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Business Information Systems

by: June Dickinson

Business Information Systems ISM 50

June Dickinson
GPA 3.7


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 73 page Class Notes was uploaded by June Dickinson on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ISM 50 at University of California - Santa Cruz taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see /class/182176/ism-50-university-of-california-santa-cruz in Information Systems Management at University of California - Santa Cruz.

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Date Created: 09/07/15
ISM 50 Business Informa rion Sys rems In rr39oduc rion Ins rr39uc ror39s Mar39y Doyle Geoff Ryder39 UC San ra Cr39uz 3302009 I5M 50 Course Parameters u Mondays and Wednesdays 56245 1 Classroom Uni r 1 a WEB PAGE wr39i re This down go home and bookmark i r h r rp www soe ucsc edu classes i sm050 Spri ngO9 I5M 50 Course Parameters Insfr39ucfor39s Mary Doyle Geoff Ryder Vice Chancellor IT PhD Candidafe CMPETIM Office Ker39r39 271 Office E2 367 mdoxle1uc3cedu gr yder gmailcom Teaching Assisfam s Pe39l39er39 Towbin Lei Yang PhD Sfudenf Economics PhD Sfudenf CSTIM Office E2 367 Office E2 367 pfowbinuc3cedu ieffx2008gmailcom an Office hours are posted on The web page WhaT is This class abou r Supply Chain Managemen r SCM More Examples Buy Junk Mail Cus romer39 Rela rionship Managemen r CRM 1 O rher39 examples SUO10UI I sseugsna Business Process Example CusTomer Sales Finance Invem ory Com rol Warehousing Take Order EnTer Order Check Check STock Prim Invoice Prim ackinq Iis Find Goods H Ship Tell Mfg To make order A Sireamlined Business Process suonound sseugsna CusTomer tomatic Credit Check Sales Finance Inventory Confrol Warehousing Take Order EnTer Order Check STock Prim Invoice Find Goods Prim ackinq Iis H Ship Tell Mfg To make order A Reengineered Business Process suonound sseugsna o CusTomer l A 39 0 Sales Finance Inventory Confrol Warehousing AuTomaTic CrediT Check AuTomaTic Checking of STock PrinT Packing 31 Find And invoice Goods H Ship V Inform Mfg To replenish sTock Some Examples Supply Chain Managemen r Cus romer39 r39ela rionship Managemen r En rerprise Inven ror39y Con rr39ol ReSOQPCB Transac rion Processing Plummg Wha r is an information sys rem Fir39s r Ie r us answer wha r is a sys rem a InTerrelaTed componen rs I INPUT I Processing Ou rpu r Input Output Wha r is an information sys rem Informa rion sys rem a A combina rion of people hardware sofTware neTworks a Tha r collec rs Transforms and dissemina res informa rion in an organizaTion WhoT is informoTion Technology IT39S The Technology you use To make on informoTion sysTems a CompuTer39 Hardware SofTwor39e NeTwor39ks eTc l Cour39se ObjecTives The objecTives of ISM 50 are To under39sTand El CI The needs of business The roll of infor39maTion sysTems in suppor39Ting Those needs How informaTion sysTems are designed How informaTion Technology is evolving How changes in Technology can enable new ways of doing business How To concepTualize and analyze new Technologies To solve business problems l Informa rion Sys rems Managemen r 50 I Wha r l l lS LOT 1 A programming class I Though some simple programming may be required for some assignmen rs and or projects a A deTailed focus in any par ricular Technology I A survey of IS rechnology landscape and its rela rion ro business problems I What is Information Systems Management ISM An exciting new discipline that combines engineering and management to address to The Technology of Management the design and use of technologies to efficiently and profitably manage and operate any enterprise or company to The Management of Technology how to develop manage and commercialize technologies products 69 computers networks and software ISM Specializations Focii to ISM Information Systems Management The Technology of Business Use information and computer systems to solve business problems eg finance and resource allocation to MOT Management of Technology The Business of TechnologY Develop and commercialize a new product or idea business strategy marketing etc o ISTM Information Systems and