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by: Maryse Herman


Maryse Herman
GPA 3.68


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 32 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maryse Herman on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to INF 385T at University of Texas at Austin taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/181911/inf-385t-university-of-texas-at-austin in Information Studies at University of Texas at Austin.




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Date Created: 09/07/15
Usability Evaluation Methods m mm Types of Evaluation Methods 1 2262008 Overview Main Goals m Evaluatan a 15 xpenmenis masons in man examine and WEE wwan we need cntenaaaamstvmlcn to base oul assrssmrnt userr zsed 9mm Think lmm Pmtuool Nellllstmrsted 9mm Heunstlc Evaluation Coonltlvr Walkthmuoh Nam DzIEWEase Omen Model Human Processor GOMS Exvenments mnrmnmum Enham Competitive Almlysls Types of Evaluation Methods Usevr ased Criteria yew om personas scmallos with real users by havino them use ouv pmmypes Need to have a maximal in some um loan he vaoen Need to undelsun the ilsel and thrlr goals in Uldertn crratr tasks Similar to Contextual lnnuuy but lnstrad ai onthenno monuments we are manna remasan the mm m critical incidents Types of Evaluation Methods HIHHS lD39B SN Cntrlla wlm a heunnma ComDare ouv pintu39yves to Existlii rules or auldellnes How do we knowwmcn gul ellnesto pick7 No uszls necessxly Types of Evaluation Methods Ham Data rBased 0mm 3mm mathematical Provide am to am tile usability oithe menace When would on man Ilsniul Types of Evaluation Methods Markeerellne smells Compare uur moms and assumptions la atherslmllal Findlch m the lnolke space n nelelmme brand rec nltlo Understand the dynamlcs ntthe marketplace 1 2262008 Types of Evaluation Methods Cheat Sheet ThinkAloud Protocol Types of Evaluation Methods Key Takeaways Any evaluation is hollertnan no evaluation We ryalualr la lulu pranlerns with Gui lntellacrs assumellens and liyn lhrses anl wlll lulu Dmhlems v u e not a hall llexillnel who you lulu molem le any Fail men You succeed as both a ueslenel m an evaluatnrwnen you llnd Ploblrmsrtms is an iterative cycle Think Aloud Protocol Background Dryel ved by Allan NWIII Pu Hrm Simon at EMU ll l W72 ewell e Simon wxllte to unllelstand llaw mule ealue ploblenls neeueu le understand the sequence el lnauems penDle exvenence es llley w m Think Aloud Protocol Thr basics Take yum pmlelype Slirw ll to r s Have new use yeul PmmtyDE and lleue them look out loud lumle they use ll nally u not easy M Waugh a quotwhim ulllmle goal was to elmulele human pmbleln solving with enlllml lnlellleenee elapeu expenmeule lmele alle eel m participants Valhallzzd lllell lheuums aslney wenl about a lzlsk and me mm s me not Think Aloud Protocol Why It Works There IS 1 2262008 on aim aii tnmrtt smumces as lollil as thrre is iia iiiti DSPeEtlUH Without xiisztiiig tris outcome at mski penul mil sumssstully VETbillZe wun they are damn but quotO WHV SDeGlllGaIIVi nenpie can vemahzelne contents mwnrkim momor i wririi thr iiiiaiiiiatiaii is iiat linguistic llci wnrii it is VlSll lli tiiis will Sl w down we ask but Will not aitsitris vxlllllly m the task Fniiiiaiiy called the niiiikkiutm Pinto is Jim s ii ml in iii iiitiziiii mi iniii sii ltrls a imit Think Aloud Protocol How To Do it Belore DovnlnP a mainly can he at any iideiity s EVEquot DaDEr nevelnnusus tltxt iziiissgiittyiiimi U El goals Clul sosmiin Ms 3 real place to start nieie iiittst be a cumvlete patty tlimu h the interim to solvethese aaais moii t Ewe thr user lmpDSSlblr tasksi its mean Plintthesetaskii DltElDap g smuttin quotWinn iiiitri users that