111 VWIND wind speed IllS PM mechanical power from wind blades kW a p air densny kg11139 Cp power coefficient THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN TM mechanical torque from wind blades Nm ELECTRICAL amp COMPUTER ENGINEERING Synchronous Machine In variable speed operation Rotating speed of the wind generator is not consistent with the electrical synchronous speed of the electric network generally much slower than the speed Electrical base frequency of the machine in the builtin models must be set to a value corresponding to the rated mechanical speed of the wind turbine speci ed by a manufacturer or a designer The following equations give the value for the electrical base speed of the synchronous machine DB P RPMTUR f3 392 60 93 Z 24763 2721 RPMTUR 60 f3 electrical base frequency of the generator Hz THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN P RPMTUR mechanical rated speed of the tLu bine 1pm ELECTRICAL amp COMPUTER ENGINEERING Rectifier and voltage source inverter WJ 0001 H m i4 Ia glllIllIllIllIllIlllll 0003H ti U E M I 3 0003H S IE 01 U U J Ic 0003IH M D E m oz In DZ El rpm 050 1 2 S4 0E I LC Harmonic Filter I I Sixdiode Recti er I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIl kllllllllllllllllbl I SixIGBT switch voltage source inverter I THE UNYVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN ELECTRICAL amp COMPUTER ENGINEERING Current Control scheme ofa VSI Currentcontrolled VSIs can generate an ac current which follows a desired reference waveform so can transfer the captured real power along with controllable reactive power DQ control method is widely used for VSI current control Decouples real and reactive components Enables real power and reactive power to be separately controlled by specifying the respective reference values of PREF and QREF Adjust the magnitude of the qaXis current IQ and that of the d aXis current ID PREF and QREF of the wind generation are specified by what VS s control strategies are taken for real and reactive power output ICLUFPER PREP ICLREF IprEF quoti 391 E I PHEF amp QREF DQ I WW ILLLUWER DUFPEH to lB EF SPWM 1 5 ring generator 39 generator I Signals Q EF lDREF I gt 4 r I 1 IC EF CWT 39 I on lawman u 39 Vruws THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN ELECTRICAL amp COMPUTER ENGINEERING Current Control scheme of u VSI Continued I Firing signals are generated by the sine pulse Width modulation SPWM technique 39 Desired current vector ABC REF and the actual output current vector ABC W of the wind system are compared I Error signal vector I ERR is compared With a triangle waveform vector to create the Witching signals ring signals SPW generator THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN ELECTRICAL amp COMPUTER ENGINEERING Q art III Simufation resufts OJ t e imL ementearV Tmocfef Performance test under variable wind speed I Wind speed variation My model 15 i l Wnd Speed rmsec Time sec Fig 1 17 Wind speedifor case study THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN ELECTRICAL amp COMPUTER ENGINEERING Wnd Turbine Speed IWind turbine speed variation My Model I 3 i i l 0 w w r w w v w 0 5 1O 15 25 30 35 4O 20 Time sec a Turbin angular speed 0 40 sec Performance test under variable wind speed Maximum Cp 0 44 q PowaOoef cie39Tt 0 o r r x x x x x 5 10 15 25 30 35 40 20 Time sec I Simulation results of Cp I I Reference results of Cp I THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN Fig 13 Powcr coef cient Cp ELECTRICAL amp COMPUTER ENGINEERING Dynamic response to system fault condition Wnd quot1 Recllfier I vswr VS 2 1T1w v Dc link Fault 20sec0 1 sec duration I Real Power of VSWT I I Terminal Voltage I 10007 7 11 7 8007 7 1 600 gt 09 5 08 i 400 Q 2 g 07 U a 2007 7 t g g 06 o 07 7 E 05 E 200 04 03 4009 02 6007 r 017 8007 7 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 18 5 1399 5 2 0 2039s 2 1 192 194 196 198 20 202 204 206 208 21 T M Time sec Ime THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN ELECTRICAL amp COMPUTER ENGINEERING Q art I 7 95914 0 THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN ELECTRICALampCOMPUTER NGINEERING Q art 7 Voncfusion arm 10 ect J J L J Conclusions amp Future works Conclusions CI Variable Speed Wind Turbine model consists of the following component Wind model Wind turbine Synchronous Machine Recti er and voltage source inverter VSI CI Variable Speed Wind Turbine VS WP was implemented for dynamic analysis Performance test under varying wind speed Dynamic response to system fault condition CI Simulation results are exactly same with the reference paper Finally the implemented VSWP will be helpful tool to do v urther research in wind enerw d namic anal sis THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN ELECTRICAL amp COMPUTER ENGINEERING Questions P THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN ELECTRICAL amp COMPUTER ENGINEERING


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