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Week #1 Notes

by: Erin Shattuck

Week #1 Notes CHEM - 10030 - 002

Erin Shattuck
Dr. Ekanayake

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About this Document

Chapter 2 Notes!
Dr. Ekanayake
Class Notes
25 ?





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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Erin Shattuck on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM - 10030 - 002 at Kent State University taught by Dr. Ekanayake in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see CHEMISTRY IN OUR WORLD in Chemistry at Kent State University.


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Date Created: 09/07/15
GENERAL CHEMISTRY WEEK 1 NOTES WWEQSLDM L G r MW W WWSUDW t mama 00M Q E 39L U fui In D owmw J MDIELUKEQ W Wm mm 1 Law UWK at 8391me w of 1 Gm rim 0 Mm f MWMS 4 l or man 39er 1me Nf b 01 Maxwm L w Mm subs ranm m chmlly bum K C H KWM k W H 339 quot W i V i m I amp r I WWW 141 Hal WMBMM w HUm gs V ha 7 r u 7 quot 39 ax r if 39 7 39 391 a K I 0 I V a i a quot quoti so 0 Jl rm V a Iquot l my a a K a 39 U I 39 C V Menu Nahum mwbund Mntk i 39s Q n65 f e x mww Wigs 0m mm em 16m mm N 64 53 WW E W 7 2 RDka 03w M be m WW m Sn va M ms WW we WWW M 2 wa W V3 MW MW w WM 3 UN 11 WOW WM ow 5 1 Wm WM Du n xiu 1mm f brows veg cxmk H M39 H 4mm Hmi ml 1 mu stmom lmwmmm r NHmauj WWW M Mn l kas a l mm Mm c awn ml 3mm sum mm mmtww siwww 39 MMka Jr m gnu W WH My 3 quot 3335 Dquot M mum WOW hm quota sum MM It H ihmh q mekm a ww m w WWI mm x 39 woww mama mm c mmms gt1 immks WW 9W 6 QVOWHU W m m Jr 3 0 m5 0t WM Qe H Lamp Ina 39 AWN mm Wqu WW L 7 WP um WWW mm mm Norm rme wow 1cm Hummuww WW WW 87 LR Molok Maj NDNLOMWV Q 9 Wow 3m I39m LOLA 9M6 fDr RM ElWX k in 03V an w 03wa UH 5 N m 4J3ij W Jr WNW e Ly m m mumms WNW Wm 0N elmmm k We 0km I x 1m Mathew We llama WWW Moms M mmw mm flew ee mm mm Summuif MW 0 L DW C Dmpbuvmlj Q M edNM gt 911le wtum mm w WWWka 39 HMO MW of opposing WOLqu 1 th i i f 3mm Mom fgfgij M617 dif wmifmmi Amxm spmme mmmw megg 39 UUkTWx 5 3 rquot 7 3937wa 3 ex w W we m WWI W mm W diE iUWw 0 A 5quotquot I55 i abiaay f1333331d 1 a h v V quot r l I T 1 I x I u I V 1 l A i quot xiv A I h r J J g t V k V gt 7 7 l A 1 0 am mmm quot i f quot 39 Lawn Sf39W f 39a w mumw f 17 Mime Al 3925 J l Ac 3 h a L l E I I i l i h 3 7 7H Vii M mum fly V WWW Eer H au 1 w x 553 1 EMWX MNML i b qu mpof Mugax WWW g m A rim LA x QE a a r w a 9 r Viiin n rrirrm 7 r 7 7 7 7A A r r 4 f j J 23221991999999 asampUMNJ mm M Mu SS ommm 3 mm W58 m6 WSW 343 w gm 0 dm w W van WNW who I 3 mm H mm TokL MASS m m N m 3 MWEGMSQUWIL w A p i gt 39 1quot 7 1 39 39 3 quot J I v 5 s r If M W Calcium Carbon 39 L10 a 0 a f e we a mum Izryr csrbok pl H A i 59mg IILDIQJES 39 7 gt MNEQQMUWLR 39 v w k w z QM 5 1 v 39 0 him M megumcis a Memp mkggsgd M w J w x mm mm a A was M 4m Wm M 3mm mmmmmi 1 l to 1 Lb I t 9 1 0126 legu h J i z r a in 1n 1 if f I w w m u w a z N 39J J 1 J 1 H H WNCOH MUWW 0mm 3 LEM w MW 91 WWquot kaku awash 04 MW 2 Moms of l Cal9 lag CUM ukd Mo O roms Ga Omm39hw EXWB 3 El nv5 UF an gnaw1 Ode CCch in 1005 4quot t3w W Pmpwpctsj are dii umla 0 ahw OE O Chx GW CS LL Companide FEW CM CM Combmmrm M a Spatial val r0 06 Mums 3g MHMMN W325 mum m1 alast 3 6 Mom Q39WHOPE EMS mumer e mm m 0 mum mm 39 MW home 4 39 M3510 w a i W Hmum 10mm 3 a 03 e MWmLk 9 Measured Charge Mixmag WWSSXE 1 We Mo th 5 13 Thomysw 3 PLUMquot PUDDle MDDgL 5 a W th W mm Pos km me l no gm MM Nam 5 1 SCMWI M gold MU apemew quotDH MOMS WSiSJc 01c a HM I MINM WM mums SWWO warms 9 WUEM AW Madam wk mww 1mm mew WMWS Minions E m quot Mam Midikmm Mme x Saoamplrc ck mvyr aphxk mlmm pkmd1 1 n E a f K h xNMQqu WGQMKIQVLQLED WP 31 159 If 3139 7 7 39 WMMMLLM quotI it x w 3 me M DEE ung 51 m shmxy n lootMm f ew L km LALquILS f ampwsmr xgx fem Ml39wt SW NW NWQWQ W bl m quotJr 1 f j Ewing 1 Mom


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