match utti PETSOMS 273 NE one iirisessioii Drnanlze llnllrsel Vl EOD amelai batteries audionmem lanes Dells etc Valliythm tliz usel ull ElEmmlE tliz tasks tiim them isatt tris txsks aloud tin and ask iitrieie are any attestiuiisr Think Aloud Protocol How To Do it During Think Aloud Protocol How To Do it During Eetwlmen consent to lave Willie the session is mining Dan ttoluot to stoltt pm Explain to thr user like good Imms mm sis ampth lyml am doing it tits usti tolls siisnt mi m than tiiist seconds prompt tiism that You am testing yDWIllleltanei and not testing them View keen taking ma 5y can a my im Do not holy quotto uni complrte Mask lithe tisei asks tor hrlpi M W b W w W m sxpiaiii tltxtynu caiiiiat iisiiii aiiit prompt them to try wltx tt ythlltk lltxtyml ieqitiis thatquot in mll llmE talking and you Will lElHlll trism to 5 meg Pleasekeevtalkm lttliEytallsllent o SlmPW vrmalizr what it is low are domi asthey me down it Don39t Mun1 your dwlnns This is nataciitiuur at yatti deslilll skiiisi alt t svsii tllEMlDVl tltxt tltnyl yam zslgns Bo intmin 41in m mi WWW Think Aloud Protocol How To Do it During Wniietiie SrSSlDll is NNWVQi do iiat say tniiius like Pleas expi alll iimstyoti m do 9 More We Digitarm you 99 7 ti i39ryoti have any silesllWls wm im too mil iiiriazyoti t llr doing By asking questiaiis like this We call lMD play Mediatrd Processrsi such as cognitive waness s imiizii m dlimp the iiiimimtiaii mtg ma mtsi tliz mm llPi we losennck time actual task We kiri iiiik ii iriiitii itiriii ss iii sii ii ikikiiiiipiwii Think Aloud Protocol How To Do it Alter Attrr thr session nstziiiiiiistris Ellllml lnEl Ems tltxt DEEMlEd swimmix Wiiw we i mum iimii A Clltlml lllCl Pllt can ll FltllFl Ball in noon 1 2262008 Think Aloud Protocol How To Do it Alter some lnm all cllterlatnr luenllvylnu a Bad cnllcal lncluenr The usrl altlculates g gggl and cannot succeed in analnlnu lnal ggal wltllln two mlnutes The user anl u a neat lnes several lnlngs and exvllcltly glues uv lures The user anlculmeg a anal and hastu Wthlee or mule lnlngs helole llnglnu a salutloll The user does nntsuzceeu ill the task me negallue senlnnenr enlleraugunne The user expresses su llltel39tacr al inbuilt thrll awn skllls The user rllxkes a deslgn declslnn Think Aloud Protocol Presenting The Findings uacumenlygurnnulngs uslngasnreausneel ugellmenllne Descrlptlan oltlle lllcldellt include nctual gums tmm the user 2 metallmmllelncluenrwaslgunuansn enuugllsglnalsuneune rlsr can nnu the suns llratzleln a PrDllase asolutlan la in r nlenl 4 when you are all ugne unennlnu lulllzll lncl zms are relzreu to ml g ther 5 Wnen you arr all uenr unkrne moments by asslgnlng inrnl a prlnllty uacumenlygurnnulngs uslngasnreausneel Think Aloud Protocol Presenting The Findings Heuristic Evaluation AH ennsllc is g nule 0 rnlnnr sl morrcntl nl n educated rum Extlngless ledtllzxtlsgm lm nu v nrk v ourhumgw lll take mm time than you thuugllt nwuulu mes Romm is an ugly tollt u new man mmmmm varlmlllctuclnmls gum mmulsummm new mum mu mung nu lnemmmna lu M u r mun men mm c39lzmlml 1quot mm mnnn nan Wham lemme m m mnlnnm u me l x l w g n 39lrerrn mlquot n nu l mu u l p m m lulu Heuristic Evaluation What ls a Heuristic Heuristic Evaluation What ls a Heurlstic7 Hrullstlcs are ellneu bu aPelsan al a group at pegplr H g away to backup yaur ueslgn reocnlmell atlnns to marketlrlq management amp enulneennu Heullstlcs are not namnasl rules always ngln 12262008 Heuristic Evaluation Background Heuristic Evaluation The Heuristics oped by Jakob hireisen in ioez Devei insioiiity oi system status intended to be a discount usatriiioy method Match irettueen systerrr and the real world Quick tlser oontroi and lreedorn