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by: Ellis Hagenes PhD


Ellis Hagenes PhD
GPA 3.78


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ellis Hagenes PhD on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to E 379N at University of Texas at Austin taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see /class/181919/e-379n-university-of-texas-at-austin in Foreign Language at University of Texas at Austin.




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Date Created: 09/07/15
Nrcole Jones 01 04 12 LR Fmal rmess by d obserye hxmherself from outsrde the standard way of experrehoe oh that note thrs Learmhg Record focuses on how my hfe rs seen from outsrde my body Although Nroole btnt t Dass msxsts that Me oar be expenenced on a newlevel ofmsxght Aboye you oar see Nroole m one of her rst weeks of the fall semester wrth her o1assmates Tn h du attenuveness wrth teaohers hoyels or readmgs that waste my ume My cunosmes important to be dispassionate and quiet Finding rationality in life is only one side of the picture Ram Dass notes Unjudging awareness not only frees us and others from the consequences of our reactivity We can stop and face what s right before us We can look at what is 74 Dass urges the reader to let go of the need for rational thoughts he sees thoughts as clouds in the sky that can be free owing and seen without restraint Nicole s insight as a writer reader and person can be improved in this way She often confines herself to the labels that Dass notes are limiting and defensive in nature 72 Throughout this semester she has worked on an individual basis and with her classmates to change the way she sees herself and the world in which she lives This class has helped her reevaluate her life and her environment through activities ranging from journaling to exploring Waller Creek As seen below Waller Creek brought the playful curious side of Nicole back out into the world which has often been removed from her school personality since late childhood Feeling free to get her feet wet and walk around the creek helped Nicole to discover a new sense of peace and enjoyment in natural surroundings Dass might say that Nicole was more free in her environment to detach herself from labels and the tensions that remove her from her sense of place Dass s mnstpmylantadvmefuerulz mthls areanfselmwareness energas fmm his meuphm nmnugncs bang leaves uwmg dawn a sueam We aren t uur unnugncs anyrmmthanwe are the leaves We ranmmmnqulztquoth2 says and ehnnse which mnugnt we wish m 3mm m And we ran mmam aware behmd all Lhasa Lhaughcs m astam that u ers an enumlynzw level ufupennzss and msxgu quot 76 Alluwmg nnesemn ubserve mnugncs wahnut amehment m anypamcular fear ur uutmmz Creams a newsense nmunnamy The eednmm Lhmkabuut mnugnt wahnut hnldmg unm pameular Ideas alsu alluws fur a haxghmmd 221mg ufpeam and mspunsxvemss Ths class has fumed Nxcule m speakwnen unpxaparedmaz1 when mi and mmram when nemus ersemennsemus Nimitz ends m be shym fmnt n large yuups but has been mrkmg m speakup and mm the penple whn are talking m hex instead nnnnhing down at her feet Below you will nd a nhntngsanh ominnle giving a nsesentatinn to hex elassnaates nves a naysteiinus painting she is hying tn naaintain hex nnnsage while also keeping the intesest ofhex elassnaates Finding unity hetween personal experiences and new ideas is a nnnsistent ehauenge ofsmdent lite It is inannitant if not essentia1tn selate inddenu ohhe past ofsuch experiences often sesusge in Nicole s waiting and in her views nihesseu At oimen ns from a nonstant hatue with pentem nnisna It is dimith to shake these ideals even in sealizing that Lhayo en do not get anyone anywhese This senaestes has heen sspsnauymmsmmtmmmulsmsd m avmd mngthssams mistakes uveranduver 333m but sumsumss 321s haxsalfshdmg backwards muss ms Pmyess is an ungmng pmssss but fur perfecunnlsts ran present a mwshausngs uffeahng 11kg nuthmg has bean gamEd mm 15 always ammsrbacus m be mun pnzs m be 1mm mumtu clean ms has a wayufplaymg Mtheveryum but Dass vmuld mud ms m be aware u mg andm est 1255 mumldatad bymsmm Amrallchule xspanuftha wurh lmwhchshz hws Th2 picture shave Shaw