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by: Dr. Amara O'Keefe


Dr. Amara O'Keefe
GPA 3.95


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Amara O'Keefe on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDC 371 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/181843/edc-371-university-of-texas-at-austin in Curriculum and Instruction at University of Texas at Austin.




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Date Created: 09/07/15
Term Byte Copy Date De nition From the users viewpoint this term is synonymous with a character number or special character Within a program a command on the Edit menu that places a duplicate of a selected object graphic or teXt on the clipboard Accomplishes nothing unless the cursor is placed somewhere else and then execute the paste command also found on the Edit menu Within a program a command on the Edit menu that removes a selected object graphic or teXt to the clipboard When used in conjunction with the paste command this command moves data from one location to another If this command is not followed by the paste command and another cut or copy command is initiated the data is deleted Within a program a continually updating marker that displays the contents of the computer s clock as the date The date setting is used by the operating system to identify when files or folders are created or modified when Term Default Document Enhancements Environment File De nition viewed in a name detail mode The standard settings in a program such as single spaced and a one inch margin in a word processing document See file The act of altering teXt to conform to a better design standard or visual understanding In other words use of bold underline italics fonts etc to make a document more understandable Modules or applications in an integrated software program ClarisWorks uses this term to emphasize a high degree of data flow capability between the programs siX applications A generic term for a collection of information A file has a name and a format determined by the user and the program that created it There are two general types of files programs which you purchase to accomplish various kinds of work and documents which are created by programs Documents can be teXt graphics or combinations MOD 2 Term Floppy disk Folder Font Footer De nition A 3 12 inch rigid plastic case containing a mylar donut coated with an emulsion having magnetic properties The main advantage over the computer s hard disk is that external storage device allows data to be transported from one computer to another All disks are doublesided recording capability on both surfaces and offered in two capacities 720K in IBM format or 800K in Mac format or 144MB for either Mac or IBM An icon that looks like a manila folder where documents applications and other folders are kept Used to organize computer storage analogous to organizing paperwork A set of letters or characters with a particular design Fonts change from computer to computer based on the software installed An area at the bottom of the page that contains information placed there by the user This information is repeated on every page Format or Initialize To prepare a floppy disk Term Format De nition for use on an IBM or compatible or a Macintosh The way numbers and teXt are displayed within a program MOD 3 Term Freeze De nition The cursor becomes immovable on the screen and the keyboard is locked Data in RAM is lost data that has been saved on any disk medium is not affected Get InfoProperties A filehandling tool that Gigabyte supplies information Mac When a file icon is selected and the Get Info command is chosen from the File menu the Macintosh Operating System OS returns information about the file When a program file is selected the user can change the amount of RAM allocated to the program in the multitasking environment of the Mac OS IBM When a file icon is selected and the Properties command is chosen from the File menu Windows 95 Operating System OS returns information about the file Approximately 1000000000 bytes or characters Usually referred to by the term gig Hanging paragraph To extend the first line of a paragraph to the left of the remainder of the paragraph by using the the indent marker in reverse Example If this sentence is considered a paragraph then Term Hard Disk Hard copy Header Icons lndent Markers De nition it is an example of a reverse indent where the word example is extended A computer s filing cabinet that electronically stores all files and programs Normally found enclosed in the computer s case The icon is represented by a rectangular box called the Macintosh HD found in the upperright hand corner of the desktop screen Selecting this icon and using the Open command on the FILE menu opens its contents window The main advantage of the hard disk over the flop disk is its greater storage capacity A synonym for a printout An area at the top of the page that contains information placed there by the user This information is repeated on every page A graphic pictorial representation of an object For example the trash can on a Mac and the recycle bin on an IBM These pictures are meant to be intuitive to the user Markers on the text ruler that indicates where lines of text begin on the left and end on the right of a page These MOD 4 Term Insert lnvisibles Kilobyte Label Local Area Network LAN De nition m markers allows text in a paragraph to be indented from the margin A command on the ClarisWorks File menu that places the contents of an unopened file or document into the currently open document being displayed A nonprinting formatting Megabyte characters such as tab spaces returns etc which are not usually visible within the text in a document When working with text within a document the invisible characters should always be displayed Modem 1 024 bytes Usually referred to by the letter K Mac This menu item in the Mac Operating SystemOS allows the user to color the folders or files selected IBM On the IBM or compatibles this term refers to the name of a disk hard or floppy Multimedia A network composed of devices that are housed in close proximity to one another such as in one New building or on a campus Networking is the interconnecting of computer Object statIons as well as selected De nition input and output devices that allow many computer to access connected peripheral devices such as printers or other computers called servers This interconnection permits the sharing of software files and peripheral devices Approximately 1000000 bytes or characters Usually referred to by the letter M A hardware connection between a computer and a phone line that translates the digital computer data into an analog format that can be transmitted over a phone line and translates it back into computer data when the connection has been made Modem is an acronym for modulatordemodulator The presentation of materials to the user which may include audio video still frame and motion and text that is often interwoven in an interactive format Negative space The space within a document which is not used The command on the File menu of a program that the creation of a new document An icon frame button or graphic on the screen that MOD 5 Term Open Paste Peripheral Preferences Primary storage Print RAM De nition can be selected moved around resized or otherwise manipulated as a whole unit To make the contents of an application document or folder available for use The Open command is found on the File menu The command on the Edit menu that inserts a copy of what is on the clipboard into a document at the cursor location A hardware device external to the computer system The option on the edit menu of the Mac Version of ClarisWorks that allows the user to change document defaults for a variety of miscellaneous options such as Show lnvisibles see RAM The options on the File menu that displays a Print dialog box for making printing choices when printing documents Random Access Memory RAM where programs that are running and current documents are housed This temporary storage category allows the user to load a program type a letter etc while data is being credited Term Save Save As Scanner De nition or modified RAM is considered volatile because it required a constant source of power to maintain itself Should power fail the entire contents of RAM is lost forever The option on the File menu that places a copy of the current document on the disk currently in use The options on the File menu that places a copy of the current document in a new place andor with a new name determined by the user A computer peripheral device that copies teXt or graphics from paper and translates it through a program into a data format that can be used in a number of different other programs Secondary storage Computer hardware used Select ShowHide Rulers to store and retrieve data and information such as floppy disk drives zip drives or a hard disk drive Objects or teXt that has been chosen by the user by dragging the mouse pointer over the object or teXt The command on the View Window menu that alternates between displaying and hiding the rulers in the MOD 6 Term De nition various environments Term De nition ShowHide Tools An icon at the bottom of Size Spell Checker vStyle Thesaurus a ClarisWorks window that alternates between displaying and hiding the tool palette The same command can also be found on the View Window menu A menu selection that contains options of sizes for the teXt selected Software that checks each word in the teXt against a list of correctly spelled words When an error is detected the spell checking software gives the user choices to determine the correct word A menu selection that contains options for text such as bold or italics A command to assist the user in finding a synonym an antonym or related words View Window The menu that provides options to create new ways to display a document in a window In ClarisWorks the document can be seen in multiple ways at the same time with each view displaying a different portion or layout of the document MOD 7 Term Add additional new terms and definitions here Term De nition MOD 8


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