eap Consistency and standards Effective Ell or prevent n Recognition ratherthan lecall Flexibility and eliioienoy ol use Aesthetic and rrrinimalist design Help usels recognizer diagnose and recover irorrr errors 0 heip and documentation Whel technique might this he eheaperlmm Tllellasic 0 our incompareanintertaoetoaiistoiheuristios Deteinrinewhioh heuristics are vioiated hyllle iiitertace s a group eomlrine these lists into a more exhaustive iisting Write a report and include redesign suggestions NIFTY ininrunnr WJiiSlutill nrssar inununpuirrsuuu 25 Heuristic Evaluation The Heuristics Heuristic Evaluation The Heuristics l Visilrility or system status 2 Match hetween system arrrl the real worm The system should aivvays keep users inturmed atrout vrhat ls going on through appropriate ieedoaok within reasonable lime The system shouid speak the users language with words r the usen iatlleilllan systeillr oriented terms Foliow realrwurld conventions making rniormalron appear in a naturai and logical der l searching Hiatus armamltSr areaamn stun remcwwk we liltrrmwrihi imjn tiirinl quotHim an mntilrnl51i7t viillr ze Heuristic Evaluation The Heuristics Heuristic Evaluation The Heuristics a user colltrnl arm lleedom A consistency astalmms Users Uiteri choose system tunctiuris by Mistake and will need a clearly marked Users should not have to Wonder Whether di eieiitwuitts situations or enr usiic ll actions mean the same thing Followsoltwarehardwareplanuim dialogue Support undo and redo quot coilvelitioils 7 r A uo up char A char nadiraammrmummagree reaps anashramrammed II MluiliAit iislziialiuiiu Jilwaiz LisliiLulzt ii Zyiiizs 39ran an zawzinnnn and umiwinu 39Addnunaiwpzm oldzmdi g VllMaridLlJEne 197 on i39rrrpl 4 5311quotinLrZiZtZ ZEEEiM 0W5 it l euuur emutne lled39 bumlit amused use ass ltrzoft n39mnilanu lmnitl4 1i 1 2262008 Heuristic Evaluation 1 The Heuristics Heuristic Evaluation 1 The Heuristics 5 Error Prnwntinn 6 Runnniliun Raina quotIan Recall Makr ablrmsi actions and DPtiDns visiblr TN user slimild not have to ienieinsiei inisnneiisn isin sne pan or iiie lieissse in ensiiiei instructions iei iise eiine sysiein Sliauld be visible in essiiy retrievable wnenesei alllWPiialr inesseges is a eeieiui design wnien piesenis a problem iienn accuninil in is inst niacr Heuristic Evaluation The Heuristics Heuristic Evaluation The Heuristics fie gee nee new sees si 1mm ysnazii encyaiuse a W a Aenneiieanemininisiin Dailnli ceiee Accelerators e unsren by M novice iisei 7 may eiien seem Dial gucs Slimll nei eqan inieinieiisn iniiieii is lllelevxli si sysiein can eaieiie nein inexperienced and exneneneen users i mieiy needed Evely ems unit en Allow users to mlai lizquznt seiisiis inieinieiisn in e uieisgiie ssinpeies wnn ine 39elevarit mills en iniennsiien anddimlnlshestlielrrrlmwe isiexiiw vismmi g M i e 5 en sis i meeeesemsemn is mew ii s seemsieneeieen le men Heuristic Evaluation The Heuristics Heuristic Evaluation The Heuristics n llnlrl uwrx Rnwinini Dinnnnn enii ROWWHIDN were in Mali and neeunneineiien Errai messages siisiiiii be Exuizssell iii sieiii language we esuesi iiieeiseiy indicate Even tlinugli ii is hettzi ii iiie system coii he used iniinsui leesinenieiisn iiie Drablem and eansiiueiiiieiy sungeslasnluliun ii niay be neeessaiy tn Wavlde neip and documentation Any sucli iniainieien Slimll be easyie smieni incusrd an M user s men list esnsieis staustn he eeinee out an rim he too large 2tzl m 1 less is ewesi antwnum youmetndu 1 2262008 Heuristic Evaluation How to Doll You can either use iast ui evaluatescrnn by mun Walk iiimvgii the inte ace and ducumenl iiiiieii ii cunllicls iiiiiii m atthe heuiisiics Pinblrni can vialate multile hrunstics