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Week 2 - PHYS 1750 Notes

by: Emily Notetaker

Week 2 - PHYS 1750 Notes PHYS1750

Emily Notetaker
GPA 4.0
Introduction to Physics

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About this Document

Week of August 31. Total of two lectures. Clicker questions not included.
Introduction to Physics
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emily Notetaker on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS1750 at University of Toledo taught by Anderson,L in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Physics in Natural Sciences and Mathematics at University of Toledo.

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Date Created: 09/07/15
PHYS 1750 Sacaltars and Vectors Vincenzo Poppa 1489 St Sebastian PHYS WEI Scaling and Vantan Temperature gas pressures denim puren39rigall Haw individual E gl tp n t such a5 almude spam Quantiti aa aasmia tad with nh e taq such as mags vuli umei charge A H E mammalian air a value and ma ann ies 39 rspmacemenh vela crwm attal rarinn Farce mamamum Erauita r innalq Elie zriri and magnetic tde The armwa are gum ua Bath aiispi atement and mlxnciw characterize the mb E EE at the arrw shape mar p saitiam PHYS 135E Ec ara and VIEE IZDTE 39 K 39 I hale Pahdeh l o E tomHan Warm arithmetic Graphical Md 140W 0 F a 2 0 La 4 to 1 3917 4 J 1 fr C quot gt x 1 A A a L7 6 MDW L Z 7 L W L C Vemm39s per EE are nut lnscarmn specify W1 can marat F parallell transpar the armwa 5a the tail air an hanging at the haad nf 1hr when The purple arraw repreaenrs a at 1 Tha pink armw raprreaems b a PHYS 12750 Barriers and Vectors 5 V Vector arithmetic 550 V POSe Ve 0quot D a n0 loluc Addition and subtraction m ajehm r row Co patients C 1quot PHYS 1750 Scholars and Vectors C 94 r Veciur arithmetic 65039 39 39Pog V2 to a f O 9le 1 Addition and subtraction V V l agehm our l 0V0 Her are the n the x y z diirectians aiii 3 the given bit a a casl w rsz 2 a cusii m39 21 2 C05 P H fE WEE Realms and Viaaims Harlan ag i hmatic Camphem militian W W means Example 7 2 15 N 21 E ran 23539 km teasit arid than 15in km arth aa What is war tatal iiisplaramant f r m the Stil tl i i l t ran 2 l c awe twin ma a ta EiFlEEi i39 CC C the answer N W 0 lm Fiirsstsaa r n39x39iawara aaat ymwar l Harm 7 r709 gtlt aim at ax EDIE a3 El i quotiiaatar b 1 h Dj i39 Misc liar 1 am 231 av ELT1 value if a 2 iiicf r E 2 as Diraalian at n mimic Ia 1359 N af EB 45 Mahala l4n 3x I si V C i39or lo is oi E H l3 33le N 74 1 PHYS 1750 Vectors Taxi 32 33 43 Review questions Be able to identify scalars vs vectors with examples of each What is the graphical pracess of adding or subtracting vectars Note there will be no as imam graphical computation but it is useful for drawing the diagram of the pmblam What do we mean by vector components What is a direction cosine How do we add or subtract vectors using campanents Be able to add or subtract vectors using components Text problems 315 318 320 324 the rst part PHYS I75 D il i TI ti CS Text 34 j i 3 MDuchamn 1912 Descmdr39ng a Staircase 2 PHYS H50 2D Kinematics Text 34 Curved line path Honzomal arrow hoirizomali displacement x Vertical arrow vertical displacement z Diagnnai armw linlsllmltanenus displacement from the migin d a JIXHZH Or three components in a 31 rectilinear coondinate 5Mem PHYS WED ED Kinematic5 Text 324 The 3 i5 with SI units meii jEiEfsemnd Th 39 39 the avenge valEntity in the limit D f a HEW rssmallll time ii tEW i 1 Such thatthE Humanity dunE5 mt have time ta change significantly Ever the inter uaL l E l 1 IV PHYS 11750 2D Kinematics Text 34 The aver a time interval At vecror is alwafo parallel 12gt W path The vet a time interval At BIIIIIIIILMWSWMBIII The is the average acceieration in the limit of a very smalll time interval At such that the acceleration does not have time to change significantly over the interval 1 PHYS 1750 ZD Kinematics Text34 Relational formullae under constant a eceleration For any motion we may treat each coordinate direction separately In any one coordinate direetion U The n the a direction at time t after t 0 is Tht time t becomes Another osefel formula derived by sobstitution is PHYS 1750 2D Kinematics Text 34 Exercises with the acceleration ot gtavity The acceleration altgravity nearthe surface of the earth is 980665 mls2 for alll39ol ojects independent of their masses Thedirection is toward negative 2 with the convention that Zis up For projectile motion we may separate the X horizontal and Z vertical motions and treat them independentlv with the constant acceieration fior39rn39u39ia39e on the previous slide Let us assume that t D at the beginning of the motion or v or um 98 t Kit x vxiot 2t z vizier 05 93 t2 Say we are given an initial speed and angle above horizontal 1Decompose initial speed into emu and v21 with cosine and sine 25olve Wait vz 98 t U to get time at top of trajectory 3Solve other equations for distances PHYS 1750 2D Kinematics Text 34 Exercises with the acceleration at gravity Example How far does a shotput travel it a shotput ball leaves the thrower from 20 meters above the ground at an angle 015346 above the horizontal and with a speed c til vz O wasHead velooi39tva is O 9 yawd toLltZS A a Example How far Cloes a shotput travel V20 0 taf lroiQJc if a shotput hall leaves the thrower from 20 meters above the h l s t 0 less ground at an angle of 343 above the horizontal and with a speed wig 39 of 12 ms what is its horizontal dsi39 n nt from the release 9 39 quot Zetj 39 l g h when it hits the ground 39 3 4 V20 as 5amp0 13 x 39oflR cos 34 N t Q q S v t on z 12 ms 34 m ms vi L z are 98t 57 98t mfs a When the hall reaches the top of the trajectory gait D lo 57 98t gt t ass 5 foxoocz O W i 0 gs 5 How high is it then zit zvt 2o45 23 43 m cm I LJ AkltOCaQ How long to fall to the ground 43 05 I 98 t2 gt t 094 5 Total time in the air 058 DB4 162 s so x v 162 16 m PHYS 1750 ED Kinematics Text 34 o i39l 39 Review questions What is displacement Velocity Acceleration What are their units Understand ancl be able to use the rev39aalohal formulae assuming constant acceleration ill a straigth lirIe path What is the acceleration of gravity at the swnlace of the Earth 9L9 Ilow long Cloes it take an object to tall ll m on Earth y Solve10205 g r2 for r OLD IS e a 063 Understand that one can separate horizontal and vertical motions and analyze them independently a 2 A horizontal rille shoots a bullet 95 m to a targEt During ight the quot11 cm hullet drops 75 cm llow fast was the bullet traveling 39 Solve 0075 05 g r2 for r then fintl V 95ft a What is the height oil a projectile when it is a dlistance Xlrom the 5 m release if the components of the release velocity are 3 and 15 Assume the release is on a level surface at z D m M V 05quot Text problems note text uses yfor the vertical coordinate t 325 326 note symmetryof the problem 33 somewhattougher 340 346 Nothing from the Addition of Verbalties section


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