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by: Ellis Hagenes PhD


Marketplace > University of Texas at Austin > Foreign Language > E 603A > COMP AND READING IN WORLD LIT
Ellis Hagenes PhD
GPA 3.78


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ellis Hagenes PhD on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to E 603A at University of Texas at Austin taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/181920/e-603a-university-of-texas-at-austin in Foreign Language at University of Texas at Austin.




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Date Created: 09/07/15
Farrah Fawoett ngbol of the seventies My new apartment has free cable which translates into twice as many channels to surf through when sleep eludes me Last Thursday I was slouched on the futon in my dark living room prodding the remote control at regular intervals as static and evangelists ipped by It was the usual three am repertoire a black and white movie some animated assault on the senses infomercial after infomercial after infomercial Then the familiar fugitive color of an old TV program filled the screen three women with overblown hair and aggressively white teeth standing around in a 70 s apartment It was that Charlie s Angels show I pushed the channel button I pushed the button again wondering why nothing had happened The third time I paused a moment looking at the screen Those old series had always irritated me The awkward dated cadence of the dialogue the sagas that had nothing to do with the world Ilive in and the infuriating 5397quot V39l 7 139 393 I A quotHf quotquot i5 llhmquot H Pervasive pallor that haze of primitive broadcast technology that muted the hues of skirts and jackets and chair cushions in its signature way It made my mouth dry up Hey now that s mean said the blond member of the trio tossing her hair and leaning an arm on the broad 70 s desk We never said anything bad about your decade Besides she continued in dulcet television tones You and I aren t so different as all that I went to UT you know Now this was interesting I leaned foreword elbows on my knees to take a closer look at the woman who had spoken Tall and very slender with a hint of boyish nonchalance she was wearing the kind of 70 s pants that prove you have no butt and a blouse with a scarf that tied up at the collar Her hair was like a sculpture by Umberto Boccioni Ha see She said brightly interrupting my thoughts again You re thinking like an artist I was an art major too believe it or not At UT This time I was better prepared I gave the desired acknowledgement and with sincerity No kidding It was in the late Sixties she said I 39l39nth39rm Bum mm r quotnigrm39 Plums of It ummrrrtu39 m Spurt helpfully I was voted one of the ten most beautiful undergraduates in sixtysix Not bad at a school of fifty thousand 1 She turned and threw a playful sultry glance over her shoulder I was beginning to guess who this person was You really don t watch much television do you she said I m Farrah Fawcett So this was UT s legendary alumnus I m Genevra Garrett I replied Nice to meet you So are the introductions over she said Can we talk now The TV star relaxed dropped her pose and just like that the character was gone and a real person 1 Burstien Patricia Farrah An Unautha zedBiagraphy afFarrah Fawcett Majars New York New American Library 1977 smadmhzxphce I39ve heehhyhg tn getbackhzxe rshss hhgw she sehi gmhg emhhmhe 52 Oh hm hmrsnhe Shaw Aehhg hs Jhshumhi It39smhznhmgsl hhss quot ms hmg h Mlcul m heepehg hp xhhhhhhehsrseesms FamhFawce luangsz rmhhhpshshea sllgh ymxytzlwlsmntyp tn h wshhsh whsse heuesseshash use me reeh hhe hehhg shsheh xhsmn ham she wusbemmful Nathkz she celzbnozswnh Lhzxxlnaks mastznnmdzdby pmfessmmls hha apphed rmhh u antsldz Thehe ms sshhehehg shgshw shsmpsmh mm seemed tn shehe hmhgh heh 5km The handful afwuxds she had spusz nmmmd hhe Mennls hsuhemhg u svlzetcentzxafa Hum1 IMM mkzt 1 heeam geesrewehhgs shmghm sham myhehewsshhhe dark shequot psmhshe whansMquot she eheheashhe edge snhe aeshshdsmhg hehhegs ems tn he he fmmbehmdthz essypmeeeme ban snhe mm Well shehh yu shh hmge mesh hhe my th he whashhg mm s x ghess what We tn kmwquot OhV39 she smlzdshzeplshlym hzxknzes Well yes 1 am alwe technwa y dzcadz The ulgusl39 x Mthzycallzdn The 5pm gr Bnymmmu Rank 9 Hummule arm mm m Memes w m New AmmmY rXY 1w 12mm 4 have row the times3 That s just what it is My spirit has always lived here I guess you could say So I thought why not come back why not really do it I didn t know if I could make it happen but I had to try And I wanted to talk to someone my age Because she added in her musical voice leaning her head to one side I really miss UT I was taken aback Sure Iwas fond of my school It occupied a special blurry place in my heart somewhere between home away from home and lowlevel torture chamber In my four years I had made some great friends learned some neat things and had some good times Of course I valued my semesters at the largest University this side of the Pecos But it would never have occurred to me that UT could be an experience worthy of electronic timetravel On the other hand Farrah had been so popular In all likelihood hers was one of those lightweight brushes with university life party after party an endless stream of boys the madeforTV college experience sugarcoated with stardom Most people s nostalgia for their college years