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Multimedia Systems

by: Buck Ankunding

Multimedia Systems CMPE 250

Buck Ankunding
GPA 3.56


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 64 page Class Notes was uploaded by Buck Ankunding on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CMPE 250 at University of California - Santa Cruz taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see /class/182225/cmpe-250-university-of-california-santa-cruz in Computer Engineering at University of California - Santa Cruz.

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Date Created: 09/07/15
Multimedia and Networks a summary by Nacho isoliscseucscedu Basic Networking Networks are organized in Layers Lower Layers Physical DataLinkMAC Middle Layers Network Transport Upper Layers Applications 0 The Internet is the standard hence the IP protocol is the standard What IP provides Standard network protocol Datagram service not Virtual Circuit 0 Best effort no guarantees Decentralized control How does the Internet provide services Protocols build on the IP infrastructure 0 If you require a protocol that is reliable it needs to provide the reliability since IP doesn39t 0 If you require a protocol that has a certain QoS delay bandwidth you need to provide it since IP doesn39t Not always possible without the help of IP or the infrastructure Protocol Stack upwwmu m Fm Talnat sum POPS xwmn I be5smn I313 BSMCC was NmBmSSN DR MPL DahLTnk LZF PP I P 39r 39 39 L 1m New my protocols com TCP Endto Enol Reliable Ordered delivery Byte stream 0 Flow control Congestion control UDP 0 Plain Datagram IP No delivery guarantee No ordered guarantee 0 Minimal overhead 0 No official packet ow No delivery confirmation No congestion control ow control Distributing streamed content 0 Audio Video single user top download udp stream 0 Audio Video multi user multiple downloads streams multicast Multicast One distribution tree for all the receivers Routers are in charge of duplicating packets for receivers on different paths Some of the challenges Where do we meet How fast do we send How does it scale How do we charge QoS Quality of Service 0 Things to consider reliability delay bandwidth jitter 0 Examples email files surfing the web IM ssh Multimedia audio on demand video on demand VoIP Videoconferencing How does the network provide these requirements Providing Q08 0 Have lots of resources Reserve resources specify requirements 0 Traffic Shaping Leaky bucket Token bucket Buffer Packet Scheduling 0 Fair queuing Weighted fair queuing 0 Integrated Services ow based 0 Differentiated Services class based RSVP Resource reSerVation Protocol Nodes send RSVP packet upstream to source Routers check if they can reserve the requested resources and forward the message upstream If a router can39t it returns an error 0 If it reaches the source the requirements have been met RTP Realtime Transport Protocol Works over UDP Multiplexes streams into UDP packets Allows multiple samples per packet 0 Time stamps packets relative to start of transmission 0 RTCP control protocol for RTP Allows receiver to send parameters back or request changes RTSP RealTime Streaming Protocol The remote control to streaming servers Commands describe setup play record pause teardown Buffer management with RTSP wateImark wateImark Buffer Location Based Services Stop Searching Let Information Find You 3 Mar 2008 Bo Begole PhD Area Manager in Ubiquitous Computing parc This presentation describes joint work with I Alan Walendowski I Ji Fang I Diane J Schiano I Nicolas Ducheneaut I Michael Roberts I Maurice Chu I Bob Price I Ed H Chi I Kurt Partridge I Mark Newman I Tracy King I Victoria Bellotti I Ellen lsaacs I and others Pa alo Alto R eeeeeeeeee er W Computer Supported Cooperative Work V November 812 2008 San Diego California USA 812 Nov 2008 San Diego Hilton Resort A world class city with great climate Exciting plenary