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Chapter 2.

by: Amy Notetaker

Chapter 2. history 2010-018

Amy Notetaker
GPA 3.1
Survery 1 of U.S History

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About this Document

This is mainly about England trying to colonized the new world.
Survery 1 of U.S History
Class Notes
#history #England
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amy Notetaker on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to history 2010-018 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Cooper in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Survery 1 of U.S History in History at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 09/07/15
Chapter 2 The reason why it took the english so long to try and colonize the new world is because of the English reformation Ireland was trying to colonize themselves English were fighting with them Henry 8th married Catherine of Aragon he said that she could not give him a son so she wanted a divorce Spain would not allow it The pope would not allow the divorce to be finalized because Spain was giving the church money Henry created the Anglican Church in 1534 and become the head of that church He gave himself a divorce from Catherine Spain declared war on England Spain wanted to reintroduce the rightful religion back to England Spain sent the Spanish Armada in 1588 England won because a storm came and blew the spanish ships into rocks England finally had enough money to colonize the New World 1st settlement was Roanoke in 1587 Sir Walter Raleigh an adventurer and explorer He went to the queen and asked for the funds for the settlement Roanoke was an island When the ship dropped off the settlers it sailed back to England and during this time the Spanish was trying to fight with England So it took a long time for a ship to come back with supplies When the ship returned to Roanoke there was nobody on the island and no sign ofanyone Roanoke is known as the lost colony When the colony failed no one wanted to put the money in to try again Elizabeth 1 dies and James 1 didn t want to fund another settlement People who wanted to try again to colonize the new world formed a joint stock company they encouraged people to invest in the settlement by telling them that they would return with goods for them 0 Jamestown 1607 c was named after the king 0 they built it up river away from the coast to protect them from being attacked They thought they would find wealth Instead they found bad conditions James River was salty it gave the settlers salt poison A lot of diseases dysentery Jamestown was found during the Little Ice Age When winter came the settlers turned to cannibalism John Smith made an alliance with Powhatan Jamestown was held together by their alliance with the Indians The Powhatan wanted to trade with the people of Jamestown so this is why they tolerated them Trade alcohol metals guns and textiles Europeans were not a threat to the Powhatan lndians John Smith forced the settlers to work if they did not work they did not eat He wrote one of the first primary accounts of living in the new world He compared the new world to places in Europe He called the Indians savages because of how they dressed and lived By 1624 there was only 1200 people living in Jamestown ltwas not thriving New Amsterdam 0 founded in 1610s by the Dutch 0 They had set up a trading post near the Hudson River 0 They were very interested in the beaver pelts the Indians had because of the cold weather in Northern Europe The Dutch open New Amsterdam doors to everyone It was very diverse o The Dutch stayed their until 1660s until they lost it to the British It was renamed New York Pilgrims 0 they were people who were escaping religious persecution England was Protestant and Pilgrims were also Protestant Church of England was still too Catholic and nothing has changed they thought they were just going to break away from the church They had to pay taxes to the church they left to go to the Netherlands Amsterdam was very sinful They wanted religious control They decided to sail to the new world they wanted to sail to where New Amsterdam was located they didn t know that New Amsterdam was actually there though but instead they landed at Plymouth because of a storm Squanto helped the pilgrims He knew English because he had been to England before The first Thanksgiving was held in St Augustine by the Spanish Jamestown even had a Thanksgiving The feast that was held at Plymouth was for the alliance The pilgrims kept to themselves Puritans The Puritans had more to do with the shaping of Massachusetts than the Pilgrims The Puritans arrived in Boston in 1630 They wanted to purify the church of England Reform the Church They were also Protestants wanted to create the perfect religious town Listen to the preachings of John Calvin Calvin said God was angry and vengeful The Puritans sold all their belongings to get money for their trip John Winthrop was their leader A model of Christian Charity Winthrop reminded the Puritans the reason why they were here with this speech Half of their rules came from the Bible holy walk the puritans spied on each other They used Education to get their rules across They taught children how to be good christians


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