Ell mi tliE Sl E ai tan lllxny llls e ll m miiiu smmi yum annnda helare beGlNWl ynvr Eialuatlun Heuristic Evaluation Evaluators Du tile initial Eialuatlun yoursell and iiieii Eumhlne yaur resultsvitn ateani uiiimiii evaivaimsiiiiv viiieiem prublems Diminishing ietuins alter 575 evaluators Heuristic Evaluation Presenting The Findings Dncumentvuur innings using a spreadsheet P mlwvllnc uuuipiiuiiiiiiimiiisiii Neurls wlnmw ram mi i i 7 ii iiwizii ii iii niiis is imam WWW iziii inquot is L lirquot i minim 5 iii ninriim iii M i in ii iiciul itlulnc A vnlnm Imazzixmi ll anl iiim s Pl mini u imiiinm L Cognitive Walklhrough Cognitive Walktniuugn Underlying Principles Camilth Walkthrav h 3 k3 Hownow al s s v pmhllms Ill ummiii nlluallnlis We learn by ExDlulatan We drtcrminr imai controls arr avaiianie l ssim the mntinl tlixt makestlie masi inzieniznml siiisi We iiziiaim the aciiaii uslll the Dalila v v2 evaluate the result iii Dill actiun 522 ii we made progress Cognitive Walktniuugn Underlying Principles nagniiiveWaiiiiiimvwi tacvses salely DH saw 01 I illlllli Penule im misnm elements lL lunatinnality nnlyillizn they new the Danicvlal Piece ui lunctianality nut irainiiiu quotat inanualsi We anemniiu create a credible siniy m wliat a min usei iiiaiiiu an 12262008 Cognitive Walkthrough When To Use It cw is great lor evaluating walk up and use systems Kinukx s Pilans Buciils Digital environments Websites intended ior inlrequeni use iry novice users cw is not so good loi evaluating Cnmplex software packages like Pilalusiiop orAlias Websites intended tcr everyday use by nxpnrl ueera Handheld digital devices isttnii as ceii phones pagers or palm piiuis inimioihi wyiieionoi a Cognitive Walkthrough How To Do It 1 Prepare yourstariing data 2 Walk through the tasks preparing a credilrle story foi each individual step 3 Record critical iniormation especilicaliy iaiiures new it notoriouimsuuy to Cognitive Walkihrough How To Do It i Prepare yourstaning dam lclentiiy your users tpeisonas work great iiei39e explore their skill levels With oath technology and the problem domain Prepare your prototype tliils works on any level oi ridelilyi Prepare sample evaluation tasks scenarius walk great heret determinethe imporlant deals the users wlli have identity the action sequence ideal lor completing the tasks D rmine the ste by step actions the user ideally snctildtake to complete the task Every step silattid tre explicitly listed hm inmmi imhiiimaio Cognitive Walkihrough How To Do It 2 walk through the tasks preparing a crediole story tor each indiVidual step Ask trrelollounng questions tor each siep whiie looking at the interface create a cradilrls story based around these questions i Wiii Iiie ttserlryia achieve the ilgiii Wet1397 Wiii ihB user nulice Ihal the curred aE ICii39i is avaiiabie7 Wiii int user aaiociale ihE curreni aciiuri wilii ihe Ei ieci ihal user istrying to achieve ii the correct action is perinimedi wiii the user see that progress is treing tirade towards their quai39i Record any additional assumptions you make along the way as miirhiiaieomii 4e Cognitive Waikihrough How TO DO It 2a Walklhrough the tasks preparing acrediole story lor each individual step Will the user try to achieve the right ettectv Tile user of liie sysiem has all en g al in mind Didi riseds ID accomplish y ri us tasks to complete it Wiil they even know to iieitoim the specitic steps alcn the no r the user wants to print a document Wiii they know that they tirst ireed to select a printer The ttsel wants to manipulate an ahiect on the screen Wiii they know that they fii st need to change to mai iipuia ai iquot made7 iitrir ininimmi m Cognitive Waikihrough HOW TO DO It 2o Walk