speakers Conference banquet at Sea World Demonstrations reception Social and networking opportunities The program needs you Papers Notes April 18 2008 Panels Proposals May 2 2008 Workshop Proposals May 2 2008 Doctoral Colloquium July 18 2008 Posters Demos Videos July 18 2008 About PARC I Xerox PARC 19702002 Xerox corporate research laboratory Inventions Ethernet Graphical User Interfaces Laser Printer Ubiquitous Computing I PARC 2002present Subsidiary of Xerox Corporation Open business model funding from Xerox government grants patent and technology licensing and clientsponsored research 170 researchers computer scientists psychologists ethnographers sociologists linguists electrical engineers materials scientists and physicists I Pale Alto Research Center Devices per person t Ubiquitous Computing is no longer a dream Bridging Physical and Virtual Environments Computation pervades the environment furniture clothing phones Mobile Computing Intelligence Personal 7 Computing i g MultiDevice 7 Computing 1978 19903 Today and but an all too ubiquitous problem 7mm mung NM n a mu 3 Movies i V Hana um Aves 514 MW Flam nrmu Ape 512 MM 5 P d L Hm W S Plumb 0 sm 51ml YMC f Sm S TMU39 Seams Disrupt User s Goals I Controls are not readytohand Applications have to be launched Variety of interfaces must be learned Controllers are not always with you laptops remotes handhelds etc I Technical boundaries must be managed Multiple formats protocols networks VPN etc Multiple accounts service subscriptions etc Multiple physical locations of data versions etc I Information overload requires manual searching filtering managing versions etc I Pale Alto Research Center Controlling Information Environments not managing devices and networks aha 19 modem Ci 7 r E Devir e 1quot Data 4 o Jnfrajim C hire 3 Interaction I Palo Alto Research Center ObjeT39V39 Interoperability Infrastructure to enable seamless interoperation I Consumers Why can t they all just get along I Obje data source teaches how to play data Reduces time to market of new functionality eg media codecs media types evolving DRM mechanisms etc Reduces consumer barrier to new purchases increased value from network effects Old Digital Display New High Definition Video Player Without Obje new formats cannot be used by old devices ObjeT39V39 Interoperability Infrastructure to enable seamless interoperation I Consumers Why can t they all just get along I Obje data source teaches how to play data Reduces time to market of new functionality eg media codecs media types evolving DRM mechanisms etc Reduces consumer barrier to new purchases increased value from network effects Old Objeenabled Digital Displa New Objeenabled High Definition Player ObjeT39V39 Interoperability Infrastructure to enable seamless interoperation I Consumers Why can t they all just get along I Obje data source teaches how to play data Reduces time to market of new functionality eg media codecs media types evolving DRM mechanisms etc Reduces consumer barrier to new purchases increased val network effects New Objeenabled gildigFJDei39SeTabled High Definition Player 9 7 Location location location Find Friends and Outline I Intro I Location Sensing Technologies Overview GPS Location Based Services Asset Tracking Distributed group awareness Location Based Media Services Photos Advertising Guide books PARC s Magitti I Pala Alto Research Center I Books Local Positioning ystems Kolodziej amp Hjelm 2006 uiepper 205 I Conferences amp Workshops Location Technologies LoCA Location and Context Awareness PLANS Position Location And Navigation Geographic Information Systems GIR O Reilly Where 20 Applications amp Systems Pervasive Ubicomg Human Factors in Computing Systems Mobile Technologies amp Applications HotMobiIe nee WMCSA MobiSys WoWMoM p c arch Center Location Sensing Technologies l Chris Heathcote 35 ways to find your location dGPS 2m5m H lndooroutdoor WAASI 2m25m TV 