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by: Malvina Orn


Marketplace > University of Texas at Austin > Physics 2 > PHY 308F > INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCH
Malvina Orn
GPA 3.77


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Malvina Orn on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 308F at University of Texas at Austin taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/181834/phy-308f-university-of-texas-at-austin in Physics 2 at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 09/07/15
a i 15ch 3 V e e IMP ag How 5 lt04 CQQCLM Zer ear TAQM 9019 4d as or SCqss 916 M Mme bump 04 MM aka QM Setwa Ngtv m En 5 WHY M savvm WWW W 9 5 Cm 1 had an Waugh IA When Haefb S q OAHAL L M 0 9 MadeS L Q AGAV PQLJ uL Hom PLCFPLQ AS Vc 045 Fmr vb6vav va Va g wgv gagb vb Va Va lt CV1quot M bun 5 LHe 5quot Bowel FUPM0P Me AM4 LNLWLQ l h momeM VF 4an 54w com Paved 0 hm o 4ub 9421163 39 vs exco reJk wque M OMQAWM I v M V4 a e 5 Wm M wefm Z k Demm 2154 k 36 37 E Z a exffi jkf h kxj 2 06 4 Eiuuk oa QNquot 2 40 PW HLLCS was 2 3 famp l gwkkv 3f D quot 1 MI a O 9V av Mm M mm M Came 1 MM JR 70 wk kV Lr Yb Wt LA Amt b kch 0 HMS J SLLL55201A Mk0 5101 94 leM 9 NOW Iiil 5 CIOWSCJQISV qu l appemg AI H39l C ANgtUV QI m 0064 C1 I4 Me AK A q 3Q macle L ZQL 5 X wt V quotquot by3 N t m k w teJr Y xv 4 w mite 0 Ze W 3 v aprKFS 91C 4 43 erwwn i PAPA me ZCdbx60 ntf 7 wash N 39L 2 251Lw3wS 2 gt O L L 5 AQULC m 1 39 CJM lt lt 040 qu rule gt JV V WUL in 9 a l 14qu A lt wbb M V 3 J rt gum mi c 8 OM9mpfiQ P 397PM 01 HLV 39gt turf J39SHyS W39FH 1 chSIO AS J MJYWHX 90 4qu HAM We COM 95 qu MOQJ39Q avd 0 q 9M3 7 0quij M W 0 5T M owlQ94 JVQM NM Mxxm COMPWQJ WVquot MomehM 0 wen4a lWg i5 EX CHM Jc emr a Plomem equotum A f M xfd Wm Ll Egamp e w xb43 EWWgtW4L h k Mb Y Q JV 3 g kyJUYEgdb 100554 62 L VL j wssb I Vk PM Sh Ah Mg m 84V 400 N 7 WW a n 10 1 1 IHHI WR M Y 0 290 WM 1 0 9 e 5 u W x 3 316 Q J am 0W 3v The w Lab L XL 2 m a9 t wt 7 TMQM 5 Ck M 61ij alu pWeue 397CMM M0Menqm NJQC HJ WOW ouesykappmi mooatg Oxan quotOKq Wei M04413 I FNM 0H Jquot 95 Rb vxq LQ 0 M0 M24 V Cl QQSeCQ M MSJ95 We lx gugrlqoweok N 5 075 Iquot 0185 WM 2 m 35 25 lt ME 239 M5 0 Hades 9 643 um5qua WIVlSMIS lt WMCQL NZ W Q 6 3Nw WMCJquot CommS Inge I 64 2W 71115 wiq7qmy ou wll H UH39 ex osm Eal uc wpr LlovdLL 0 CAMV M Ct 57 km whom humus VMJVL t W 1 early Wyl f t J wgu l zm Anti1W4 cw w U m th I39IWWt DJWM pm MetVanna Sudn oi Ooue 0 CO sums beak 44126 I vx Ms new V4 come QM at mm M mg u w 7 66qu QWQY W 504mb LM Elwly End49 up M 39 whim JL4 zlcw ma 414quot 0410M H0 we veJ RW QUW only or n La H b Movies COM 96 ext eamp clots53139qu 1440007 on 013leng Nice moc e Vcgtz p Joe quotF occur Mocha 9qwq 9 at 5M5 6 Mega AMHLS H0 WUUV when cmey Zef i5 Hjjvu Mat 28 Wm 59JIJQC Mp O p Oracumwqu


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