Management of Technology A combination of the above two Baskin Engineering w ill lilllllulillll cele r ofinnovuti on Managemenf of Technology MOT 8 8 8 88 Address challenges in The crea rion marke ring suppor r for high rech produc rs services Manage porffolios of produc rs and services wi rh worldwide suppliers and business par rners Informafion In rensive decision and opera139ional confex rs Complex sys rems Analy rics Couple economics and engineering produc r decisions Supply chain managemen r Resource allocaTion Por rfolio managemen r Service op rimiza rion DUDE Informafon Sysfems39 Managemenf Technology amp Informafon Managemenf Technology of Managemenf TOM 0 8 8 8 Crea rion of KnowledgeBased Services Tools for Managemen r In regra rion of dispara re da139a ces Responsive To dynamic enVIronmen rs Major Technology componenfs Da ra Mining Informa rion Refrieval Decision suppor r I sense makin quot cock i iquotquotdashboardquot l Dis irilpu ied global contexts and ar ICIpan is TelecollaboraTion DaTabases compuTer systems and ne rwor s D DD I5N 50 Teaching Sfaff Insfrucfors Mary Doyle Geoff Ryder Office Kerr 271 Office E2 367 mdoxle1ucscedu grxdergmailcom Teaching Assis ran rs Peter Towbin Lei Yang Office E2 367 Office E2 367 p rowbinucscedu ieffy2008qmailcom l InsTrucTor Dr Mary Doyle Vice Chancellor for IT CurrenT Focus El Manages all IT developmenT and deploymenT for The campus neTwork TelecommunicaTions enTerprise sysTems applicaTIons and projecT managemenT supporT serVIces securITy classroom Technology com uTer labs clienT relaTionship managemenT and a sTa f of 270 SelecTed Previous Work El Vice PresidenT for InformaTion SysTems and Vice ProvosT for Planning BudgeT and Resource ManagemenT WashingTon STaTe UniversiTy PhD UCSanTa Barbara DisserTaTion A STudy of The ImporTance of InformaTion Technology in Higher EducaTionquot MBA Arizona STaTe UniversiTy BS CompuTer InformaTion SysTems ASU NaTive of SanTa Cruz WesTside l CoInstructor Geoff Ryder PhD Candidate CMPE TIM Academics a Completed dissertation research in CMPETIM Brandwajn Mehrotra Musacchio Ross grad in June a TA Web and Database Programmin Labs amp Course Design ISM 211 Musacchio ISM 70 Ross 1 TA Matlab Programming Lab for AMS 147 Wang a MSCMPE UCSC Di Blas Hughey Manduchi Tao a BSEE BAAsian Studies University of Illinois I Industry 4 startups u EPI 9 to Mentor Graphics 1 Caly Networks 9 69 X a Flashpoint Technology 9 392 a Arithmos 9 to ST Microelectronics 20 Teaching AssisTanT PeTer Towbin PhD Grad STudenT Economics Academics a Research focus connecTing classical decision Theory wiTh an experimental and evoluTionary understanding of human decision making a Fellow in The UniversiTy of California39s InsTiTuTe for Global ConflicT and CooperaTion in Their program on Public Policy and Nuclear ThreaTs u MSCompuTer Science UniversiTy of California Berkeley 1 BAMaThemaTics UniversiTy of California Berkeley IndusTry Silicon Valley 1 Developed a diverse array of scienTific and enTerprise sofTware producTs in companies ranging from sTarTups To mulTinaTionals 21 Teaching Assistant Lei Yang PhD Grad Student Computer ScienceTIM Academic Interests 1 Research Projects Query Answers in Inconsistent Databases I Link Analysis on Web Graphs an Efficient Dictionary Mechanism Based on Double yte a BSCS Beijing Institute of Technology I Java C C SQLSERVER MySQL PostgreSQL I Microsoft Research Asia 1 Search engine toolbar project for Internet Explorer detects spam URLs for users 22 Coming Soon in ISM TIM CID ISM minor39 a Revised ISM 85 degree requiremen rs cm TIM Gradua re Program 23 l ISM 50 Course Pr39e r39equisiTes No specific programming language knowledge required Though useful I We will assume you know wor39dpr39ocessing and PowerPoin r a Power39Poin r is easy To learn a We will assume you are mo riva red and eager39 To learn I Come To class having done The reading 24 WhoT comes firsT Do business needs drive The design of Technology I Or39 does The Technology drive The design of a business 25 WhoT comes firsT Do business needs drive The design of Technology I Or39 does The Technology drive The design of a business I BO H I 26 l Course OrganizaTion I Top