through the tasks preparing a credibie story tor each individual step Will the user notice that the camera atlan is available7 omae Ciivizaardquot 39sie c i is the option visiole and on the screen or at least in aplaae the user on Wiil likely iuuk7 Tile user wants to use the edit and replace option but its hidden in the menu W303i W39mvlianu im ohir ea 1 2262008 Cognitive Walktnmugh How To Do it 20 nan tiiruv n tiie insnsi Drena ing a credibie stury iai each inninimi sien wnmi user assocint nie mimmmii min in mm nyiiig h be acmevem i is a iahei warded in a waytnm tiie usei expects zexi n Cognitive Walktnmugh How To Do it 2n Waiktnmugiitneiasks pieDaringacre ibie stuninfeacniii iiii uaistev inn mm mm isuuen wiil the user seekim plagless I being made tnwzms thequot gum is theie any ieedback SiiDWWE inaiine usei seiected ine Ham uptinm Airinrieinisai gin ni 5 Used minnniiieirednnckriimiw is the iim iagimi aciiaii pimineu sumessiviiw Cognitive Walktnmugh How To Do it 2 Recnm ciiticai minimumquot SDEDiiica y iaiiures Falluies ni every step ii you can mm a cizdibiz Sign inni answeis an inn nuEstiDiis the step imis mum ii Add nai Aswniiininns Any nine yau nssiinie inaiiiie usri iins mnnin ski YECDM ii Duiun him ii yaii determine a in iui a ceiiain iaiiing step iecaiu ii Cognitive Waikthrough Let39s Try it Wiibuiwants ta nnni a maiiiii iahei aiiemiy untu an Envei ve Sing Miciusu Waid wiibiii is inniiiini niin uenrmi PCtecnnainuy and Win uws sannaie painting Eiinkirig di ggiiig etci iviimii isiainiiia iiiiiii Miciusun vicim 5 basic innainns wiibiii has iised Miciasan Ward nriaie iuiariy sun ai advancrd nnniing iiiiiminns ha 5 nevei piinte x inniiing ixilzi beiniei Cognitive Waiklnruugn Let39s Try it oiii muth is a simiiie srt Di scmn cavtuies imni Micmsaii Ward Need tn nm the caveat path iiealiy deteirnineli ineie my he quotian tiiaii one current Datii yau neen ta iueniiiy ine best ciiaice Cognitive Waiklnruugn Let s Try It sun I wiibiii must ciicniimis in the up in in m in min nr in i n iii iiri i i ii i w ii mini iiiirii iiiiiiniii wiini inimmiiiunm iciginii 1 2262008 Cogmtwe WaTklhrough Let s Try It SM 2 mm mus mck Letters and Mam um u M Mr Tmp p M mm mm Mm u w M Cogmtwe WaTklhrough Let s Try It sun 3 mm mus chck Eme upes and Laws um u wh WT Mp p My Mum mm Mm u w W Cognitwe Wa klhrough Let s Try It smu mm mus emu we address marmaan um u my mm mm vl mva why mm Mm u Inn Cogmtwe WaTklhrough Let s Try It SM 5 mm mus my Pm um u wh mm mm Cugnmve WaTthruugh Let s Try It sun 6 mm mm answerthe uuesuan Cugnmve WaTthruugh Let s Try It smw ThepHMeHshmkrn rlt 1 2262008 Cognitive Waikihrough Presenting the ndings Dnnumenlyuur iinmngs using a spreadsheet um m ivwkxdui mum Mum mum L an V u mum mum aniwolmemumms mmmmmm a m L i LL i m u mwmum m iiinm in mu m Wwa mm H Li m F MN m 3 iiunmi39mirq WNW h mm H a H7 m u M p p m w L i i ii i L L m mmmnumm whim W W 7 mm 1 Experiments n caniruiie EXDEHNEM ai wenmrm resiiits m need in Experiments An Overview know how in ma mm manivuimes ihr worid and mm ansms wnm Mn rns reveal miallnnsn is a memo pmceduve 7a cummiiem emvirimi est Mummy Analysis is cansmm asciencr nsuaiiy imin in the schnni ai Enmpuizi science mm mm in mm m HCi HEi produces an enavmaus wvmen mm m knwienae usuaiiy m we mm Experiments Goals n ma experiment Has xcizm and mm hypamm mzasm m asure m commence in we rESUi S staiisiicsi has empiric canimi m valiahln and candiiinns can in vepiicnie Yasizhlnhy n n izsuiiwiii he indnvnndnm mamas Denendeni variahies Exuarimemal ml in TM i Experiments Experimental Method 9 e 2 nnvuu wiii usem i251 yaw HyDD hesis u i am What an yau want in knew anam yam mum and WM an Van wen ihr Vanabirs you can manipuime iknnwn as rxperimrnui