Nimitz mumg a shnmnsd versmn ufhzr ME smry shs 5 am 333m laughmg at hmelfbecause shs is um embarrassed m be mfmnt u psupls m ms classmum Nsmusnsss 15 a dif cult dermn my Nxcule m shaks but Lhs semester has hslpsd hsr maks mg smdes agamst hsr um unnanessaryanmety Nimitz adnallygaye up taldng hex an ranxietypills eaxlyin lhe all and has heen trying to naaloe oaogsess at honae wosh and in onhlie wilhom he use ofmadicatim since then Ram Dass ulq his xeadex to stand outdde hishessel and ohseaye In lhe past Nioole believed that seenaed almost inaoossihle fox her to do his heeause ofhex heoid essaciechongac oaneans Nioole often smggles in maditations to keep her eyes shut and her naind hona mndeaing she cannot sit soll mentally Unl39mtunately lhese ase no photogxaph on le of Mwle doing yoga os dining chuseh to osoye that she is wutantlyteme and dgety V e e 54 shown ahoye Nioole eels mm peaceful when she is allowed to write in a quiet solitalyenvimnment she enioys heing alone in silence ofwidl hex nausie lining in her own wosld in sense Mwle s favoxize pans of lhe semester wese holieldng in Walles Cseeh and wailing alongside lhe Biologyoonds hllhosgh Nioole oandeulasly dislikes lhe heat she enjoys heing ouuide on a sunny daywizh hex elassnaaces Being neas lhe watex and heandtid gseenesy also helps Nioole to feel wmenad to hex enyisonnaenc and to nd a new sense o nspira on fox doing what she enjoys naosc wnung This euurse has helped Nxcule tn feel nnre at hnne un rampus and m the mmpanyuther classmates whue alsu ennehrng her sense utthe mrld A5 fur suggesunns fur the murse Nxcule 15 must ehauenged hythe strurture er the elass ms xmpussxble mrherm feel stable mthe sunufenwmnrmntwhnh Lhs elass creates Ifmsecuntyxs the keyfur qureklearmng then Lhs elass has the furmula Nrmle umen feels unsure ufherself su havmg 1mg fuundauun urstrueture m the elassmurn turues her m nd suppun m ether areas The syllabus has cunfused her many unes and leaves herm gure thrngs um manhmnufhasnanuns A5 anuutsmem have m sayxt rs pmnycunfusmg m the mmrmrs The best waym rrnpruve this mthnut rennung the eurnplex wurkluad utthe euurse vmuld be m unlyhave an unhne synahrs whrehu subjectm change hythe teasherurelass mseussmn The elass and Nrmle have enjoyed the mixture and freedom of ideas which are integrated in the course but some individuals found themselves feeling somewhat frustrated and uneasy at times During the course evaluations the classmates agreed that the course itself seems daunting at first but with the charm and atmosphere presented by the professor it becomes challenging and enjoyable On an individual basis Nicole is not used to the structure of this course but it helps her to learn to be less focused on the end of the semester She has been forced to think about each day as it relates to the next rather than looking toward some scary exam or ultimate paper Going back to first person I had to estimate my grade today I would probably have a midlevel B As I noted in the final goals update I will be meeting with Cameron or going to the park alone this week and I will hopefully make up the gaps in my grades for the Japanese gardens Given those future points and the prospective portfolio I hope that I will at least be making a B by the end of the semester I will say that I wish there had been a little more focus on modern interpretations of nature as I felt I really enjoyed Gary Snyder s writings but they were sort of crammed into the last journal Perhaps this is my own recurring interest of Kerouac s Frenchness and his masculine Beat friends but I checked out three Snyder books and a few other related titles today just to keep going with the nature writings theme I really enjoyed following you and the class around campus to see plants buildings and signs of life and I think pretty much everyone in class did too I don t know if nature is you main focus for the freshmen but I particularly liked that theme throughout the semester and I hope that you continue to teach awareness to other blind busy stressed out college seniors like myself Thanks for a great semester from Geoffrey and I


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