50 Outdoor only 9 9 O rg AGPS 10m50m GPS 10m75m IP Address 9 2km IWIflI 523m Cell TDOA 30g 50m Beacons Bluetooth RFID Ce tower 50m2km UllU IK lOUlll Computer Vision lt1 m UWB Ultrasound lt200m 6 1o 2o 30 4o 50 6O 70 80 30 accuracy In meters Global Positioning System w is Owned and operated by the US government Constellation of 24 orbiting satellites 26560 km altitude First Block 1 developmental satellite launched 1978 Position determined by multilateration distances estimated from time difference of arrival and position of at least 4 satellites usually 6 or more GPS provides 24hour allweather navigation and timing capability to terrestrial airborne and spaceborne users Funded purely through US federal taxes signals available free of charge European version called Galileo is currently in deployment Public value Recreation Surveying Aviation Agriculture Defense Financial Electric utilities Precise Timinp Internet timing Scientific Res are EEEE WW LBS Curtis Hay 2005 GPS Accuracy 1030m Satellite factors Broadcast ephemeris estimated satellite position and velocity Clock errors Constellation geometry Anomalies and maintenance Selective Availability disabled Atmospheric factors Ionosphere effects Troposphere weather Video Ground factors Sky visibility User motion Muml a 39 Emquot User environment urban heavy foliage etc Signal re ections multipath Interference unintentional or otherwise Receiver design noise gure sensitivity software bugs design limitations Alla Research Center Curtis Hay 2005 GPS Urban Canyons The number of GPS satellites available in central London red less than 4 yellow 4 to 10 green more than 0 39i at f a H in rm p r M 7 W 7 7 vquot r URBAN CANYON IUEIlTlEd in ENE 4 kx x l a 139 1 Eff F an I C Larquot source Transport for London GPS Adoption in Mobile Phones I Sprint amp Verizon 80 of phones GPSenabled Kolodz1e amp Hjelm 2006 I e911 enhanced 911 for Wireless Required accuracy 300m accuracy for 95 of calls 100m for 67 I Many handsets have better accuracy AGPS 1050m accuracy Location is calculated by network service providers uses uptotheminute atmospheric data I Smart mobile device shipments hit 118 million in 2007 up 53 on 2006 Symbian leads with 65 share ahead of Microsoft on 12 RIM on 11 Apple on 7 and Linux at 5 p c arch Center Indoor Location I ActiveBat Ultrasonic mechanism Accurate up to 3cm 12m spaced receivers Much research dedicated to power management dealing with ultrasonic reflections httpwwwclcamacukresearchdtgat tarchivebat I Ubisense Startup formed by ActiveBat researchers Uses UWB instead of ultrasonic Less accurate but no clicking From Position to Place 3 39 39 39 2 Number nlplaces lrl cluste m I Convert GPS coordinates 374062983333333 a nquot 0392 imi7 mg g I 122147203333333 I To Place Work School Home Ashbrook and Starner 2003 System clusters user assigns labels to clusters Indoor Places Aipperspach 2006 Predestination Krumm 2006 I Pala Alto Research Center Developer Pointers I Wifi SkyHook Navizon Use a database of known wificell radio transmitters to derive your location I Multisource Yahoo FireEagIe SkyHookm I OSlevel APls NMEA 0183 serial protocol Microsoft39s GPS Intermediate Driverquot wraps classes around the NMEA protocol and adds events JSR 179 Location API for J2ME Symbian Location Acguisition API pa c arch Center LocationBased Servi ce 39 p arc Paln Alm Raggzmh Center Asset Tracking Asset Tracking Technologies Conveyance Bar code and 2D Aclive or pasture RF Mobile oormnunica ons and GPS W container o 5 Active or passive RF uUnlemeied NONE mmrmnlcahons and GPS Pallet H W Etna axle and 20 pliml cards tags 2 Mite or passive RF lags Mul pac eBar code and 2D IClplical cards lags 7 W Passive RF lags e of Spime gar ar code and 20 Jaide part assive RF tags Source TI Vnnh Riwr Consulting Grunt Money Automobiles Aircraft Shipments People emergency hospital staff parolees WCA ocation Based Services SIG Locat ng And Managing