irraimenisi Vanahies you can measure we iveaimeni enemsi Experiments An Exampie A issearcii quesiiun Hnw am manualmm a c Mon arm mwmm 1 2262008 Experiments An Example Hypothesis Experiments An Example Hypothesis Elur hyDntnesis l5 abuut callialli i 7 what causes sumelmng else to occur EaIIiality7 0r Associnlimw Amuse C Manually dialinu a crll Phnnr Causes dnvmu errars Manualy malingxcell phone causes aiiaiig aiiais A in a hini i quotquot961 on Ethan B Maany dinml a Cell Plinne muses mm 5 di Win In ars than we aiaiiaa A has no mum on C Tllel are three 00ml people iii the as talking nDlslly seine drivel mil use Voice dialing ManuJly aizwiiiiaaceii Plinne iias l lD eltecl DH drlvl g rllDrS iiaaiiaaia Experiments An Example Variables Experiments An Example Variables independent Variables The mines yuu manlDulale in see new a participant s DEDen eananables Tlie things you measan land an net chan El hrliaviarclianues Snrrd nitric vehicle The ammth m a variable Timetakentnmmpletetliemk Tnelnvnlulai i i2 mmdems Plainnwul available manualy didW7 a calPhone Abs nee m xvxiiable any oriiei lai lllgl i efnud Asiiiiy to mp lhr vehiclr ll l asllal M iiiie mi inrii iaiiri Experiments An Example Design Experiments An Example Design sum yam PaltlElPaMS Betweewsubiects Educalian Demqgi arm iiiniiiiaiiai melences Gengm lilEL xlDVl MniePamClllantsneeded Skill levels iaiiia YlVlVlgi Skill levels iiiiiiii cell Manes wlm nrsumms Learning Chunt lbal nclngi Maturatan iialigiiz hareduml 1 2262008 Experiments Being Skeptical you wait WEMEMS train awestnei ssteiiitei taken attne sititude en tiie smeiirte 5 a snow a decrease in tn temperatiiir ai Earth s unnriatniespiieie over a 20mm perm nie conclusio Net eniy is tiie Eaitii s ntinasnnrie nettiainiinii tiie ta tnr Erre irmise ewecti it s actuxiiy cmirrig What39s wmllq wim tnis Wimllisinl Experiments Being Skeptical near a Zn39year penet stinaspiiene ra ira signiiicantiy inwered tne sateiiite s in hit r emeeiatiiir rmdinusi UVrHimei wrietaken at eieuiessiveiy imiei Mtiiis ieiiei eitiie atmaSWrEre temperature tecieases initn iawera itudes ring is en Exxinpie ai ninueii vzrlahles Experiments Being Skeptical you wait Aitriadwitising isian Eating Diseinrisudy an Empiisi resuits siiem a comparisnn mneen gender age aim eetiiig nieaiaei m senslu i s on Airrmst 95 m cpiieue am Warrile him an eatinii dis rder wrist39s wwlm wiui tnis wncluxinn Experiments Being Skeptical in eimeite accurateiy teteiniine wnei nss eating dimmers it is necessary tn study quotwere both iiitri and Witiieuttne diSDr rr Byxdvzitisirrg iisi eii eating nieaiaei etimy iysii rliii iikeiy get innit mine Witii eatirr niseiteis tirarr in tiie ieauisi PDDuiatiarr rriis is an rxAmpir ai seieetieii mas Experiments What Vuu Need TD Know Vail t39riii iniriy hr mnninu exPeiimeMs Vail t39riii iieiiiientiy be ientinn ahaut sxpenmrnts rne newsnanei MaGazinesirrtemet c i iiaurnas Be abiz tn be skwtmal Model Human Processor 1 2262008 Model Human Processor An Overview lender 1 annmxrmale human serrarrrarrrr no human DDDulalrun rlnnnrrng In individuals and locusan orr a law ser oi nroPlel arm you more meurrerree ror nesrorr owes you a very rarrorrar sorerrrrrro mearsro eererre dESlGn ideas Mx z up or 5 Jul lst mrr omen nyseremrrre experrrrrerrr Model Human Processor Basics wrrerr rcranr you knock on me lable Model Human Processor Basics clap Pause mm There are rrrree rnlerammu sunsysrems Peroemuzr irrearcravl z Cnnni vn rorucess ciao a Mom lknackl Em eunsyerem me a processor amp assacrxle memnrree Model Human Processor Basics mm W or numbers rrreroarrrrg resvorrse rrme We use rrrree rrmes ro encompass individual orrrererrces reermerr milllllzmxrr amp slurmmquot wrmen