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by: Laurine Willms


Laurine Willms
GPA 3.82

David Hull

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About this Document

David Hull
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Laurine Willms on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ASE 367K at University of Texas at Austin taught by David Hull in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/181852/ase-367k-university-of-texas-at-austin in Aerospace Engineering at University of Texas at Austin.




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Date Created: 09/07/15
List of Symbols 0mm atmosphere speed of sound exponent in approximate thrust formula aerodynamic center acceleration vector airfoil angle of attack for zero lift aspect ratio system matrix aerodynamic force vector span exponent in approximate SFC formula chord airfoil drag coef cient airfoil lift coef cient airfoil lift curve slope airfoil pitching moment about the aerodynamic center root chord tip chord mean aerodynamic chord spec c fuel consumption corrected spec c fuel consumption drag coef cient friction drag coef cient induced drag coef cient wave drag coef cient zero lift drag coef cient skin friction coef cient compressibility factor lift coef cient 0mm lift curve slope maximum lift coef cient pitching moment about the aerodynamic center nondimensional thrust nondimensional thrust moment nondimensional weight diameter determinant drag Oswald7s ef ciency factor origin of ground axes system aerodynamic ef ciency or lift to drag ratio position vector ap f factor equivalent parasite area distance factor stick force force vector form factor acceleration of gravity acceleration of gravity vector acceleration of gravity at sea level function in Mach number for drag divergence function in Mach number for drag divergence elevator hinge moment time factor elevator gearing altitude above sea level altitude of the tropopause height of HT ac above wing 5 rate of climb ISA M CI U K gggggbbNNNz wkh39g U unit vector horizontal tail incidence wing incidence interference factor ideal subsonic airplane ideal subsonic business jet mass moment of inertial about the yb axis unit vector performance index ratio of speci c heats unit vector induced drag factor correction factor length lift rolling moment mass Mach number pitching moment interference factor Mach number for drag divergence aerodynamic pitching moment thrust pitching moment interference factor number of intervals load factor yawing moment center of gravity atmospheric pressure power setting speci c excess power pitch rate perturbation SFO Sc Swat 6DOF ltess dynamic pressure dynamic pressure in front of horizontal tail pitch rate nondimensional pitch rate turn radius radius of the earth at sea level gas constant for air Reynolds number distance along a turn planform area subsonic business jet in App A speci c fuel consumption planform area of wing associated with control wetted area six degree of freedom motion time maximum thickness thickness ratio Thrust corrected thrust thrust vector three degree of freedom motion nondimensional speed velocity component along ground x axis velocity component along body x axis velocity along the ground y axis velocity corner speed decision speed lift off speed QQ QQNgtlt gtltRamp S 52 E OtoL U rotation speed touchdown speed velocity vector equivalent airspeed horizontal tail volume coef cient velocity of the airplane relative to the ground velocity component along ground h axis wind speed component of wind speed in the h direction component of wind speed in the x direction velocity vector of the atmosphere relative to the ground weight velocity component on body Z axis distance coordinate axis distance aft of the wing rnean aerodynarnic chord leading edge X divided by 5 distance coordinate axis coordinate axis angle of attack angle of attack perturbation angle of attack in Chaps7 10 and 11 angle of attack rate perturbation horizontal tail angle of attack zero lift angle of attack angle of attack rate sideslip angle ight path inclination7 clirnb angle aaamqutttgtgtgtgtxqgt 3 control del ection angle elevator angle elevator angle in Chaps 10 and 11 elevator angle perturbation trim tab angle thrust angle of attack downwash at the horizontal tail slope of the downwash curve angle between thrust vector and the body X axis HT downwash angle at 04 0 damping ratio corrected engine speed horizontal tail ef ciency factor perturbed pitch angle pitch angle perturbation ratio of 01a to mayhem scale height taper ratio root of the characteristic equation sweep angle atmospheric viscosity bank angle coef cient of rolling friction coordinate of the aerodynamic center in the X direction atmospheric density ratio of density to density at sea level summation atmosphere absolute temperature control surface effectiveness nondimensional thrust TE elevator effectiveness 6 pitch angle perturbation 7quot airfoil elevator effectiveness b angle between regular body x axis and stability x axis 7 heading angle 72 turn rate run natural frequency Subscripts ac aerodynamic center b body cg center of gravity D drag F ap h local horizon h hinge moment be half chord H horizontal tail 6 leading edge L lift LO lift off m moment max maximum mt maximum thickness 0 relative to the ground p5 peak suction q pitch rate perturbation qc quarter chord Q nondimensional pitch rate 7 0 ISA4 C1 ago 1 Cb I MilMinnquot gt lt k 1 as oauwv P g quot lt0 V gu vaw m 5 W 0 L W V J4 dES gv D W E E 5 9 vaxi v f s W M5 E50 D SF 5 E V E V2 8 sxz a39 f f e 7 5 5 f 0 22 DoS 30 av ES z 5 v Es C Ivvvf39 o a VZ L OZV 0 on 9 9 35Eav 2 0 9 7w air39f d f 5 2 z 1 91 7 7 4V 7quot f 5 3 Va W gt aquot 56 0 2525 ft A AL w ebb 3 5c Wk 16373 TL w mWW km W m mm r


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