Assets March 25th 2008 400pm 600pm at PARC Friend Awareness Awarenex lAwareness 39 39 F d d k Contact Listl 4 m mg a goo tlme to ma e Contact 339n391izfgiivf Help contact i Nicole office Nondisruptive approach John demo room and leavetaking Eu demo room E El meChanismS e iee din 4m I Integrated communication Will office 2m Making contact easy Palquot D ICE Philip mobile 15 El I Ubiquity Multiple clients i Shows location 39 I Awareness nexus Tang et al 2001 MofOROlA m on a mu eavlv may Ian 59 guad nap ax Drag the map 8 click me 410539 39 W 1 mm 5 123 Mama 5 Location Awareness through the ages isthere ltuseridgt campon ltuseridgt talk ltuseridgt Zephyr 87 UNIX 805 athena zlocate username athena zwrite username GawyBzirm Mar 9 0935 Portholes 92 ea holechl F h t ai Qicq lm n vGreenhemloa Grzzdvl Vlnwel vmmrli W it Peepholesi 96 ICQ 96 Montage 94 la BI Charlie Bill Saddler amp Hill Apple 97 Awarenex 01 AI 97 my In mm 0W 6 v s a 5 Rggamalsawa as am More to come Hubbub 02 Beyond Context Awareness Behavio Modeling Anticipates Needs I Applications that proactively assist the user or influence actions Eg route calls adjust environment retrieve relevant info suggest specific exercise influence user behavior etc I Targeting information to what is on the user s mind Preference Behavior Context PerSOnal Model MOdEI Environment Info TaSte inteFeStS R Past actions 4 Situation Calendaremai 1 1 1 1 11 I Information Retrieval I I Advertising I I Community Monitoring I I SpatialTime patterns I I Time Tracking Power Savings Support of Science Group Default Behavior I I Group coordination I I Better usability I I Health monitoring I Rhythm model detects recurring events that are not in person s calendar start and end of day lunch availability during meetings commutes Of I I Start time Duration End time 0800 0900 1000 1100 1200 0100 0200 0300 0400 0500 0500 0 Descriptive and predictive model using expectation Begole et al CSCW maximization from observed events 2002 U15T2003 Example with Location Transition Starts work from home very early Monday mornings then commutes to office 7AM J Commute time 45 80 mins quotquotcat ion43ased Media 39 I Fall Alm R zrch Center GeoCoding Photos I Location embedded in image EXIF data Ham nbcunustwm39imwm msmmm mm 5311 m man mm 13 me man am an aam cm am drag to rem sh 39 s H i quot13 EV til th MMS to m hm I WWW Hymn a f 5 himquot msgmmc c mum W Ennnmrmmnm zAszo 39 1 UN Cowley amp ash Dailthalosz Pubshed by Demon cm wan of x DMIV whom hwy11 em 4an nut4 Ma 20 warng Palo Alla Resealch Cenler 3r Geoumrzlu lth Yahoo ZoneTag Take a picture Instant upload to Flickr with location tags flickr lam 39ag Pholo144252 P39ST Social GeoTagging I STAMPS System for TAgging Messages PostInferential Semantics Cherubini M 2005 Ecole I Socialight Leave messages media clips in specn IC locations Favorite restaurants stores etc Update facebook other social net apps Users can create channels and author a series of locationbased media posts C arch Center thosy nth I Ammoquot mu V Labs Photosynthr w u 39 1 v 7 39 quotquot1 v5 A L 5amp3 IRSEHSOBCES Pollex39s I Mynatt et al 1998 I Audio version of ambient display localized to a t RFC rt I I 132 39 I pa Icuarpace if bye Eg stop by an office and r I PM e e receive a personalized audio g gwa Cl C cue about how recently the 391 KB Other inhabitant was there headphones V Group V Ema members namnmtm Figure 2 The Aucho Aura System I Pala Alto Research Center Locationbased Advertising I Pale Alto Research Center RF mling nudrs D REZSMH Shopping Assistants I Asthana et al1994 r I Ublsense Demo Shopping Lists a Expmsscan 5 Slum puclnls Check Du gt Presumed In Alsln I Order Fmducl V 39 Raclpos a nnlng A j r Nutrillnnnl Curt Totals 39 Inlarmnuun N MedIaCart to be In v stores in 2008 521533 o p Ins Us In Reull Renagnlllun m Pm omw 5M w m we on mm 5 may lawns pm gnarx ud Museum Guides sotto voce parc 2001 ease Shared audio within a group