Down Roughly a IT Terminology and IT HisTory a Businesses and Their39 needs a Technological ApplicaTions a Technology concest a Impor39TanT building blockquot Informa rion Technologies Da ra Bases Ne rwor39ks Case S rudies Thr39oughou r 27 l Our39 Textbook I Author a David Messerschmitt undershnding Professor of EECS UC Networked Berkeley Applicnliuns Focus on u Technological concepts in computing an communications u Applications a Top down organization like OLllquot COLlr SE Available now at Bay Tree Bookstore Reader We also have a r39eader39 The reader is available now aT The Bay Tree Books ror39e The reader con rains a Case STudies a O rher39 Readings 29 l Case STudies in reader Examples of Businesses using InformaTion Technology IllusTraTes The concest we learn in The class I The case sTudies are mosle from The Harvard Business School 1 Designed To sTimulaTe classroom discussion in MBA classes 30 l Class Webpage h r rpwwwsoeucsceduclassesismO50Spr39inq09 Con rains Syllabus Assignments Ins rr39uc ror39 con rac r information Requirements for business paper39 da rabase projecT I Exam da res 31 l Syllabus Tentative on WebPage Class Date 330 41 46 48 413 415 420 422 427 429 Topics Class Introduction IT History and Background Competing with IT Cash Flows Competing with IT Cont d Business Processes Applications Information Access Terms Applications cont d Ecommerce IT Concepts Client Server Computing IT Management from 19602000 reader pp 1 26 Chapter 1 Section II of O Brien reader pp 47 Chapter 2 Section I of O Brien reader pp 69 Cash Flow Handout Chapter 2 Section II of O Brien reader pp 78 90 FritoLay Case 93103 figs Messerschmitt Ch 23 3850 Messerschmitt Ch 3133 5982 Cisco Case 114124 figs Messerschmitt Ch 3436 8398 AIibris Case 133143 figs Messerschmitt Ch 4 107132 Messerschmitt Ch 5 139154 SunN Tier Case 145164 figs Assignments Assignment 1 out Pro39ect Preferences Assignment 1 due Folio Article 1 due Business Paper Proposal Due l Syllabus Continued 54 Modularity and Layering Messerschmitt Ch 6 157190 12 56 MIDTERM EXAM 13 511 Computer and Comm Industry Messerschmitt Ch 7 198226 Database Assignment Folio Article 2 due 14 513 Database Management Messerschmitt Ch 111 112 325335 Messerschmitt Ch 151 152 415425 15 518 Database Management Cont d MySQL Database Case 179199 figs 16 520 Networking Messerschmitt Ch 18 493512 17 527 Networking Cont d Akamai Case 213228 figs Database Assignment 18 61 Applications and the Messerschmitt Ch 9 273289 Folio Article 3 due Organization 19 63 Application Architecture Messerschmitt Ch 10 293321 Business Paper Due Wrap Up Final Review 68 FINAL EXAM Mon Time 7301030 pm 33 Evaluation posted on web page Item Participation Poo Quizzes Oral Presentation or Folio Weekly Assignments Business Paper Progosal Midterm Database Assignment Business Pagers Final Final Exam Due Date Each Class 3 per qtr assigned Each week Oct 21 Nov 4 Nov 25 Dec 4 Dec 10 Value 10 5 5 10 5 15 10 20 20 34 EXAMS and Quizes I Exams I MidTerm a May 6 h Final 1 730 1030 Monday June 8 h Closed book A mix of shor39T answers and 1 or39 2 essays One or39 Two anaIyTical quesTions 36 l Pop Quizzes 3 quizzes unannounced Times Simple ques rions per39Taining To The reading assigned for39 Tha r day I Only your39 Top 2 quizzes will coun r I 5 of your39 overall grade 37 Par ricipa rion l ParTicipaTion We will have a loT of classroom discussion over39 The course of The quar39Ter39 1 especially when we read case sTudies This is an oppor39TuniTy for you To 1 Think Through ideas a give feedback 1 learn from your classmaTes We will evaluaTe your39 par39TicipaTion 39 l Classroom ParTicipaTion You earn 1 par ricipa rion poin r in each class session in which you make an inTelligen r commenT a Par ricipa ring more rhan once in a class session is encouraged but does no r earn more poin rs For full par ricipa rion credi r you need To earn 8 par ricipa rion poin rs over The quar rer 4O Online Forum PorTicipoTion Al rer39no re way of earning por ricipo rion poin rs 1 poin r for39 each in relligen r pos r To a discussion Thread Discussion forum s ror rs Monday April 6 41 Online Forum ParTicipaTion a One of The Teaching sTaff will kick off