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Multicultural Women in the US 02/25

by: Kay Patel

Multicultural Women in the US 02/25 WMST 1110

Marketplace > University of Georgia > WMST 1110 > Multicultural Women in the US 02 25
Kay Patel

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About this Document

Covers the evolution of black feminists
Multicultural Women in the US
Nichole Ray
Class Notes
WMST 02/05
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kay Patel on Sunday February 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to WMST 1110 at University of Georgia taught by Nichole Ray in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 9 views.


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Date Created: 02/28/16
02/25 The Evolution and the praxis of black feminist thought  Black feminist theory overview:   Major US theorist: Patricia Hill Collins  Argues that black women produce social thought designed to oppose oppression  Main ideas of the black feminist thought:  The black feminist focus on the simultaneity of oppression (racism, classism,  homophobia, sexism etc…) is what distinguishes it from mainstream feminism   Understands that no single, monolithic “black woman” or “black womanhood”  Issues that affect all women also shaped by racial identity, class status, and sexual  orientation, as well as by gender  Core themes:  Self­definition and self­valuation  Address interlocking nature of oppression  Combines intellectual production and political activism  Significance of black women’s creativity  Case of race and risk  Overview: a woman trying to buy a house from a different state in the 80s. The bank  thinks she is a white woman, but once they find out that she is black they start giving  her a rough time. She has a really good credit and money, but because of her race, she was troubled  Black women’s club movement  Emerged in the late 1880s/early 1890s  Black feminist scholars argue that we must re­conceptualize black women’s clubs as  a “manifestation of middle class black women’s race and gender obligations”  1895: first national convention of black women’s club—resulted in formation of the  National Federation of afro­american women  These women were well educated and some of them were founders of some  schools  Shows race and gender up life  Issues they addressed:  Higher education  Temperance  Morality  Home life  Education for girls and boys  Black female empowerment for individual and race advancement  Defending our name:  Black club women redefined morality and examined its relationship to “true  womanhood”  Spoke about sexual exploitation and sexual violence in black women’s lives  Focused on black women’s accomplishments and achievements since slavery  The second wave:  Connected to civil rights movement  1955: Montgomery bus boycott  1960: development of Student Non­violent Coordinating committee (SNCC)  1964: Freedom Summer:  Sexism and leadership (boycotts, sit­ins, community prograns)  Choosing racism or sexism? Civil rights vs feminism?   Still in question today


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