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General Chemistry

by: Kylie Smitham

General Chemistry CHEM 1

Kylie Smitham
GPA 3.93

Randa Roland

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About this Document

Randa Roland
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kylie Smitham on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 1 at University of California - Santa Cruz taught by Randa Roland in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 56 views. For similar materials see /class/182237/chem-1-university-of-california-santa-cruz in Chemistry and Biochemistry at University of California - Santa Cruz.

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Date Created: 09/07/15
1 g V 3 DamM O 1N ngNW M 37305 ML o zmwf 4045 x w W U f m 404 EfMQSg WLO A K a s H V lvz 9 Hams L5MLgtCZMWW 3 if h W W 1x10 3 ZIOML 3 f 1 XX LSGerm QMLXZXIU M4XWM vs 1 r v 7 9 z 13me flit rn n LBJ Z Iehzo mm Z A 1 g quot U m mm M Ks ng was ww as gt Ks w mm 3 5a Mm 5mm M0 H lt W abso m meEWZO Fe SCN qquot FESCN2 9 fwlvov WgL bW b m WNW is 233 llll39 xalll IIII m m an nl Fe3 SCN FeSCN2 Fe3 SCN FeSCN2 Fe3 SCN FeSCN2 Initia Approaching equil Equ ibrium K A 2 H w 1 b Iquot II ag a 1 SON S 75 PM U 3x041 awmio W NWUW j dmw m0 5 m r 331 wt AWL b by small K large K y K 102 Intermede Ix K in 2 2 favors madam 10 Ix 1 10 mm rs pro duct favors neitllet i shVa quot 931T UM 339 J t f A 1 ix l k g 51 ML J QWV W W wvb 1 1 9i LiaWW gt vol ijVV W pXCAqu CO C I 1 m XWW Absorbance vs Wavciength for FeSCNk 24 70 M a A V 420 500m 6 36 k T W M wwk a M 37358 m a am 32 9153 3 3 5 45 423 430 4 5 513 525 533 a a waveiength mm Km 460 465 mm absorbs gteeubluefappears red orange PMS PM m 9T S gs ery way m n n A 5 E A f rfaff 61L A 39 oLWH m W9 va w 1 mm 7 A u g a 3 Wu bnm 3014 1 2 10 M J y 2 fquot ngfquot mg gt9 z KiSGN Md 0 ma at2 mt v W 5 chwm MAWOJDMw M 1quot 39 5 J SMU jamg L63 A V V n z 2 WJMV Wm WM M 8m WWW EM QSCN 2 demm NaSCN FeN33 Solutions 1 Z 7quot 7 4 I V 7 3 39 207m M 01M 1031me SUV 2 v 1 Fa SuV J1 N m 1m 9mL 2010 M 4 r x r 1 am mL aoxiom v n r f 2 y quotT J j WW RSVN J SmL SmL LOXEWM I K L v E mL 3mL 14310434 A 4 zz 5 W 9mL IInL 18330 M lt 10 m1 0 mL mm M mm mm A 3 mm Wm Lamar A z z 1 50M V70 M Fi 00gb A w SGML r 5 I iv 5 gm 3 a Vm 2X20 J w F r 277 m 4 scwm 2w M 99 mm W 2m M l W MW W e C N 63 85 1 0 3 Qmmwm w 2x avgv1 10m a lw MW mod 3 Ft SCN u eSW LamML 013M r CWOg K39ch 39 L A 561 0WRL N 03 glL A M V Tmzvz WW1 5 5m A 2 1 zxi0 VJ 9 zm a W W ML x quotL W F QWMMLI A M 9m 393 Wm gt quotAVE 3 5OML SW bigwk 01M FagJ03 0 80 SCN OoT lmL 0730 3 4 5b a V ML 060 M m1 0 F E Emu g 039 K stW6 l m39t 39 040 34quot 1 l0m y MK 1 lt 93quotquot R309923f 020 r I 030 v Wm WM W A AG 39 c s 6 6 5c ax 3 5x 5me WW a 28gt 62gt QV quot 3 y 0 x v w 3 f r Molarity a w b m M WW x 3 x N 39 w 39 H CIK K QAM 3m mt 5 1 Nat FL 2 O xb 3000 30 3mm Fwd v Wow 02 NaSCNI 13601035 NaN03 WEED blank 5 1011 300 411i V yj qgg My 2 mL 0 mL 3 mL y 3 mL 5 ml 2 mL g 4 mL 5 1 mL smL 39 0 mL 0 0 v 0amp0 Q u v 20 69 NaSCN FeNO33 NaN03 001 A 1025x1102quoteq 20310301 20x10quot3M 20xi0 301 00 g c 3477 y g m biwe 900114 ML 5 mL 1000 0000 000E00 V W 1 mL 5 mL 4 mL 08 0150 4311305 Q10 539 2 mL SmL 3 mL 490 0310 892E 05 03 3 i ijL SmL 2mL 390 0400 115304 0 gm SmL 1mL 302 0520 1501304 mL 5 mL 0 mL 240 0620 18E04 m4 o Mumta 5 K 3wa r SMMOm PM K 5W5 Fe 313 5 R 5 5W f H 30m r3 wl 1 mmm m 2 WW Z mm 9 n r V Mquot C quotquotquot39 1 T1 i 3 A j I I MHie ML M2 11 A a V 58 W K C 7 7 K g mij a V 3 X a N I O V K k b I O 3 7 V L wa rm ltme 3 3 2ng


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