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by: Ellis Hagenes PhD


Marketplace > University of Texas at Austin > Foreign Language > E 603A > COMP AND READING IN WORLD LIT
Ellis Hagenes PhD
GPA 3.78

Jerome Bump

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About this Document

Jerome Bump
Class Notes
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This 18 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ellis Hagenes PhD on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to E 603A at University of Texas at Austin taught by Jerome Bump in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 64 views. For similar materials see /class/181918/e-603a-university-of-texas-at-austin in Foreign Language at University of Texas at Austin.




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Date Created: 09/07/15
f M iEel UL 1 In Bz r a 75m m Marga Mm 502 h N 01 WQM 7 9939 plans 1 W 67 WW we m lt2 5WD W mu miss we Im f f 3 lm Eggs a gr39r zifz 35 if was 0 Wm 05 Q U in M M 2 179 hm pa w 59 Wm IA On 45 lbj B z lJ39Wfd 74 h mf ix as 3W useQaf Pm af rm Wm atequotm aS WA 0W 7 M 005th it quot5mm 701 INWe If 1 H i 3 CMMffngm Mm 5 mt 53211 M W 1 M Ti qf z 5 51 m4 WW OM isipgibQ WQU D k gig 4 M1439 Ni H 409 4 gm 7 m3 Mg and We Mb 3 gag Ear64 0 CMJ HM A 114 quotlb T IU L ykh v 355133 imam ad mltns 3 WW ng quotUUW M We 503 quot ggaf x z 39 u x if at Zquot53 hai gi um ii a 39u g 1quot amp VQW 4659mm EVWLU We Kim 3077 I 4W M amp AMP 7m 9 1 32m W W mks we w 55 m Mammy R Mm umdcf TC Va 23 a pecw Q be JWIW W 8662391 440 wean2m 05 9 FanF N0s T1 quot1 quotE fcg 7 a w r g7 W 5151 mam 5 9M 4515 4z 2figm 36 W 35951712 U ok Wue if 62143 ad 996 Wk f bf ali fir raaf AS gggg 4W 0147 71W 7276317097 GM HQ cam9W6 Mg 55 w my w mm m my mam Raw WW we m WM BM W 3mm gsquot3m WM mr 5W M 41gt ma fmf NS Ium39vwm Wife 615532 sz 4 W5 676 34952 fEzj AZ MS 5an Md EMMY6 0cm Mama m1 Q E l 55 3mm k3 Law if 7h 3 mm N m M mf Wodc ow btz w am Maiaem 1 mar Magi gmc WVWm JISWM M0 at lte CWWCW GEMWe T mu a kgmdi 014W WU jazf jim 9751 h ig f 1 15 m J mm m m mm 7573 5mm am an Road Map by Willie Tichenor The author does not make any claims as to the usefulness of this deeument as a map because he still has not found his way Harlingen 39 Like all good stories with a few exceptions Memento etc this one will staIt from the beginning I was born May 15th 1986 in a all town buIied deep in the Rio Grande y known as Harlingen TX My as a youngling included eating and e beach Willie and his brother Taylor enjoy a moment at the beach Taylor is most likely plotting Willie s demise with that red shovel Toddlerdom and Childhood I As Willie grew older his interests began to expand As you will see he never lost his enchant for eating however his interest in nature ture s beauty sometimes you have to 11d hike a few miles nd his maternal ther Gramps 19 a rousing game or clr ml i s on the family l Emmeone ought l at dominos Willie and Taylor in Jackson Hole VW with a view of the Teton Mountains in the background Adolescence quot Very few pictures have been found of this superlatively awkward time in Willie s life wever between the ages of 12 and 14 lie discovered that there is no rush like 6 performance a discovery that would life At 16 hejoins the band t and event that would change Jilie performs a song at the age 4 in front of a large group of Methodists in North awhile participating in a itrip ugly stage or ard stage were in this DISASTER 39 On May 14th 2003 one day before his 17th birthday Willie is diagnosed With a form f bone cancer called Osteosarcoma He is ed to move from Dallas to Houston for rnmer of 2003 to undergo extensive herapy at MD Anderson s best friends join Willie in The Busquot forthe trek to P this Busquot had never traveled over 50 e drlve took 8 hours and The Busquot overheated d times Willie soon set out to remedy the ailment rench into his plans forworld h CloverStreet 7 refuses to join VWIie at the top of tall i n39gs The Gap Year 39 After graduating High School in 2004 Willie moved into an apartment in the art istrict of Deep Ellum CloverStreet tinued its quest for fame and fortune 39 g clubs around Dallas Willie began ly anticipate his transition to college University of Texas VWIie and guitarist James Gardner at CloverStreet s last performance on June 3 2003 Over 250 people attended the show witnessing VWIie s tight jeans and the end of a beautiful chapter in his life College 39 Where did all this lead him Austin TX Where even in late October the ermometer still reaches the mid90 s rday nights playing shows have been ed football games The performance in Willie s life seems to have ended A and he is currently seeking a new What will VWIie s new number one passion be in college He s not sure Where is he going quot For as long as he can remember Willie has wanted to follow in his father s footsteps B ecause in Willie s mind his father Mac is baller That is to say he has everything a 39 39 could reasonably ask for a wonderful 39 magni cent children and the means 39 for them Plan 11 is the rst step lli c secs Plan 11 taking him 2 AndOr 1 J x


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