was actually thinly veiled longing for their bygone social lives and rmer perkier bodies wasn t it The rest of us just moved on to the next phase of life But narcissism doesn t drive you back into a thirtyyearold television show and Farrah was about to show me the other half of the picture Her pretty face fell a little I didn t have four years like you she said Hollywood called on the phone in sixtyseven and I moved to California and started doing 3 FarrahFawcett All of Me Dir Mark S Manos Perf FarrahFawcett Playboy Video 1997 cammzxculs quot Yan39xe ppm am a m ssmsumssx m a date faxbnak sL a dam fax lunch sps fax dmmx and sps m m evenmg my a asy And shsppsa wnh my fnzndsamhz weekznds We were waxwhznl ms gmwmg up yml kmw m my parents mxhzldmylhngbackame myDuddyslmzdmahng mm mspsy 1 had 1m af m m schnal 395 m Peaple knzw mymmz a aver campus am I My m er Iwmddbe happywhzn ammw have mnmyandl canbnyanthmgI want and 395 mm m m mm was me quot Gemmquot sh sud Th2 smmd afmymmz mug m myeaxs wnh a shack ms famLhar synspIss cammg mm TV Land star zd samzthmg senmls awukz m mymmd 1 vmuld ma evexyamagnph sigmng fax sps pussn m smp ms an mywuytn m m mm and ask s canymyskzmhpud fax ms agam quot A fnssan afxecagnman wzm mmugh me Hawmmynmzs hm hm acmss ssmpus fallnwmg um mm aver UT s gravel aggngam mlkmys7 Hawwel knzw um psm wnh mysmakzxs ax myssmss ax mymp nps m fmll ax pxe ywzathzx 51mmquot an m sum cmdd remember m mybanzs ms bum af mysmps dawnthz slurs Hulk 55 51d a hz mwenlm pm a psmvssomn fadzd ask trees cm aid am mms mwspnm pd asmmyhssvy ma mm s wk nndzx an mu spams mu m wnpbathanns Amund slump mmst mm mm a ammuqu rmrawalwm MM NewAmmle hxxy 1w mm Imlrlv int 11 pm my 4 39qu m m uncooperative body opping in four directions at once the sheaf of fragile leaves rattling in the wind and trying to jerk free from the cheap binding I was stunned Did Farrah Fawcett really understand all that I stared at her backlit form with wary excitement suddenly very interested in what she would say next You know she continued earnestly almost in a whisper I never met anybody else in my life like professor Umlauf There isn t a day that goes by that I don t continue to feel his in uence 7 I frowned groping through my memory An image materialized a sculpture of two small bronze people bent in a kiss hidden in a bank of growing ferns Then a falling Icarus and a war torn mother and a hippopotamus by a reedy Texas pond filled my mind and the name Umlauf connected to the sculpture garden west of Lamar and to several large and emotionally straightforward statues on the UT campus Charles Umlauf Professor Umlauf He must have taught at UT Farrah must have been his student Reading my thoughts again she nodded I worked so hard she said Some people make you feel capable of so much more than you ever dreamed It was amazing what he did with his sculptures He could capture what was important in a person I did not love the work of Umlauf but I understood Farrah s faith The heroes of my art school career filed before my eyes half a dozen giant personalities to whom I had signed over all my trust and skill from whom I learned life s lessons as I got better at making pictures Some of them had ground my sensibilities into the pavement But that was their sacred duty In the harrowing war of selfimprovement those professors had been my drill sergeants and my generals and their names were carved on the memorials 78 9 Farrah Fawcett All of Me Dir Mark S Manos Perf Farrah Fawcett Playboy Video 1997 direct quotes of my mind I remembered the strength that came from every epiphany and every year of instruction and I began to understand what Farrah was saying 78 I never had a desire to be an actress she murmured meeting my eyes It s so 9 I watched the far away from my basic nature Sometimes I think it s a bad dream bright image of the woman as she leaned foreword bracing her arms on the edge of the desk I had to make a living and I wanted to push myself I wanted to see what I could do out there I guess I let competition get the best of me Acting is my livelihood but the strange thing is that I feel much more confident about my art It s mine You don t have to turn it over to somebody else 10 In acting you do your part then they edit and edit and edit You do your performance but it s always someone else s idea of right there s always a director standing over your shoulder But your art can be whatever you want It s your vision And I guess I miss that freedom I miss those years when I held the reins and there were so many people helping me I miss people supporting who I was instead of paying me to be different As her words ooded over me their truth woke up parts of my being that had been asleep for years It was like stumbling into a room full of old friends suddenly I was filled with feelings that had been my own a long time before I remembered that pride the secret passion and singleness of mind that governed me when I was living what I loved I remembered the dedication and tenacity that had brought professors and advisors to my side and made the execution of my goals feel so effortless Farrah was right I was lucky to be here in this supportive place to be a part of this college I 10 Farrah Fawcett All of Me Dir Mark S Manos Perf Farrah Fawcett Playboy Video 1997 direct quote looked up at the textured walls of my apartment feeling the space that enclosed me Through the window blinds beyond the