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Business Information Systems

by: June Dickinson

Business Information Systems ISM 50

June Dickinson
GPA 3.7

John Musacchio

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About this Document

John Musacchio
Class Notes
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This 28 page Class Notes was uploaded by June Dickinson on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ISM 50 at University of California - Santa Cruz taught by John Musacchio in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 73 views. For similar materials see /class/182167/ism-50-university-of-california-santa-cruz in Information Systems Management at University of California - Santa Cruz.


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Date Created: 09/07/15
ISM 50 Business Informa rion Sys rems Lec rur39e 3 Cour39se Ins rr39uc ror39 John Musacchio Oc rober39 2 2008 OuTline For Today Class Announcemen rs Studen r Presen ra rions Sys rems Concep rs O39Brien Chl I Ch 2 O39Brien Class announcemenTs I Due locay u Assignmen r 1 Resume and Cover39 Ie r rer39 For39 Nex r Time Read a ChapTer 2 SecTion II of O39Brien STUDENT PRESENTATIONS l DaTa Processing Era Big companies in rroduce primi rive compu rers originally deved v i r Archi rec rure Mainframe wi rh Time shared Terminals No one ever go r fired for buying IBMquot Micr39o Er39a quotJ I quot ltlllvlll lllll I Killer applica rionsquot like spreadshee rs make end users buy Them machines Da ra processing Managers Upse r The NeTwork Era 1995 AfTer chaos of Micro Era organiza rions converged on Clien r Server neTworked archi rec rures a Clien r PC allowed user To have direc r access To her own compu rer a Server housed organizational da ra Because of Success of InTerneT Technologies a UNIX HTML TCPIP IT managers used These Technologies for i n rernal neTworks infra7W5quot The NeTwor39k Era 1995 9 InTer39neT Phenomenon InTer39neT buiIT on open sTandar39ds a DifferenT Than conTr39olor39ienTed developmenT thosophy a BenefiTs Scalable ExTensibIe LoTs of vendors selling inTer39oper39able equipmenT a More decisions To make Than The DP manager of The 19605 I a Many companies sTar39Ted and flourished l ClSCO Clscn Svmms Mg 1984 Founded by Leonard Bosack and Sandra Lerner Stanford IT Staff l Developed a Router u A device to forward data packets from one network to another I By 1998 Cisco had a market value of 100 billion Ne rscape N k Founded by Marc Andreessen and Jim Clark Browser based on Original Mosaic IPO in 1995 u Firs r day wen r from 28 gt 75 u The company39s revenues doubled every quarTer in1995 I txcn emem Triggered The GOTcom boom u Hundreds of companies s rar red mos r didn39T survive l The neTwork era The neTwork era permiTTed new ways of doing business 1 Employees could check on Their benefiTs wiTh a web browser a CusTomers could selfservequot Themselves I In 1998 70 of ciscu39s 800 million of service revenue was provided over InTerneT by allowing cusTomers To access Their inTraneT a WalMarT used poinT of sale daTa To drive supplier replenishmenT CRP l The neTwork era 1 Amazon sold books wi rh minimal inven ror39ies a Levi S rr39auss used geodemogr39aphic da rabase To ma rch supply and demand in each s ror39e a and many more examples Information Resource Managemen r S rra regic realiza rion a Informa on is The resource To be managed no r jus r dam u Need To ge r informa rion info The hands of workers so workers can be more produc rive I Resul r Organizational Performance Improvemen r Marker Value Rank Sales 2139 Em 10 26 1978 198 1997 Com an Name 1973 1986 1997 5 3 1 General Eleclric 49012 98081 320797 16 1B 2 Coca Cola 1201 64 309259 NA 577 3 Microson NA 171304 510365 3 2 4 Exxon 464112 685175 1503490 17 9 5 Merck 69040 134492 439346 273 216 6 Intel 66690 69506 393564 27 3 7 Philip Morris 82814 136315 369171 1 1 3 IBM 64747 127011 291 346 2 4 9 ATampT 50969 169391 401557 54 39 10 P zer 55039 111900 254146 11 18 11 P er amp Gamble 147267 208635 337396 53 26 12 BrislolMyers Squibb 75167 138564 311586 467 17 13 WalMart Siores 51446 84461 142979 25 30 14 Johnson amp Johnson 52199 90829 250044 70 41 15 American Int l Group 11026 315842 762217 Source quot The Ne rwor39k Era 1995 9 In rer39ne r Phenomenon For39 IT manager Enormous challenge To manage ne rwor39ks of Thousands of compu rer39s x The NeTwork Era 1995 9 InTerneT Phenomenon The Technology leader of Tomorrow musT be a business leader wiTh all of The managemenT skills of any oTher senior execuTive The CIO has gone from being a corporaTe god in The 1980s To The chief blame Taker In The 1990s when IT iniTiaTives ofTen have failed To deliver Their promised producTiviTy gainsquot1 1Sifonis and Goldberg Changing Role of The CIOquot InformaTion Week March 24 1997 The NeTwor39k Era 1995 9 InTer39neT Phenomenon In 1996 The CIO Turnover r39oTe was 1771 Take Away Managing IT in The NeTwor39k Er39o is difficulT buT if you do iT r39ighT The rewards can be huge 1Deloite and Touche What is a Business An or39gonizo rion Tho r provides a pr39oduc r andor39 a service Tho r so risfies a need for39 which people are willing To pay money Makes money if r39evenues exceed cos rs lWhy Does a Company Need To Make a Profit An obliga rion To ownersshareholders 1 Owners and shareholders have inves red money and Time They expec r To see some rhing in refurn Survival requires con rinued inves rmen rs a new produc r developmen r facili ries and equipmen r acquiring other companies Inves r in employees Training and salary increases BUD S rakeholders wan r To see performance before inves ring in a company39s TUTure Recall What is a System System De nition A group 01 interrelated components working toward the attainment of a common goal by accer mg quotT s nd producing outp n a rganized transformation process Input Processing Output Feedback Control Business as a system A business is an organiza rional sysfem where economic resources inpu r are Transformed by various organiza rional processes processing i n ro goods and services ou rpu r A Business is a System Hel39 5 To remember and To Tie Toe rher Some business basics while remembering The impor rance of making a profi r The unders randing of business func rions The apprecia rion for The impor rance of business processes Business as a system A business is an organizational system Where economic resources input are transformed by variOus organizational processes processing into goods and services output Information systems provide information feedback on the operations of the system to management for the direction and maintenance of the system as it exchanges inputs and outputs within its environment Important Things to Understand Two terms 1 business functions 2 business processes Will be frequently used throughout this course It would be a good idea to make absolutely sure that ou know What the are Business Functions Function A group of people with related skills sl eoialized seems to be a good starting point in understanding functions but this is a fairly loose de nition Business FuncTions Examples 1 Design 1 Engineering El Sales 1 Finance a Marke ring El ETC What prompts the creation and justification of business functions Specialization Size I Efficiency I More cost effective Business Processes Wha r is a business process I A designed succession of actions To The accomplish of some r39esul r in a business Example 1 Order Fulfillmen r


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