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J101 Grammar for Communication

by: Morgan Miller

J101 Grammar for Communication

Morgan Miller

Leigh Jasheway-Bryant

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About this Document

Notes for Module 11 with practice questions at the end of the presentation.
Leigh Jasheway-Bryant
13 ?




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This 14 page Reader was uploaded by Morgan Miller on Tuesday May 27, 2014. The Reader belongs to a course at University of Oregon taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 76 views.


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Date Created: 05/27/14
IULE I 1 Choosing Words wgw don t mean what you C think they mean W Mew AMEN C182 Anxious Frightened Bring When something is moved toward the object Chronic Longterm Constant Must occur continuously over a period of time Engulfed To swallow up in or as in a gulf Enormity Evil Irony Incongruity between what is expected an what it actually means Peruse Read thoroughly carefully Since Refers to passage of time Whether Use when there are two or more alternatives 1 L Jf in F I39 W TL VP quot Tl Accept verb to receive Advice noun guidance Affect verb to make a difference Alternative noun a choice Anyone pronoun any person V Apart adverb separate from at Appraise verb put a value on A Bare verb or adjective not clothed or basic Beside preposition next to Board noun a governing group p P E J U W o F d Except preposition not including Advise verb to suggest a course of action Effect usually a noun change or result of action Alternate verb to take turns Any one adjective pronoun option A part determiner noun belonging to Apprise verb inform Bear noun or verb large mammal or to withstand Besides preposition or adverb in addition to Bored verb experienced weariness and impatience Bread noun food made from wheat Bred verb produced offspring reared in a certain way Breath noun air inhaled or exhaled Breathe verb the act of inhaling or exhaling Canvas noun a strong fabric Canvass verb or noun to solicit votes Close verb to shut Clothes noun items worn on the body Complement noun or verb finishing Compliment noun or verb to flatter touch Conscience noun moral sense of Conscious adjective perceiving or right and wrong aware Council noun assembled group of Counsel noun or verb person people providing advice or the advice itself Courtesy noun politeness in attitude Curtsy noun a small bow or behavior Decent adjective in good taste or Descent noun downward movement satisfactory or referring to ancestry Do verb perform Due adjective or noun expected planned owed EV 5 s s Don verb put on clothing Dawn verb begin to appear Everyday adjective usual Every day adjective noun occurring daily Farther adverb at greater distance Further verb to move something forward Flare noun or verb sudden outburst Flair noun talent or attractive quality Formally adjective following custom Formerly adverb at a former time or rules Grisly adjective gruesome Grizzly adjective type of bear Imply verb to suggest indirectly Infer verb to conclude based on information M Its pronoun possessive of it It39s contraction for it is Lead noun or verb a metal or to Led verb past tense of lead direct Lets verb allow Let39s contraction for let us Loose adjective or adverb free or Lose verb to be without unrestrained Moral adjective or noun right and Morale noun mental or emotional wrong condition Passed verb moved beyond Past noun time gone by Personal adjective relating to a Personnel noun a group of people person usually employed Principal adjective or noun Principle noun fundamental law or important head of school sum or truth money Proceed verb to continue Precede verb come before or pass Raise verb or noun help up or extra Rise verb or noun assume upright P income position Smelled verb past tense of smell Smelt noun small bony fish Than conjunction used in Then adverb denoting time comparisons Their possessive pronoun There location They39re contraction for they are Warn verb give notice Wear verb have on Weather noun or noun climate to Who39s contraction for who is Worn verb or adjective past tense of wear used Where adverb or conjunction at this place Whether pronoun or conjunction involving alternatives Whose pronoun possessive of who Funky Phrases A couple of times years etc unless you39re referring to a pair choose a few times A lot of times often or frequently Amount of friends cars number of friends use number with countable nouns Based off of based on w Being as I am because I am or just I am It looks like rain it looks as if it may rain Obsessed over obsessed with Often times often don39t use two words when one will do Outside of books hobbies in addition to applies to all nouns you can39t be outside of Students that students who students are people and people take whowhom Things like this things such as this This is the time where this is the time when when refers to time where refers to place Turns out don39t start a sentence with this choose it turns out or omit it 39 twgjmiu P 55ff H quot 1rCE fa 7 L A U u Cg atwng textingrelated word proble m s 1 quot 1 W K v l 5 39 1 J S g 4 b L t 4 5 mjlt H Li Tl E A jpostr e g p 1 H H and contractions H a a H H m 1 D me s proper Practice quotat Pd t 1 fference between affect and 39J 7 V L L 39 ltf J3 i K 6 N 39 V V 9 1 7 JK 4 nk 0 5 435 1 quotE5L 1quot 5 0 L O uLw IELJ quot 1 7 EL 1 e a e j T A1 5 E 1 EN 39 L U T R 11 1 n in doubt P look it up in the 7 at ti Py 9t should one do to avoid textingrelated e 0 problems Eqvkerb to receive Except Preposition 1 7 9 H K pK 7 1 r T X Jr rLLlt 1 L39Erm I a gt J 9 r w 5amp1 P 1 ellwout your 0 use apostrophe s and q capitalize proper names 3 1393 2


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