little box that was my living room I could see warm porch lights shining on other side of my apartment complex a closed three story rectangle of homes facing inward forming silent balustrades around a leafy oak tree and a pool glowing goldblue in the night I followed my thoughts outside the dark shingle skin of the building and south along a short stretch of Red River a sloping segment that connected my life to the eastmost edge of campus like the stem between a fruit and a tree Had Farrah Fawcett really gone to school for two years on that turf not three blocks away in those limestone structures resting quietly on the dark cool grass I remembered our introduction how Farrah had gazed at the TV set around her the 70 s apartment Had she been measuring her proximity to UT the same way I was now in two thousand ve I looked back at the illuminated screen at Farrah s long tan arms and sweeping hair I pictured her in the art building in one of the sunny first oor workshops stooped over a lifesized lump of clay sleeves rolled up hands white with slip totally absorbed in the creation of something all her own We were all doing that at school We were pushing and sculpting and working on our lives And in the end it wasn t critics or teachers we had to answer to but our own inner voices At the end of the day at the end of the four years at the end of the decade we should be able to look back proud and content confident that we had done what we came to do that we had controlled our experience the way an artist controls what happens in the studio not with an iron fist or an immutable plan but with an active open heart She was right UT was well worth coming back to What a wonderful considerate thing she had done coming back all this way and sharing her life with me like some Dickensian spirit of the University of Texas past As a jaded fth year senior suddenly given the gift of fresh sight I felt like a repentant Scrooge Is there anything I can do for you I asked Anybody you want me to visit or talk to No she said I really just wanted to talk to you You know you have a knack for making people feel important I said That s what they tell me she tossed back with an honest laugh It s nearly time for me to get going my show s almost over A pang of sadness struck me I picked up the remote and looked at the LED clock on the TV It read three am Apparently time had stopped while Farrah and I had been talking which wasn t so odd all things considered Outside the few visible stars glittered in the sky and a pale purple glow beyond the edge of the roof marked the radiance of the nearby stadium I loved my college and I loved my life I wasn t ready to let go of this incredible connected feeling I wasn t ready for my new friend to vanish forever back into her modern existence I turned back to the screen to plead my case Can t you stay a while I stopped short There was no Farrah Fawcett regarding me kindly from behind the glass Instead the mute button blinked its indicator in the top left corner as a blond and two brunette police detectives gestured at one another around the beige sofa in a seventies apartment I rubbed my eyes What was going on I blinked slowly and deliberately looking around Was it morning Through the mini blinds the sky was pale with light and a breeze was shuf ing the leaves of the oak tree I must have been asleep But what a vivid dream I drew a deep breath and got to my feet I bent to gather up the blanket I had been curled in when something dropped from one of the folds onto the oor At first my bleary eyes thought it was a pencil but picking it up I recognized the smooth powdercovered surface the contours and the smell of earth that clung to the object It was a clayshaping tool The rest of that day I was in a beautiful mood The warm sun seemed to make the air shimmer and the sky was like a blue jewel Walking to class listening to lectures and traipsing between buildings I felt better rested than I had in months It was as though a new strength owed through me smoothing out minor difficulties and making my daily routine simpler and more enjoyable than it had been in a long time Of course I knew what the difference was I had been touched by an angel whether in a dream or though some kind of technological voodoo and the memory of Farrah s kindness and sincerity was like a breath of air buoying up my spirits But underneath my happiness there was a new chord humming It was a deep and wonderful conViction that my years at UT had been rich and productive that this was a place of incredible beauty and meaning and that my time here had prepared me well to tackle the life I was liVing New Word Count 2848 Additionalaltered words approx 524 Words deleted from original approx 197 List of Illustrations That Charlie 3 Angle s Show http users lstnet chewieVideohtml Umberto Boccioni Unique Forms ofContinuity in Space http smevtedm 39la J l 111 20ar333 webpagesu 20boccioni20unique20forms sidehtm Farrah Talks htt2www interg or iQroclddreamerCharlie 39s20Angels20E2isode1 5 281392g Farrah s Classic Poster httpwwu classic broads farrah rm Petr hrmi Farrah and her Friends at UT Burstein Patricia Farrah an unauthorized biography of Farrah Fawcett Majors New York New American Library 1977 p159 Farrah models for a UT life drawing class Burstein Patricia Farrah an unauthorized biography of Farrah Fawcett Majors New York New American Library 1977 p159 What am I