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by: Malvina Orn


Malvina Orn
GPA 3.77

Herbert Berk

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About this Document

Herbert Berk
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Malvina Orn on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 317K at University of Texas at Austin taught by Herbert Berk in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 70 views. For similar materials see /class/181841/phy-317k-university-of-texas-at-austin in Physics 2 at University of Texas at Austin.




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Date Created: 09/07/15
syed sms3768 7 Hw l 7 Berk 7 57445 1 This print out should have 45 questions Multiple choice questions may continue on the next column or page 7 nd all choices before answering 001 100 points Length is to meter as 1 liter is to distance 2 weight is to mass 3 density is to volume 4 mass is to kilogram 002 100 points The pre x that means m is 1 kilo 2 micro 3 centi 4 milli 003 100 points Find the speed of an object that covers 400 km in 5 hr 1 2000 kmhr 2 800 kmhr 3 80 kmhr 4 40 kmhr 004 100 points Velocity is 1 the same as acceleration 2 the same as speed 3 the same as momentum 4 speed in a speci c direction 005 100 points A man jogs at a speed of 16 ms His dog waits 15 s and then takes off running at a speed of 35 ms to catch the man How far will they have each traveled when the dog catches up with the man Answer in units of m 006 100 points The time it takes for light7 traveling at a speed of 30 gtlt 108 ms7 to cover 300 m is 110 11s 21011s 3106s 4 None of these 510 6s 007 100 points The graph shows the velocity v as a function of time t for an object moving in a straight line 0 I Q tR ts P Which graph shows the corresponding dis placement x as a function of time t for the same time interval 1 None of these graphs is correct syed sms3768 7 Hw l 7 Berk 7 57445 2 008 100 points An oceanic depth sounding vessel surveys the ocean bottom with ultrasonic waves that travel 1530 ms in seawater How deep is the water directly below the vessel if the time delay of the echo to the ocean oor and back is 8 s Answer in units of m 009 100 points The plot shows 05 for a train moving along a long7 straight track Which statement is correct about the mo tion 1 The train continually speeds up 2 The train at rst slows down7 then speeds up 3 The train moves at constant velocity 4 The train at rst speeds up7 then slows down 5 The train in fact moves at constant speed along a circular path described by the x05 curve 6 The train continually slows down and comes to rest 010 100 points An airplane starts from A and ies to B at a constant speed After reaching B it returns to A at the same speed There was no wind Assuming there was a wind from A to B of constant magnitude7 when will the round trip take more time 7 when there is a wind or when there is no wind Assume that the wind speed is less than that of the plane 1 The same time in both cases 2 Longer round trip time when there is a constant wind 3 Longer round trip time when there is no wind syed sms3768 7 Hw l 7 Berk 7 57445 3 4 More information is needed 011 100 points A particle moves in a straight line with veloc ity vt 322 7 625 If it initially starts moving from 0 where x 07 then its position xt is equal to 1 t 6t 7322 2 1075 t3 i 322 3 xt 6t 4 w 6t 76 5 1075 25373252 1 012 part 1 0f 2 75 points A golfer takes two putts to get his ball into the hole once he is on the green The rst putt displaces the ball 85 m east7 and the second 334 m south What displacement would have been needed to get the ball into the hole on the rst putt Answer in units of m 013 part 2 0f 2 75 points What is the direction in degrees S of E Answer in units of O 014 part 1 0f 2 75 points A particle has 770 4 mj and 170 2 ms i If its acceleration is constant and given by 6 72 msQ H737 at what time 15 does the particle rst cross the x axis Answer in units of s 015 part 2 0f 2 75 points At what time t is the particle moving