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by: Tate Monahan PhD


Marketplace > University of Texas at Austin > Electrical > E E 155 > ELECTRICALCOMPUTER ENGR SMNR
Tate Monahan PhD
GPA 3.57

Michael Becker

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About this Document

Michael Becker
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tate Monahan PhD on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to E E 155 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Michael Becker in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/181889/e-e-155-university-of-texas-at-austin in Electrical at University of Texas at Austin.




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Date Created: 09/07/15
ELPT 1311 8252011 Electrons are Negative Valence Electronfurthest electron from corecan be removed Conductorallow the flow of electrons Insulatordoes not allow the flow of electrons Semiconductor No perfect conductor The longer wire the more wasted energy Copper Atom has 1 valence electron Conductor has 13 valence electrons Semiconductor has 4 Valence electrons Insulator has 78 valence electrons Best Conductors Silver1 VE Gold 1VE Platinum 1 VE Copper 1 VE Aluminum WPF N Question is Silver VS Copper Silver is expensive IE Rolex Copper is much more feasible 625quot64 electrons in one Ampth of an electricity volt Semiconductors4 VE can change its state depends on the charge applied to it ALCorrodes very easily Work hardened Brittle Aluminum has a very high heat and cooling expansion rate Copper has a long heat expansion rate Copper has 29 electrons orbiting a nucleus Electromagnetic field causes electrons to move The flow of electrons CURRENT AC Alternating Current DC Direct Current Overseasgt UK 50 Hz In the USgt 60 Hz a secondwhat is produced An electric AC motor 3phase motorVFO Variable Frequency Drive DC Motors Adjust the voltage to it Sine Wave 9111 Safety Overview Work with one hand when possible LockoutZtagout Red lock has 1 key Blue lock has multiple keys TagDangerDO NOT REMOVELocked Always put your name and date on the tag and if you cant be seen by the tag then need to put location and cell phone Never put your lock on the last hole Put another hasp and lock on there For every lock there needs to be a tag Ladder Safety GFCI sa plug with a test and a reset button National Electric Codebook for master electriciansthey update every 3 years Above 20 AMPERES burns tissuesearing nervous system off or kills muscles can blow off feet or certain body parts at the exit points Wall socket most dangerous to use 1 milliamp mA001 A 1yA0001 20mA02 Unit 1Atomic Stucture Elektron lto be like amber in Greek9 then translated to electricity Opposites Attract Copper has 1 VE Aluminum has 3 VW Gold has 1 VE Platinum has 1 VE Conductor is only 1 to 3 VE Insulator has 7 to 8 VE Semi conductors are 4VE Electricity is the flow of Electrons When heated their resistance decreases 1 Germanium 2 Silicon 6 methods for producing electricity 3 Piezo EffectPressure used on crystals to produce electricity 4 Seeveck Effectheat to produce electricity 5 Photons for light CHARLES DUFAYOPPOSTES ATI39RACTH 9811 Unit 2Electrical Quantities and Ohm s Law Coulombquantity measurement for electrons 1 coulomb 625X10quot18 Amperea measurement of the amount of electricity that is flowing through a circuit 1 AmpereA 1 coulomb of electricity flowing past a given point in one second 2Theorys about current flow 1 WM 2 Conventionalelectrical current flows from pos to neg AC current does not matter DC does matter how electricity is flowing Diode On batteries the positive is actually the neg DC is unidirectional AC is Bidirectionalstrong magnetic field around the wire Power lines can magnetize a wire lying on the ground Closed circuita circuit with a complete path for electrical flow Open circuitincomplete or broken path Short circuithas an unintended shorter pathway with LI I39I39LE T0 N0 RESISTANCE 70 volts will feel it 1224 volts of batterywill not feel it Volt or voltage is electrical pressure Potentialvoltage SAFE low voltage 10 and lower and high Amp1 DANG ERlZV with 400 Amp will burn you Ohm the unit of resistance or opposition to the flow of electricity The watt is the unit of electrical power WVxA Wwatt VVoltage AAmp Heat is a form of energy Iridescent lights produce 5 light and 95 heat ForeFlow Rate x Pressure Amperes x volts watts E Volts Amps x R Ohms AAMPSIC VVOLTSEEMF NOHMSRZXIXc WWA1TSPVARSVA Ohms Law Slide25 will allow on test MicroM00110quot6 Unit05ppt Resistors2 functions in a circuit 1 Limit the flow of current in a circuit 2 Produce a voltage divider Fixed resistorshave only one ohmic value Which cannot be changed Carbon Resistor Types of Fixed 1 Carbon resistorsvery popular for most applications bc they are cheap and readily available in different sizes and wattages 2 Metal filmsuperior to carbon bc their ohmic valve does not change with age and have improved toleranceTolerancehow accurate the reading is on a resistor 10 or Ceramic helps absorb heat 3 Wirewoundpc of resistive wire around a ceramic core Used when a high power rating is required 4 Resister color codetells you value and tolerance The 151 color band is the 1st significant number The 2nd color band is the 2nd significant number The 3rd color band is the number of zeros that follow the 1st two The 4 h color band is the of tolerance Variable Resistorcan change their value over a specific range ex A wiper a dimmer light in a house Potentiometera variable resistor with 3 terminals Rheostat has only 2 terminals Schematic symbolsused to represent various types of fixed resistors Fixed resistors Variable Resistors Quiz over unit 02 and 05 91511 Unit 6 Series CircuitsVoltage Dividers Series CircuitHas only ONE PATH for current flow When fuses OPENS the circuit s is disconnected from the power source Series Circuitvoltage drops across all the resistors Source voltage SERIES CIRCUIT EADDS IIALWAYS RADDS P E x on all columns and then add at the end Voltage Dividercircuits are used to provide different voltages between specific points Rules for Series Unit 7 Parallel Circuits called current dividers The Parallel Circuit Rules Parallel Circuitshave MORE THAN ONE path for current to flow Voltage Drop The Reciprocal Formula 92211 Lab work 92911 Lab work 10611 102711 Segment 2 Three Phase Power Objective 5 Describe the operation of threephase power Three Phase Poweris electrical power that is transmitted in three separate phases Any kind of large building Constant Provides more power per cycle 80 more efficient than single phase Objective 6 Describe the two most common three phase voltage systems Wyeconfigured system Deltaconfigured system Inductoranything that produces magnetism like a transformer Wyehook all the positives together at one pointParallelfriendlier to single phase Deltahooked end to end in a loop neg to pos Seriesfriendlier to 3 phase The High leg bastard voltage should be orange Do not use it for 120 Objective 8 Describe the operation of grounded and ungrounded systems A ground fault occurs when one of the phases becomes grounded No current flow in the neutral wire Segment 3 Disconnects and Protective Devices Objective 9 Describe two devices used to disconnect power to a circuit Fusible disconnects contains fuse for each phase and a manuallyoperated switch which will disconnect all phases at once Circuit breaker must be able to open all phases when it trips It must also have a means of manually disconnecting the motor and the controller from the line Objective 10 Explain why time delay fuses are used with motor starting devices Fast blow Timedelay Objective 1 Explain the importance of the equipment ground connection


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