like me mrriolomarr laslmnn e xlowmin ror rxamvlr To we so 7 ran Model Human Processor Bubblehead Perceoruar Processor Moror rocessor ungmrrre processor or eacrr cDamlwe Dronessur Wale me cunlenls or rromrrrg mrmary rmlralr omrorrs linkrd lo mom rrr long arm memory rmse oarorrs rmrr moorry workmu memory Model Human Processor Explains Animation Model Human Processor Explams Anlmallon Byllasmm Wages dumle llle an seemle amw r ammallon 12262008 my pzrcepluol proclaim speed lslp z mu so 72am nssumm mmdleman ammallon lmme speed should be Bream man r lrame evEry mo ms orWIramn m an m make sure everyone seeslhe ammum ssumelaslman greaterlhan r am every in ms mo fumessec Model Human Processor Explains Animallon Ammmmnmoderlllmslallsavanwnenlrelllmlshrldlrl Euldarker scenes mm Mlelllel Vnnahle Percemual Processor me Punt I l The Percrvual Processor Cycle me 39n was mversrlywlln snmums lnlensl39y wm does rhls mu mum palm pllm wamhes cell phones mm m1 vrdnn yam Model Human Processor Targets Model Human Processor Targets Fm s law DE DE v The ma rpnsm marP lhe mu 1n large 5 z Swmrlr hes mswce n my ls mm by Tpus lulugzm s 3 wle ll warm m um ma non mi mu m ahnul mm mm H mmm Model Human Processor Pracn ce nanxu 32415 Model Human Processor Praclice uunro vxnz a 5 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knowledge and processing ability Goals Tasks Operators inputs Knowledge Behavior coal To increase company prorits Task Boo a no operators Mouse movements Clicklll i typing Inputs Acorn obox an on Knowledge A combo box is a tray to make a selection an OK outlon applies tne new selection Model Human Processor 1 Summary you Will probably not use lne NlHP egnalrons urnile you design you Will delinitelyuse tlre MHP principles wnileyou design vbn now have a scientilic way to prove design decisions to engineers marketing elc GO MS GOMS An Overview Goals Operators Mellluds o rSelectlorl Rules GOMS attempts to predict liliman penoi39mance on tasks invalvnig routine cognilivo skill assemoiy workers telephone operators uses an lormulas and principles to determine an approximate total task lime once you nave created a nil GOMS model cl a ask you can veiy easily determine now design decisions will impact time on task irreosr ltrrrlllmlmm ddllsl 16 1 2262008 GOMS What It Will Tell Us opemm sequence 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i rs l rzaE39 llnlv39milm Ilcsn snide it an What are these How were these made Why were these made Art Science and Design V s V erene raise awareness urLause understand is identily m know ur people to make lire better in to a s people In nueslien m solve ineereneal prenierns s lve practical problem n r 39 n r n aesthetics logic between the logical and line ethlve Highly personal e uires a rigorous sense Dl R It control and the ability to suspend Combines problem solving with message iiirsssr lnllna in i er suirn iu Art Science and Design ls rnolen in liismry and deeply lsrmted in nislnryi anrl deeply ls muted lrllllsl ry and deeply in uenced by what Lame belDle influenced by what came before in uenced by what Lame berme master master master suhieel m criticism sumeel in CrIIIClSln sublecl m DrillClSnl can be taught Can be taught can he taught Can be learned Can be learned Can be learned innser nr we in resn min in Art Science and Design iiiliir i rirr r39l39ril ill 4 can be taught can lie taught can be taught Can he learned Can he learned Can he learned Have you been taught all of these Why or why not lNFu iXSrrl39mrnlanalibellunSiliilir ii So What Is Design Design islne liberal art gr lecnnDngiCal culture Richard Buchanan quotDesign is notiustwhat it looks like and leels like Design is how itwnrks abs Design is