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by: Waylon Hirthe


Marketplace > University of Texas at Austin > Urban Studies > URB 301 > INTRODUCTION TO URBAN STUDIES
Waylon Hirthe
GPA 3.99


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Waylon Hirthe on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to URB 301 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/181776/urb-301-university-of-texas-at-austin in Urban Studies at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 09/07/15
pW QMer Nf D ID ID ID I LANHO D ID ID ID I lONUIlk 00 GRG307CURB 301 Review for MidTerm November 2007 What is urbanization How is urbanization different from urban growth and urban sprawl Can urbanization continue inde nitely in a particular country or region What are some of the causes of urbanization in the US and elsewhere What signi cant landmark in urbanization is the world expected to pass in 2007 How do people have an impact on the cities they live in How has urban life affected individuals and groups In your opinion what urban pathologies are in the eye of the beholder How does the urbanrural divide affect American politics What are nine different approaches to urban studies What are five different tools used to understand the city What are Sanborn Maps and what were they used for when they were created Describe some of the key features of l9Lh century architecture Art Deco architecture 1 I 11 modern 39 quot and What is the CBD and what functions has it served in American cities How has the CBD changed during the past 100 years What is meant by the term second nature How severe is urban growth in the fastestgrowing cities think in terms of doubling time If some of the world s poorest countries are the least urbanized countries why aren t the richest countries necessarily the most urbanized List some of the words related to the word city and what this relation indicates Explain the forms taken by the following elements of early cities social hierarchy defense against outsiders management of resources Where were the earliest urban healths be able to locate and name them What types of functions were found in the citadel In what way did the layout of early cities re ect a cosmomagical order What could be inferred by the discovery of an anatomically accurate sculpture of an acrobat found in Teotihuacan Explain how early cities contained ritual elements creative elements and defensive elements give examples of each What are the basic characteristics of the mercantile city What is meant by walking city What kinds of sites were chosen for mercantile cities What parts of Europe had major for the times cities in 1500 and in 1750 What was the importance of John Snow s cholera map and what impact did it have As the quintessential industrial city what was Chicago known for Why was Chicago s site considered by settlers to be advantageous for urban growth What happened to the timedistance between New York and Chicago in the mid l9Lh century and what was the impact of this change U 4 LA UI Industrialization involved changes in the relationship between cities and their hinterlands Explain What kinds of commodities raw materials were central to the economy of l9Lh century Chicago What was involved in treating wheat as a uid commodity In what way were the small towns of America a product of a particular phase in this country s technological development What basic elements of the urban image were identi ed by Kevin Lynch and how might they differ from person to person Be able to calculate the indices of segregation and isolation in a simplistic situation similar to the Powerpoint presentation Know the range of possible values for the indices of segregation and isolation What are the principles for the formation of zonal and sectoral patterns in cities What are some elements of the presentday decentralized and multinucleated city What are vacancy chains What is leapfrog development and how does it intersect with the issue of sprawl What are five factors determining what part of the American city will be inhabited by the wealthy What are five factors determining what part of the American city will be inhabited by the poor What are some of the ways racism has affected housing markets in the US Was segregation worse in American cities in 1900 or in 1980 What is the morphological pattern of language in metropolitan Montreal How does the struggle for autonomy by Francophones and control by Anglophones reveal itself in the landscape of metropolitan Montreal What has the US government done over the past 60 years to encourage home buying List 4 distinct causes of suburbanization in America Describe the sequence in which various urban activities decentralized in the US between the 1940s and 1990s What are some of the urban philosophies and interventions that led into urban planning What is the evidence that zoning arose out of the desire to exclude and segregate minorities How long has the concept of planning existed in the US What are the basic purposes of urban planning What kinds of legal authority do cities hold Who are some of the in uential figures involved in addressing urban problems whose ideas or activities eventually became in uential in urban planning What are the differences between the following types of urban plan land use plan land classification plan policy plan and development plan What are the elements of the Seaholm Project What kinds of projects are being developed by Larry Warshaw What is Brewster McCracken s philosophy of urban development What are some of the challenges facing a nonprofit urban farm offering food to soup kitchens and food pantries TERMS arson Art Deco style automobile dependence back of ce backward linkages big box retailer break in bulk point brown eld centrifugal forces Chicago School city council member community garden covenant defensive site developer development management plan distance decay slope district economies of agglomeration economies of scale edge edge city FAHA FHA formbased code forum forward linkages gated community gentrification ghetto Green eld index of isolation index of segregation isochrone map land classi cation plan land rent land use landmark landuse plan leapfrog development modernist style morphology mortgage Mumford node nonpro t organization Olmsted parks movement path planner policy plan postmodernist style racism redlining river con uence site Sanbom Map second nature sector segregation settlement house site situation slum social distance sociospatial dialectic sprawl timespace convergence TOAD Tonnies urban amenities urban and regional planning urban farm urban hinterland urban pathologies urbanism VMU overlay wedding cake white ight Wittfogel world city zone zoning


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