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SOC Theory Notes 8/31-9/4

by: Meagan Brant

SOC Theory Notes 8/31-9/4 402

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Meagan Brant
GPA 3.656
Sociological Theory

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About this Document

This week, we discussed Niccoló Machiavelli and Marx and Engels. In these notes are a combination of notes from the reading, class discussion notes, diagrams and activities, and video notes. Enjoy!
Sociological Theory
Class Notes
Sociology Theory; Niccoló Machiavelli; Machiavelli; Marx and Engels; Marx; Engels; The Dialectic; Marxism; The Communist Manifesto; The German Ideology; Fortuna; Virtú; bourgeoisie; proletariat
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Meagan Brant on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 402 at Ball State University taught by Hennessee in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Sociological Theory in Sociology at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 09/07/15
SOC 402 NOTES FOR WEEK OF AUGUST sttSEPTEMBER 4th Book Notes Niccolo Machiavelli pages 613 amp 27 m Machiavelli was born in Florence the heart of Tuscany in central France Here he developed his ideals about economic social structures and how Florence s at least in his job of secretary and second chancellor was not that great He was a very witty man always using sarcasm creativity and imagination in his works He was denoted as a strong violent leaning man that always had a stern face In addition he did not treat women with respect The Prince The Prince was written for either the common folk or royalty as a how to guide on leadership and how to hold onto such power in leadership roles This work came about in the Renaissance period a time where books typically contained wholesome religious ideals Therefore a work such as this so open to the public in depth amp revealing was ahead of its time and quite radical This book was laid out in what we call a case study method In this method real life examples are laid out and then interpreted by the writer The Prince was the innovation of this writing method Key terms Fortuna structure The place and time in which someone is fated to carry out a specific task Virtu agency The power within that allow the task to be completed The virtu is internal and the fortuna is external Therefore the virtu happens within the context of the fortuna Marx and Engels pages 3358 About Key Marx Engels both Poor living to I Went to college Close to father He also didn t ap Organized a wc and Irish immigral Died after a tra Denied to be th Tended to delvr The Communist Manifesto This work is a combination of Marx and Engels talking of the stark divide between economic classes the bourgeoisie amp the proletariat In general the idea is that the bourgeoisie is controlling all economic aspects of society and therefore have the most power The proletariat are naive at first to their being oppressed but once they realize it they will slowly start to form together to overthrow the bourgeoisie There was an underlying fear of industrialism from Marx and Engels because it was a shift in structure They believed that factory type jobs strip humans of humanity when humans cannot see the end product of their work and use creativity to do so they will be unhappy Example Kendra worked in a factory that makes shoes on a factory line Her portion of the job is to assemble the laces of the shoes All day she is doing a monotonous job that she does not get to see an end to The German ldeologv This work spends time on explaining that time period historical happenings and era all continuously develop and shape how information comes about Class Notes August 31st review of Machiavelli Machiavelli wrote The Prince in a way that society understood This way the common folk knew exactly what those in power were doing and how they were doing it When you were in a position of power you got there because your fortuna and virtu worked out in your favor Machiavelli explained that a leader must be like both a fox and a lion A fox is cunning and sly and knows how to get out of a trap interpreted in leadership as they know how to navigate sticky situations with grace A lion will attack when necessary interpreted in leadership as they know when to be humble and when enough is enough They know how to stand their ground and fight for what they believe in The question arose in his work if it was more important to be loved or feared The answer to him was feared One must enstil a certain level of fear in his followers if he will truly be an effective leader Examples of a good machiavellian leader Fidel Castro Hitler September 2nd beginning discussion of Marx and Engels We discussed in class how Marx and Engels had an extremely before their time type of understanding of social change and how it worked They both strived to start political movements because they knew the outcome would be social change Free Marx from Marxism This phrase was discussed during class Marxism is a spin off of communism in the sense that equality across all social realms will make for a happier community of people However the term Marxism and Russian Marxism often get confused and therefore has a bad connotation Russian Marxism created a huge divide between the haves and the have hots as the Marxist ideal was interpreted as the haves get to have the most stuff and then the have hots get to share all of the other stuff that is left Marx s intent was for everyone to divide equally The Dialectic The dialectic basically is a model that explains social change It does not occur in a vacuum nor is it a linear process It is on going ever changing and imbedded and intertwined in all aspects of society In this model there are no nievidabilities one never knows when structures will shift or when actors will act Video YouTube What is Marxism This video on Youtube had a really fun video game layout Make sure to look it up and watch it again if my summary does not make sense The video basically explains the idea that capitalism leads to alienation from the product If I make a commodity just for money you have a different relationship with your commodity than you did before when you got to see the finished product People are no longer producing for personal need but for others needs Therefore the personableness of the commodity is lost Video YouTube Mini Bio of Marx Born in 1818 died in 1883 Father converted Protestant to Jewish Advocated a classless society His work The Communist Manifesto was controversial because it was open to the public and didn t sit well with royalty probably because they weren t too happy that all their secrets were revealed September 4th The Dialectic Activity When I get the activity sheet back I will scan it into my notes Be on the look out for that The activity gave us a blank model to fill in the process of a certain social aspect of society My partner and I chose marriage More to come


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