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by: Selina Doyle


Marketplace > University of Texas at Austin > Accounting > ACC 312 > FUNDAMENTALS OF MANAGERIAL ACC
Selina Doyle
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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Selina Doyle on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ACC 312 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/181846/acc-312-university-of-texas-at-austin in Accounting at University of Texas at Austin.




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Date Created: 09/07/15
SUMMER 2007 MARKETING COURSE DESCRIPTIONS 13 F395 International Operations amp Management Graduate Students and professor in this course will learn to know understand and manage the sociocultural foundations and implications of designing strategy and effectively manage operations both in services and manufacturing organizations across cultures The course particularly will focus on The complex dynamics inherent to International BusinessGlobal Management and their impact and requirements on executive performance Strategic management and strategic thinking in an international context Design of Business models and competitive strategy Strategic approaches to productservice structure and process selection to increase competitiveness from a global perspective Strategies to design and implement culture consonant management systems across cultures International Trade Policy and its impact on global operations The dynamics of national self interest and regional economic integration First Session Unique 72250 Instructor Gomez Days MW Time 100 500 Room CBA 4304 13 5372 Business Spanish Spn Undergraduate The main objective of this course is to become proficient in the Spanish language within a business context We will focus on the analysis of Spanish grammar and the acquisition of business vocabulary by listening to interviews with Latin American professionals The interviews illustrate excellent examples of Spanish grammar and syntax and provide students with examples of how Spanish native professionals really speak They also present a variety of cultural issues within a Latin American business setting In addition to the analysis of the interviews students are expected to write business reports and to expand on their grammar knowledge by using the grammar book as a reference for course assignments Taught in Santander Spain Study Abroad Class meets approximately July 8August 14 Meets with SPN 367K SecondSession Unique 72255 Instructor Days See above Time For course meeting times and locations please refer to the online Course Schedule httpwww quothex2c quot L L 39 L IFI IIIF MKT 320F Foundations of Marketing Undergraduate MKT 320F is a business course designed to introduce nonbusiness students to the fundamental aspects of marketing as it relates to the whole business enterprise The class will cover the structure functions and methods employed by marketing in discovering and translating the consumer wants and needs into product and service specifications and then transferring these goods and services from producers to consumers or users Prerequisites UpperDivision Standing 60 hours no exceptions Restricted to NonBusiness Students FirstSasson Unique 72310 Instructor Kelsmark Days M F Time 100 230 Room GSB 2124 SecondSession Unique 72400 Instructor Kelsmark Days W H Time 1000 1230 Room GSB 2126 MKT F337 Principles of Marketing Undergraduate The course objectives are to discover that marketing consisting of the activities of groups or individuals to facilitate exchanges with others is widely applied to understand the process by which the marketing process is managed and to appreciate the role of marketing in the macroenvironment Prerequisites Admission to a Business major Credit or Registration for ACC 312 Credit or Registration for STA 309 and Credit or Registration for BA 324 FirstSasson Unique 72315 Instructor Walls Days M F Time 1130 100 RoomUTC 4122 MKT F370 Marketing PoliciesW Undergraduate The objectives of this course are to reinforce marketing management concepts you have learned in other marketing courses expand upon your existing knowledge of strategic marketing concepts and introduce new material pertinent to marketing management develop your ability to apply marketing skills to practical business situations develop your problemsolving and decisionmaking ability broaden your understanding of operations in the various industries to be studies in case analyses enhance your written and oral communications skills improve your ability to work in a group environment and increase your skills in business research and information analysis Prerequisites 90 Hours Completed MKT 460 FIN 357 Credit or Registration for an Internship Course MKT 353 and 6 additional semester hours of coursework in Marketing FirstSasson Unique 72320 Instructor Miller Days MWTH Time 1130 200 RoomUTC 1116 MKT F372 2Consumer Behavior Undergraduate This course centers on the role of the consumer in the marketing process Studying consumer behavior enhances understanding of what marketing strategies are likely to be effective how humans operate in the marketplace and what sorts of social and cognitive mechanisms you as a consumer bring to your purchasing decisions Thus consumer behavior has managerial psychological and personal implications Prerequisite MKT 337 FirstSasson Unique 72325 Instructor Golden Days TW Time 100 500 Room UTC 1130 For course meeting times and locations please refer to the online Course Schedule httpwww quothex2c quot L L 39 L IFI IIIF


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