The discussion Thread wiTh a Two or Three parT quesTion abouT The aTesT reading a You can respond To all parTs jusT one parT or any subseT of Them in a focused 24 paragraph essay 42 l Online Forum ParTicipaTion 1 Feel free To answer The quesTion direchy or To build on poinTs raised laTer by oTher sTudenTs if so Try To add your own unique perspecTive To The developing Thread of opinions a We will bring up inTeresTing poinTs from some of The besT forum posTs during lecTure 43 ParTicipaTion In Summary 1 You need 8 par ricipa rion poin rs To ge r full cr39edi r Par39Ticipa rion is 10 of your39 overall grade 44 ORAL PRESENTATION and NEWS FOLIOS PresenTaTionFolio You will be assigned effvar 4quot Presentation News Folio 46 l Oral Presentations 5 minu res in leng rh Assigned To pr39esen r one of The following a Summary of The case sTudy we will discuss in class Tho r day a Recen r news s ror39y involving business and informo rion sysTems 1 Your group39s business poper39 projec r Power39Poin r Pr39esen ro rion a Emailed to us by The nith before 47 lPresenTaTion EvaluaTion ConTenT of presenTaTion u Did The case summary ouTline The mosT imporTanT aspecTs of The case sTudy u Was The news sTory relevanT and furThermore where The poinTs mosT relevanT To The class discussed Delivery a OrganizaTion Voice ArTiculaTion Professionalism Timing Eye ConTacT EnThusiasm UUUUU 48 l Presentation Tips I Ask The following ques rion Who is my audience and wha r is my ma JOquot message Don39T Try To say Too much for39 five minuTes Avoid jargon explain Technical concest wi rh simple examples Avoid reading Ac r in rer39es red 49 Foios There are Too many of you To have everyone give a pr39esen ra rlon Those who are no r assigned a pr39esen ra rion will do a news folioquot I TGSk Collec r 3 news articles rha r are relevant To The class pr39in r copy Them For39 each ar ricle write a 200 word description of how The article r39ela res ro issues discussed in class 1 Due da res Ar39Ticle 1 427 Ar39Ticle 2 511 Ar Ticle 3 61 BUD l PresenToTion Foio Summary I You will be assigned el39f Iero news folio or39 on incloss presen ro rion In ei rher39 case This will be wor39Th 5 of your39 grade Need Presentation Volunteers Monday 46 Two News S ror39ies I Wednesday 48 Two News S ror39ies The r39es r of This quar39Ter39s pr39esen ra rion assignmen rs will be announced nex r week BUSINESS PAPER Business Analysis Paper WriTe a paper abou r a company of your choice Pick a company for which informaTion sysTems played a key roll in making ThaT company successful a How did informa rion sys rems help make The company successful Paper Organiza rion 1 Up To your group work in groups of 3 To 4 a Organized chronologically by Topics or by some combina rion of bo rh 1 Looking for be rween 10 20 Tex r ages double spaced fewer or more pages are frowne upon Business Analysis Paper I The paper39 should answer39 quesTions like a WhaT indusTr39y does The company compeTe a WhaT is The compeTiTive environmenT like Por39Ter39 modelquot compeTiTor39s subsTiTuTe pr39oducTs buyer39s supplier39s new enTr39anTs a How did your39 company use IT To gain a compeTiTive advanTage a More deTaiIed guidelines will be posTed on The websiTe over The nexT few weeks Business Analysis Paper 1 How did The company use IT To suppor39T or39 enable iTs business processes and compeTiTive sTr39aTegies WhaT Technologies in par39Ticular39 did iT use I How much of The company39s success do you aTTr39ibuTe To iTs use of IT andor The company39s ear39ly adopTion of IT inTo Their business processes Grading The wriTing should be a i Focused The discussion and supporTing examples were relevanT To The Topic 1 ii Persuasive The auThors Took an anaIyTicaI approach and The argumenTs puT forTh were sufficienT and convincing 1 iii Organized The sTrucTure of The reporT enhanced The conTenT l Grading The wriTing should be 1 iv Clear The sTyle followed accepTed wri ring conven rions spelling grammar punc rua rion a v Supported sui rable references were used and a r rribu red To es rablish credibili ry 1 About That last point l Citing Sources Plagiarism is illegal and chea ring and will no r be Toler39a red More Than