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by: Harrison Reilly


Harrison Reilly
GPA 3.85

Stephen Phillips

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About this Document

Stephen Phillips
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Harrison Reilly on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHL 348 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Stephen Phillips in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/181847/phl-348-university-of-texas-at-austin in PHIL-Philosophy at University of Texas at Austin.




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Date Created: 09/07/15
PHL 348 Indian Philosophies Fall 2008 Mimamsa Mimamsa tam dharma soma tapas tapasya upanisad Vedanta Veda Yoga Samkhya mantra Vedic Samhitas Brahmanas Aranyakas Upanisads atman sarga henotheism brahman brahmavidya svayambha s ruti saccidananda GLOSSARY 1 a a school of classical Indian philosophy Exegesis concerned principally with interpretation of the Veda Later Exegesis or Vedanta contrasting with Purva Former Mimamsa ie Mimamsa proper the Vedic conception of the fundamental order in the universe a forerunner of the later notion of dharma right religious practice according to the Mimamsa school also right living in general according to much classical Hinduism a potion which gured importantly in the ancient Vedic sacri ces and rituals heat asceticism the practices of yoga secret doctrine various prose and verse texts appended to the Vedas qv with mystic themes centered on an understanding of the self and its relation to the Absolute or God called Brahman the primary sources for classical Vedanta philosophy the end or ful llment of the Veda originally an epithet for the Upanishads in the classical period the philosophy of the BrahmaSana and of several subschools defending Upanishadic views in particular Advaita qv and Theistic Vedanta revealed Knowledge the four Vedas comprised principally of hymns to various indoeuropean gods are the oldest texts composed in Sanskrit possibly as early as 1500 BCE a classical philosophy of a supreme personal good much like Samkhya qv but proposing various exercises of selfdiscipline ie yoga as the means thereto Analysis an early school of Indian philosophy concerned with achieving a supreme personal good through psychological disidenti cation A prime feature of this school is its dualistic metaphysics of conscious beings apart from Nature originally a Vedic verse later a magical formula repeated for spiritual or in some cases worldly results the four Vedas proper the Rg Saman Y ajur ampAtharva Vedic literature the Brahmanas et al were gradually appended to the Vedic Samhitas self or soul creation loosing forth out of itself selfmanifestation the Vedic view that there is one Supreme God that takes various divine forms Agni etc the Absolute Brahman in the Rg Veda inspiration and the poems that result knowledge of Brahman the selfexistent brahman is thought to be svayambha in some of the Upanishads hearing scripture the Veda including the Upanishads the nature of Brahman the Absolute according to some of the later Upanishads as well as some of the schools of Vedanta quotexistenceconsciousnessblissquot sat cit


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