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by: Maryse Herman
Maryse Herman
GPA 3.68

Randolph Bias

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About this Document

Randolph Bias
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maryse Herman on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to INF 385P at University of Texas at Austin taught by Randolph Bias in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see /class/181903/inf-385p-university-of-texas-at-austin in Information Studies at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 09/07/15
General Emergence of usability C Why test G M Centralized vs mainstreamed S Learn HTML to keepjob V Mkt Reqts Doc Business plan Usability goals I II INF 385P Intro to Usability In one page Iiigwh Fix 11 Early design Product development QA test What s new Mobile O Ubiquitous O Irnmersive O Therefore extended populations of users 0 Shipdeploy Postship A A z A A A e e i 9 e 3 a A mA 2 A 3 AA a v g 9 a a A g 3 u A x A A mgr o o m LL A lt23 393 a U a EVV Ail gt b A A EB A 5 4 a A 4 m Nm 2 g 5 9 A e a g0 A o 55 3 32 as H m A39 H H geg gissggeE g a o H a ca 12 v o A lt2 E quot 9390 A 399 i a 85 a i5 m 0 5 5 53 3 3 05 mOS Approach UCD The world is a design problem N Knowledge in the head and in the world N HCI is a science of design 0 C Empirical datadriven S M Design is a cooperative activity C Tradeoffs What to test B S M Why teams come to you S Design 1st for less sophisticated users W UCD approach C Endtoend usab M Measurable usab objective V B I User experience spec FindampFix vs Benchmark tests R Formative vs summative test I V Discernment Which methods I Large and small N studies S V Costjustification R C Legend AFrank Shannon B MC Design objects actions views W B C arroll DD Hertefelt DuDumas EExpero FFuccellaampPizzolato G Galitz IIBM JJennifer Jobst KKate McLagan MMayhew NNorman OOlsonampOlson RRandolph BC TTarnler VVignette VIR redenberg et a1 VoVora WL airy Wo od User Testing Consent form B M Task orientation N R Think aloud D Inspections vs Testing R E Help too much B T Change on the y B Lo tech materials W B E Ethics Test of sw not users R Informed consent R M Gray area of coercion R Types of Data Users make errors N Different types of errors N Vo Performance vs satisfaction data V R The value of putting numbers on thin s E Data from training sessions V Other free usability data R When is it a fail EU V Users Finding test subjects V R S Importance of representative users R M Customer substitutes U B Temporary agencies E Screeners E Users have mental models N C People differ R Newly a novice again B Perceptions aren t the sum of sensations R Cues to depth R Psychology of reading R Motion in the periphery R Human information processing has implications for design R state K Analyze your audience Organize know your objectives and process Manage your Video highlight lm V R Accessibility J Internationalization R Competition Team I eCommer ee site Specialty store quot irst release Going live in four Weeks Las trweek is just QA testing g 5 You re the consulting team F an E Team 2 Lawinn intranet Release 2 32339 g Cutting over in four weeks You re the g g volunteer usability team from in house 0 d gt Team 3 Traditional m app Tax package 2 0quot E Quicken competitor Threegmonths to ship i E 395 Internal usability team 3 amp 0U T am 4 Services web site withaproHem E E People can t make their air39tix purchases Cut gt1 a 8 live last Week You re anindividual consultant MA 0 Results E g Presenting your data K quot8 E Advocating for your ndings K 8 a Include positives V g a Broadcasting results V g gt Quick informal feedback V g Qquot Usability bugs S V R 2 0quot Archival report S 3 i L 5 end What s next Final project presentations grades Games Are different A


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