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General Chemistry

by: Kylie Smitham

General Chemistry CHEM 1

Kylie Smitham
GPA 3.93

Randa Roland

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About this Document

Randa Roland
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kylie Smitham on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 1 at University of California - Santa Cruz taught by Randa Roland in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see /class/182237/chem-1-university-of-california-santa-cruz in Chemistry and Biochemistry at University of California - Santa Cruz.

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Date Created: 09/07/15
Chem 1M Example Questions Note 7 you will have questions on each quiz that relate to the current day s experiment prepare for these by reading the experiment doing the prelab and reviewing the online notes Experiment 1 Density Determination by Three Methods The following volume data was measured by water displacement for a 2184453 i 00001 g metal cylinder ltXgt X1X2 Xn a ltxgtx1zltxgtx22ltxxn2 n nl 1 What is the average volume of the cylinder 2454 mL 2 What is the standard deviation in the average volume of the metal cylinder 006 mL 3 When the student calculates the density of the metal cylinder she accidentally used a mass of 22884452 g Recall density massvolume Will the calculated density be too high Experiment 2 Empirical Formula of Magnesium Oxide A student burns Mn metal in excess oxygen The resulting oxide MnXOy is 6319Mn and 36800 by mass 4 Assuming 6319 g Mn and 3680 g 0 would yield 10000 g oxide What is the empirical formula MnOz 54quot Why might a student get a manganeseioxide compound that has an experimental empirical formula of MngOg 10 Mn15 0 ratio The product could be a mixture oanO and MnOz Experiment 3 Calorimetry and Hess s Law Calorimetry equation qlost qgained 0 where q heat energy For a mass of material q mmmmlcmmmlAT massheat capacityTf 7 T For a calorimeter q CcalodmemAT heat capacity of calorimeter Tfi T For a reaction of a materal q nmatemmAHm moles of materialAHm 6 A student adds 500 g of water to a calorimeter and allows the temperature to stabilize at 250 C Next she adds 500 g of 1000 C water The nal temperature of the entire apparatus comes to 5200C What is the heat capacity of the calorimeter in cal C cwm 100 calg C Hint heat is lost by the hot water heat is gained by the cold water and calorimeter 389 cal C gt1 In a later experiment the student uses a different calorimeter with a heat capacity of 320 cal0C She lls the calorimeter with 1000 g of 250 C acidic water HCl solution and adds 0500 g Mg metal 243 gmol The nal temperature of the apparatus comes to 4l8 C What is the heat of the reaction AH in kcalmol Mgs 2 HClm MgClmq Hug Hint heat is lost by the Mg reaction heat is gained by the water and calorimeter 108 kcalmol 00 Find AH for the reaction Mgs 12 023 MgOs using Hess s Law Mgs 2 HClaq MgClmq Hug AHKn your previous answer in kcalmol MgOs 2 HClm MgClmq H200 AHKn 364 kcalmol Hug 12 0 H200 AH 6812 kcalmol 140 kcalmol Experiment 4 Antacid Concentration by Back Titration 9 If 265 ml of 0126 M NaOH solution base are required to titrate 200 mL HCl acid what is HCl molarity 0167 M 10 How many moles of HCl are required to neutralize 550 mg CaC03 an ingredient in an antacid tablet 0 0 1 1 m 01 11 An antacid tablet is dissolved in 500 mL of a 0535 M HCl solution After driving off the CO2 gas the resulting solution was titrated to the equivalence point by 113 mL of 0126 M NaOH solution How many moles of acid were neutralized by the antacid tablet 00125 mol Experiment 5 Unknown Acid Determination now the important points on a titration curve and what they can tell you Experiment 6 Hydrogen atom emission 12 Calculate the energy of the photon emitted for the lowest energy state transition in the Paschen series nf 3 RH2M0x10mJ 1 1 h h 6626x10MJs EmmmEf7EiRH i Thcv c10xu ms n m 4 rrxromJ 13 One of the emission lines in the Balmer nf 2 series occurs at 4861 nm What is the AE Eff Ei associated with this transition 41x10 J 14 Why was the Balmer series nf 2 observed in lab but not the Paschen series Emission lines for the Paschen series are not in the visible region Experiment 7 Freezing Point DepressionColligative Properties A solution is prepared by dissolving 120g of glucose CSHIZOS 180 gmol in 500 g pure water The normal freezing point of pure water is 00 C and the freezing point depression constant Kf for water is 186 Cmolal 15 What is the freezing point of the glucose solution ATf Kfm01aht0f801ma 0248 C 16 The Kf for naphthalene is 680 Cmolal Two solutions with the same solute molality concentration of solute per kg of solute are prepared 7 one with water as the solvent and one with naphthalene as the solvent Which statement is true The freezing point of the naphthalene solution drops by a greater amount than that of the water solution MOW5 CNNN Wax907 SLIMgoo at Wowj WW m K3 is 0 w mme WJJY W IH J I 1 45m 0an m 5 K539 W WWLW M469 he me Aw 39 WY llep i w 6 4311M Jsmzn 8 Armqu awaitM w elm W Wk MWde V94 5 SWW MW we 405w in W S Wwa A hm N 39jv Oxidation L038 05 639 Reduction Gain of e TH OH I12cC g H29C EgtH lumuH EMqu 3 u 2 2H C e c c C 0 HO 1 0 o 0 o g Reduced Oxidized Oxidized DCP Reduced DCP LAscorbic Acid LDehydmascorbic Add Dark blue in base Colorless vitamin excreted Redpink in acid AAred DCPOX M AA0X DCPfed m WaldWV m DC w 1 WW 3 mm M mmm 9 g m AA g mLDU 3 Mbm b mv m n u y 23 pYASama m4 At as close to endpoint as possible DCP titrant WM IN y z WW M quot MW U 1ijth mw39i W1 DWMV W PMW Rafau imam 66 AA 3W Wasmg 44gt mi xv 13 W9 duCLWevEti a a V V JV 71 Mv ui mm 35 3amp0 W 5 I m M my meow4 660 M 5 WME M0 392 23 40 m DC 0 39 E A W Pantax 1m mom smsabomm 1 90m 4m 4 30 m Wkng quot x3 r 8w M 87 90mm z W 189 WM M M e A yakam w WM m m in m


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