I Palo Alla Research Center Magitti Stop searching let information find you I Replace tedious mobile searching with personalized recommendations I Information and suggestions based on Current Situation Past behavior Personal preferences I Information targeted on Leisure Activities Eat Shop See Do Read D N I I Palo Alto Research Center Service engagement with Dai Nippon Printing Co Ltd Be otti Begoel et al 0112008 Conceptual Architectural Recommendation 39quotfe39 ATV server Mariel Preferences Cantext The Location etc Preferences Sushi Badkstore sz ieic Ji l 7 Iimaged back selections ratings visits Mgbile Device R Local Area Consumer I Palo Alia Research Center Personal Preferences 0 Explicit preferences 0 Rating of items inspected 0 Analysis of content read 0 Behavior wherewhenwhat What you like Filtering and i Restaurant Reviews quot Ranking Store Descriptions Parks Descriptions Movie Listings Museum Events Magazine Articles Context History 9 Time 0 Her population 6 Lo a tioh patterns 6 User Queries 0 User Locations 0 Email analysis 0 Calendar analysis What you are doing now Activity Venue Utility EAT Straits Cafe 0177 EAT Fuki Sushi 064 AT Evvia 0610 EAT Tamarine 057 O 56me Salsa 039 EAT Bistro Elan 038 BUY Apple Store 033 Demonstration I Demo setup Not emulated software is running on the mobile device Database and server running on laptop I PARC prototype Palo Alto content database of local restaurants shops parks and other events and venues C arch Center Personal Preferences 0 Explicit preferences 0 Rating of items inspected 0 Analysis of content read 0 Behavior wherewhenwhat What you like Filtering and i Restaurant Reviews quot Ranking Store Descriptions Parks Descriptions Movie Listings Museum Events Magazine Articles Context HiStory a Time 02 Prior populatlion 6 Location patterns User Queries 0 User Locations Email analysis 0 Calendar analysis What you are doing now Activity Venue Utility EAT Straits Cafe 0177 EAT Fuki Sushi 064 AT Evvia 0610 EAT Tamarine 057 O Semis Salsa 039 EAT Bistro Elan 038 BUY Apple Store 033 Predicting Activities from MnThu Population Priors When there is no userspecific data prior population data is used Aggregate E quot Tf ff f 9 all data Mobl ephone Code each respondent s D39ar39es activities over 7day week urmumnmwsm mm mnlzay mm mm m ummm in mm m m Ii mm i 7W 4 f amp fi f f D r mm i mm wE HourIVactivitv report39 Ema quot 13 n saturdaquot Predict Who 7 m 0 What JEN r 0 Where um39iw 39 39 When probability of n r rm on each activity type 0 Info used amp desired 0 Photo w 1m mman mm 7 Vimmia Sunday mm mm an 50 h v n u 3 7M thiwtn H39mn an mmmwmmm am r u kilLiii 1mm 5W J 1mm 0 9 r a mm rmnxmwmn m M mm H wmmm 30 r 1 n wuznz n 2W r i 39mnz m w m ch Center M n a awmzrgmmrvw a euf Predicting Activities from EmailSMS I How well do messages suggest activity We examined a public set of 10000 SMS messages from National University of Singapore students similar to the Magitti target demographic Approximately 11 ofthe messages contain information related to leisure activities Yes in Midi me and emu quot quot Hm MIME linen Elmo stillquot an gate or We mga dime if a meat its 1 0 Keywords and linguistic structures are identified and sent to the activity inference mechanism I Fall Aha Research Center PrediCting Astrid s Grocery Activities Hector s Cafe 39 e Dave s Donuts from 39 Learned User Patterns Weekly Behavior Patterns 122 131 1200 to 100 37 23391 V Groge GrogefryE 122 93902quot ae ae 100 to Location location location I LBS is growing as location technologies become more prevalent I Early days with multimedia in LBS I Location data enables Behavior modeling for new capabilities Content recommendation Automatic Media Programming I Come to WCA LBS SIG Tuesday January 22nd 2008 400pm 600pm Where39s The Stuff And What39s It Doing Locating And Managing Assets alo Alto Fl eeeeeeeeee Er


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