trying to say Reality Illusion Being able to access other realities 7 illusion In darkness I heard voices of the past How strange They cannot exist there Those voices are mute dead and gone And yet I hear them They murmur through sunlit hallways measured out by the beat of shoesoles on stone rising in intonation and nestling in the crevices of Plateresque relief still sharp with newness and sunlight But that cannot be reality Those hallways are worn with age and far away And yet I saw them clear as day Where are the hallways In my mind and in my mind alone Where are these voices I let the thought lie glance away and pick up my guitar I pick up my guitar and begin to play My ngers warm up my mind relaxes and I sink into the sound Soon I am not just practicing but playing Am E Dm a note rings through my head and I lmble across the frets to nd it ahhhh F that s it Am E Dm F the notes unwind in my mind my ngers follow where they go and suddenly a song has been composed 7 a story told I pause and my gaze drifts out the window a song born into reality 7 but when Was it real in the moment that I heard it in my head or only once I found the strings and strummed them And if while in my mind it was not real how is it that I heard it One thing is certain without the tune that reverberated in my mind the song I strummed would not have come to be Reality begins in the imagination Did Columbus know this Is that why he sailed so far a eld But more than that knowledge he had the ambitionaimdevotionand balls to a goal to act on it Devotion to an aim Go after something Stop wasting time staring at a blank screen tabula rasa If you don t have all that you dream go after it 7 the line between illusion and reality is thin Create you own reality participate in that reality and who knows what mountains you can move Make something of yourself Do what you will despite what others say You don t have to know exactly what you are doing 7 that is why you are doing it Fortune favors the bold 7 find that which you seek Find strength in something Reality begins in the imagination and perhaps it ends there too It is where Zacuto Nebrija Cortez and Columbus have ultimately come to live And they live there not because of their deeds Those lie dormant in history books They live in my imagination because of their personalities But it is the inbetween the strumming sailing and knowing the lifepropelling devotion that shapes the world that makes the difference We must rst think things up and then test them to be true test them for validity And this process the process of aquiring knowledge and going after the goal is much more important than the attainment of that goal We create our own realities I hear the voices in my mind 7 tow the line between insanity and genius But nonetheless real The world is in constant ux 7 empires changing Devotion to an aim Go after som ething Stop wasting time staring at a blank screen tabula rasa If you don t have all that you dream go after it 7 the line between illusion and reality is thin Create you own reality participate in that reality and who knows what mountains you can move Make something of yourself Do what you will despite what others say You don t have to know exactly what you are doing 7 that is why you are doing it Fortune favors the bold 7 find that which you seek Find strength in something hold dear quotAs far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality they are not certain as far as they are certain they do not refer to reality quotReality is merely an illusion albeit a very persistent on Its many uses include nding and predicting the positions of the stars and the w determining local time given local longitude and viceversa and surveying and triangulation An astrolabe consists of a hollow disk called the mater which is deep enough to hold one or more flat plates called tympans or climates A tympan is made for a speci c latitude and is engraved with a stereographic pro39ection of lines of equal azimuth and altitude representing the portion of the celestial sphere which is above the local horizon The rim of the mater is typically graduated into hours of time or degrees of arc or both Above the mater and tympan the rete a framework bearing a projection of the ecliptic and several pointers indicating the positions of stars is free to rotate Some astrolabes have a narrow rule which rotates over the rete and may be marked with a scale of declinations As the rete is rotated the stars and the ecliptic move over the projection of the 1 coordinates on the tympan A complete rotation represents the passage of one day The astroabe is therefore a predecessor of the modern planisphere On the back of the mater there will often be engraved a number of scales which are useful in the astroabe39s various applications these will vary from designer to designer but might include curves for time conversions a calendar for converting the day of the month to the sun39s position on the ecliptic trigonometric scales and a graduation of 360 degrees around the back edge Another ruler called the alidade is attached to the back face When the astroabe is held vertically the alidade can be rotated and a star sighted along its length so that the star39s altitude in degrees can be read quottakenquot from the graduated edge of the astroabe hence quotastroquot star quotlabequot to take


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