parallel to the y axis that is7 in the 3 direction Answer in units of s 016 100 points The correct7 general de nitions of velocity and acceleration7 in terms of position vector 7quot 1 F7 are 17 77 and 6 7 During a very short time interval7 the velocity of an object changes from 171 to 17f7 as shown What is the approximate direction of the acceleration during this time interval 1 3 017 part 1 0f 2 75 points A particle has a constant acceleration 6 4 msg 3 At t 2 sec7 it has velocity 43 a j 2 ms What is its velocity at t 0 1 6 2 i4 ms 4 ms 3 i 2 ms l j 6 ms 4 i2 ms 736 ms syed sms3768 7 Hw l 7 Berk 7 57445 4 5 4 ms 7 j 4 ms 018 part 2 0f 2 75 points After 2 sec7 its position is found to be F 5 7 3 4 In Where was it at t 0 1 4 m 734 m 2 6 3 M4 m 34 m 4 M2 m 3lt6 m 522m7j6m 019 100 points A ball rolling up a hill has vector velocities 171 and 172 at times 151 and t2 respectively7 as shown in the gure 1 2 1 initial nal Which vector diagram below most accu rately depicts the direction of the balls aver age acceleration over the interval 1 l i 4 8 Zero vector 9 020 100 points At one instant the velocity of a particle is and a very short time later its velocity has changed to Qiialitatively7 what was the direction of the particles acceleration during the interval be tween the rst and second instance 1 2 021 100 points Which of the statements A A moving object does not accelerate if its velocity remains constant B A moving object is accelerating if its speed or direction varies C The difference between speed and velocity is that speed indicates an object7s direc tion of motion is are true 1 A and C only 2 B and C only syed sms3768 HW 1 Berk 57445 5 3 All are true 4 A and B only 5 A only 6 B only 7 C only 8 None is true 022 100 points A ball is thrown and follows the parabolic path shown Air friction is negligible Point Q is the highest point on the path Points P and R are the same height above the ground z x How do the speeds of the ball at the three points compare 1 WM lt H pll WEN 2H17PHH17RlllWQH 3 H pll lt lWQH lt Wall 4 H pll WEN lt lWQH 5H17RHltWQHltH17PH 6 WM lt Wall lt WPH 023 100 points A bowling ball accidentally falls out of the cargo bay of an airliner as it ies along in a horizontal direction 39 vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv As observed by a person standing on the ground and Viewing the plane as in the g ure7 which path would the bowling ball most closely follow after leaVing the airplane 1 X 2 V 3 W 4 Z 5 Y 6U 024 part 1 0f 3 50 points Neglect Air friction Your teacher tosses a basketball The ball gets through the hoop lucky shot syed sms3768 7 Hw l 7 Berk 7 57445 6 S 399 s 66 T A a 264m K E Figure Not drawn to scale How long does it take the ball to reach its maximum height Answer in units of s 025 part 2 0f 3 50 points How long does it take the ball to reach the hoop Answer in units of s 026 part 3 0f 3 50 points What is the horizontal length X of the shot Answer in units of m 027 100 points A plane drops a hamper of medical supplies from a height of 3880 m during a practice run over the ocean The planes horizontal veloc ity was 125 ms at the instant the hamper was dropped What is the magnitude of the overall ve locity of the hamper at the instant it strikes the surface of the ocean The acceleration of gravity is 98 ms2 Answer in units of m s 028 100 points A projectile is red from a horizontal spring loaded gun aimed directly along the line of sight at a distant bull7s eye Because of the pull of gravity during ight7 the projectile misses and hits a point at distance y beneath the bulls eye To hit the bulls eye7 the gun should be aimed along a line of sight above the bulls eye7 a vertical distance 1 slightly lower than y 2 slightly higher than y 3 of y exactly 029 100 points A particle is moving in a circle at increasing speed If the radius of its circular path is 2 m7 and at a certain instant it is traveling at 2 ms and at that instant d7 2 ms2 what is the ratio E of its tangential to its radial acceleration ar 1 40 2 10 3 07 