a plan lul arranging elements in such a way as Deslio acDDmpllsh a nerlieuiar Dllrste Charles Eames To uesign ile communicate clearly Milluri Glaser quotDesign can be an Design can be aesthetics Design is sn simpler that s why it is so Dumplicated Paul Rand lliF AS3rr mm inn ennr arm i2 1 2262008 So What is Design Design is a Process discover synthesize define create refine refiect Design is a Process Design is a Process discover synthesize define create refine refiect discover synthesize define create refine refiect Primary research To make meaning out of data To observe in context the topic being studied m gather data directiy from experts To dtiiize ahddmve iooio in order to matte meaning out of data Etnnnnropny anthropaiagy cantextttai inquiry to move irani datum inruiniatian Di perhaps ta knawiedge Secondary research To create new knowled e To iearn onout atopic tnraogii atiitri To read about it watch a videoonout it Syntiwsrs is a Ematrips prunes in piincii 50mph new is mated secondhand vataa or GWEN 52 receive bout it Design is a Process Design is a Process discover synthesize define create refine i efiect discover synthesize define create refine i efiect ming The Development of Form asquot arrays is paint an is is in midi when is tr and pap my mats in in a a mm A period of redefinition occurs wiiere ie desidner refmrnes the orobiern tins anitact is not neoessariiy onySioai out has some tonnai manifestation in hunt ot the NW knm39iie e that iias heei i Piodticrd Iterative Prototyping nit piactss of Desi n requires an iterative approach to makina an mm at is deveiopedi Litttthe specitics ottrie artitact art not known ttiitii attti the ortitozt is deveiohed 1 2262008 Design is a Process discover synthesize define ceaie refine refieci Design is a Process discover sy hesize define ceaie refine refieci Attention to Detail M Fi an aniiacf has been devriDPed mid i Fi i n ii il aiim39ied if fa evaive info a Dnsiiive state i nus is wines in s isisi n csnpisnan mi iisnanan mini Better the Human Experience As the eiiiii iiainf 0i desi ii is in Ueiiri the human experience i is snicsi in miss an in mm in nas been assigned and fa understand now such in miiidm midni be improved iiiiuugn funnzr dzieiunmznf An OverSimplified View of Historical Approaches to Design Process asuiiaus and Craii Hum VD niismiimnarangim e Desi n Thinking and innmiinn Bauhaus and Craft iQiQriQSS in Eennany andiiien i537 7 present in in Us iiiii Prinixiiiy ziimniiioned hyiiiaiiei Empiqu and Mies van der Ruiie a ssnuni rm exvanded fa describe a ilxiiimiixl way m iiiinking mm designed sunsins i EmDiiasisdn omit and afi id inniemnis aesthetic A aimed gmi mine scnmi inns in inaiiiage sir min and iecnnaingr mm is cram Wlixi is ins relationship nemssn craiiand nmuess7 Design Methods Movement 1562 s Prrseni mi snipnnsizm piinianiy inuni i560 4950 EmPnasized niiniaiiiy by niiiisia iierAiexander e do was beiii Wisued inidudii Bauhaus Dra rhased approaches UaNuied irennindrs in asst m methods Whai is a nieilmw Hnw nu melndds iii info we iSCliSSinli nr Designpmcessa V V l H I ir HumanComputer Interaction A disDiPiinr inni nainm popiiimiiy in in rariy i ms eonisining cdmndier science mgiiiiive usyciiaiogy statistics and desi n mpii sis an usasiiitys W uniii aw Stemware was primaniy engineered and ii ie aiieniinn was given in ihe end i Eiiziiiipmned ily ioiks iike Sm Caid Tmii Maizni Aiien Nzweii Dmi Norman Jacob Nieisen xiid iism SiinDn wnai rnie migm Cngliiiive Psycnuindy niay in U inieriace nesinnv i m DEIIGN sxseA39iHH ow 1 2262008 sttory 0 Interactives Computers amp Computing msmncax Ovemew amp nmenne What 5 sum on m m M Ma The 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