Thir39Ty wor39ds ver39ba rim mus r be ci red Any fac rs or39 figures Tha r are not your39 own mus r be died a Ebay39s revenues in US Revenues in 2002 were 139 billion 1 1 Ebay 2005 Annual Report l Citing Sources You must cite your sources in the body of the text Semiconductors have found a place in virtually every electronic device in existence This helps explain why the industry was able to reach 200 billion in sales before a slump brought the figure back down in 2001quot 1 End Note 1 Semiconductor Trendsquot Silicon Valley Tee7 Week August 9 1999 page 81 60 l Citing Sources The easies r way To lose poin rs on your39 paper is To no r ci re sources I A guide is pos red on The class websi re To help you ci re your39 sources cor39r39ec rly Talk To The TA or39 ins rr39uc ror39 if you have ques rions 61 l Suggested sources of Information Companywebsite 10K report El This is the annual report public companies file with Security and xchange Commission ABIInform article database El DUDE A database of articles from magazines like Business Week and economics Journals Find it at httplibraryucscedu Click on article database on left margin Click on ABIInform Try this tonight And let us know if you have problems Industry specific publications El Example Aviation Week Books Good Magazines The Economist Con3ulting groups Forrester Gartner 62 CI El 1 2 3 Business Analysis Paper Preferences Due Monday April 6 You are encouraged To Try To form your own groups However we wanT a mix of Engineers and nonengineers Experience levels So we may modify The groups As a group Turn in 3 Things LisT of your proposed group members LisT of companies you would like To sTudy SuggesTed person To do The 5 minuTe presenTaTion on your group39s projecT If you don39T have someone in mind To work wiTh Turn in The above 3 Things as an individual 63 Business Analysis Paper Preferences Due Monday April 6 Af leasf Two of your preferred companies musT be from This IIsT SouThwesT Airlines Federal Express Home DepoT WalNlarT STores Charles Schwab Amazon COM EBay COM WiTh your preferences in mind we will make The final company assngnmenTs To The groups 64 l Business Paper Proposal I As a group write a 23 page description of what you plan to investigate in your business paper I Show that you ve done some research I Cite some facts and some technologies and or strategies that you ve heard about the company that you would like to investigate further I Remember to cite your sources properlyllll I PROPOSAL DUE April 22nd 65 Assignments l Da39l39abase Assignmen39l39 Learn and Use da rabase sof rware An oppor runi ry for handsonquot experience wi rhou r having To use advanced programming Assignment will be done individually We will give you The de rails of The assignmen r some rime af rer The mid rerm Da rabase Tu rorial la rer in The quar rer 10 of your grade 67 l Weekly AssignmenTs ApproximaTely once every week or39 Two I They will be posTed on The class webpage in The assignmenTs column of The syllabus Usually a QuesTions from The Tebeook a QuesTions per39Taining To Case STudy Readings However AssignmenT 1 is To make a resume and cover39 leTTer39 68 l Assignment 1 Turn in Bofh u A Resume 1 And Cover Letter Due Wednesday April 8Th Resume should be a One page I Focus 1 Education Experience Skills and Abilities a What can YOU do for an employer 1 You may choose to use a header with the purpose of the resume highlighted 69 Persono Resume Criteria Looks appealing fon rs formal margins No Spelling mistakes Avoid ir39r39elevon r informalion from Too for in The pos r One Page IT Takes Time To build a good r39esume Building Your Resume Some Things employers look for Academically Qualified Well Rounded includes ex rra curricular ac rivi ries Summer Internships or Par rTime work During School Professional Presence Socie ry Memberships In reres red and Understanding of Employer39s Area Educa rional Con ren r I Degrees held or degrees you are currenle working on a Name of The universi ry a Degree Type and Program a ExpecTed Comple rion daTe El GPA Include High School degree 1 Maybe if you are a freshman or sophomore


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