since it is moving in a circle 7 20 030 100 points A particle moves along a circular path of ra dius 7 with tangential speed 1 0152 where b is a positive constant If b l ms 7 and 7 lm7 at the time t 1 sec what is the an gle b between the radian acceleration ar and the full acceleration a ar at syed sms3768 7 Hw l 7 Berk 7 57445 7 1 90007 by de nition of a 2 7420 3 5670 4 45 5 6340 6 8560 7 2550 8 10 9 0o 031 100 points A tennis ball is swinging at the end of a string7 like a pendulum Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Aofo fofofofofofofofx Qualitatively7 what is the direction of the tennis ball7s acceleration a when it is about halfway between its highest point where its speed goes to zero and its lowest point where its speed is a maximum 032 100 points An automobile moves at constant speed down one hill and up another hill along the smoothly curved surface as shown below Xv 03 3 ooooo ovv vvo39ooooo QQQQQQQQQQVV v vvva 00000099 33 oooooo o o gag o o o o o o o Q Q o ozozozozotozozozozozozozozotozgggggggo 00999999000999999 Q Q Q Q QQQQQ Q QQ Q Q Q Q QQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQ Which of the following diagrams best rep resents the directions of the velocity and the acceleration of the automobile at the instant that it is at the lowest position as shown syed sms3768 7 Hw 1 7 Berk 7 57445 8 033 part 1 0f 3 50 points A river ows due east at 294 ms A boat crosses the river from the south shore to the north shore by maintaining a constant veloc ity of 125 ms due north relative to the water a What is the magnitude of the velocity of the boat as viewed by an observer on shore Answer in units of ms 034 part 2 0f 3 50 points b How many degrees off course is the boat forced by the current Answer in units of O 035 part 3 0f 3 50 points c If the river is 195 m wide7 how far down stream is the boat when it reaches the north shore Answer in units of m 036 part 1 0f 3 50 points Rabid Texas basketball fans have been known to rush out of their laboratory class at 500 pm and immediately get on highway 1 35 to arrive in Waco7 100 miles away7 at 700 pm to see the Baylor Longhorn basketball game They spend 4 hours watching and then celebrating the outcome of the game7 and then drive 2 hours back to Austin After they completed their trip7 what is their mean velocity for their trip mph is miles per hour 1 0 mph 2 100 mph 3 50 mph 4 25 mph 5 125 mph 037 part 2 0f 3 50 points After they completed their trip7 what is their mean speed for the trip 1 50 mph 2 125 mph 3 25 mph 4 100 mph 5 0 mph 038 part 3 0f 3 50 points What is their mean speed from when they leave Austin and rst arrive in Waco 1 50 mph 2 25 mph North 3 25 mph South 4 50 mph North syed sms3768 7 HW l 7 Berk 7 57445 9 5 50 mph South 6 25 mph 6 039 101p0int Consider the vectors A and B A lg 7 Which sketch shows the vector A 7 E to the same scale 040 part 1 0f 2 75 points Express the vector R in terms of A B7 67 and D7 the edges of a parallelogram 1 2 2 39 co I 93 on a co SW SW 3 SW m m m m H H H H H H H H U CM Us CM Ql Du U Ql l l l Cm U m Q U U CM U to m H U U 10RA7 041 part 2 0f 2 75 points Express the vector Pm terms of A7 B7 67 and syed sms3768 7 Hw l 7 Berk 7 57445 2P i 3Di 4 AD a a 6 7 6 s Ai 9PEA 1u Ai 042 100 points A man can throw a ball a maximum horizontal distance of 139 m The acceleration of gravity is 98 ms2 How far can he throw the same ball verti cally upward with the same initial speed Answer in units of m 043 part 1 0f 3 50 points A particle moves in the any plane with constant acceleration At time zero7 the particle is at x 9 m7 y 85 m7 and has velocity 170 25 ms H7 77 ms 3 The acceleration is given by 6 75 msQ H7 5 msQ j What is the x component of velocity after 65 s Answer in units of m s 044 part 2 0f 3 50 points What is the y component of velocity after 65 s Answer in units of ms 045 part 3 0f 3 50 points What is the magnitude of the displacement from the origin ac 0 m7 y 0 m after 65 s Answer in units of m


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