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Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics

by: Dr. Elyssa Ratke

Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics CMPS 290

Marketplace > University of California - Santa Cruz > ComputerScienence > CMPS 290 > Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics
Dr. Elyssa Ratke
GPA 4.0


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 39 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Elyssa Ratke on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CMPS 290 at University of California - Santa Cruz taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/182267/cmps-290-university-of-california-santa-cruz in ComputerScienence at University of California - Santa Cruz.

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Date Created: 09/07/15
L ELTMRE 3 quotUhEAR RE RE waU ONLle M g INlTIALQE Qquot Pei 2312 135 sscecwg INQTAMCE xt Em 7 gt 5 2 SET LASEL 3g 39 mama M99 91 ith MQDATE Wt To t GOAL THE To TAL Ler 0F 7m mum Mg 9H0w0 Mo 35 MoCH LARGE mm 7m 39 To TAL 1099 0F MI MERLIN5 ALC V S 3g jlyiziijlc nggiTg T 1 gt w w x m 2 Z Wm3936 wk 2 mam ti 39 I W 3911 Ww p7 v V ampL NE Au Caerpuwg if m WWWTS W TM venues I 4 5 CEIUERAL L099 Lat Wt t LINEAR REMES QW V 39 7 39 v 39 quot 1 T t39 LQJQQ 7quot Me GD 2 39 LABEL Pk munw g a m ARE 16 wan mot 32Mqu i w L 1mm gQuAREb Mu Bt TANCE wag We V1 L2 520t139yt Xttt fquot WJC 47 L15 W 39Kt Mt E U lUJCH UM W r xm iift W 3911 L3 39U39Xt z g mPUUT I w gtf f I A Ewamw WNWWMQQB Rep mrn RELEMTMP E V I 39 I 35 r 14 3th b wt39 3917 L gt 5 Wt Kt kt 39 t 392 294 ampvt 91 Wvgtfxt memgmma I quotW Lb wt Am CatEm CSF PAW EVAWPLE u Gt 39 M Now w ER03 UECToR W K 1 1 L a 2 I ham 9 I Xa I 5 I w L w 2 t yt 774 mg Liwgt 3 2w w L438quot 1 Q I Watta x U Q g 14 w 1 i3 2quot a m w mavxtwgytmg aw Mme Md 6 e SlUCE 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wijrtj wt jrt j w 1 I U c N ti I a 39 i1 harm wt irt 1 exp qLQt 011133 310 1 39 exp nLgtytUat 311 Figure 3 Exponentiated gradient algorithm 39with positive and negative weightsI 57 5 77 CAM BE REWRMLATE EH ii A at 0146 1 9WM Meant490 11 Liyt Qtl Cosh r quot 39 39 h I39 i r 1a w PARAMETER 6 IR 4 M mm i gt A l TARGET I O O 0 x in 11An k1 4 o 01 1 TO M L L055 an 39 5quot wirri 39 d 3 ARGET I 10Oquot O I 11quotn n100 1 xin D Q CO00OCOO O CCCIC000 39 C00 DC IOlCCOCO QOOOUDOUOOOOCOOO39COOOOOO OCOCUOCOOOIDOOOQOOOOU0 O39b100 v E 10039 90 8039 C CD P39 D 550 5 a VLQ 1O 250 2 150 100 50 q n I NCO9 14P Q 3 x E 332 xu 3158 300 moo o 00O QOOQQOIOO II OOIOODOOOOOJIOOOEOOOOOIOOOOOOOOOHOIOOIOOOOOOCOOOI o mo doc mo moo mmo moo 10 15 25 3039 50 00r39 OCOO0 OCOOOOOOOOOOCO 0 E 01 O l C 60r X 39n 11 n k1 n1000 O2 O o1 01 02 O3 1O 30 40 60 4 w 39l 39 9 A J39 n HI quot 3 39 a w q 51 b air 2 39 We ef g w i39 u on 39f a Y I V Wk 3 39I I 3 39 a 39V W 394 39b y al 39 I 1quot My Hw w I 1 i quotVV quot 1 l2quot a 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grimeMary D i Wm W 39 29 LATER tress cmm 2 39 g M Pn io l o 197 i 557 m quot f I EkgwoaDx FmeH mew 7 H I mwwom We 1 Q BATCH Mewv 0F AerV stigvaw A MM AampMII CHOICE 04 DH E Q my c M c A L EXAMPLE 39 LMlggAra e g 11 2 PAQAMETExe f 52 g 53 v 29 601er Log g 911559 It 1 mm 3 aa39zAfz M6 T 439 21 W39Xg kit a gt 0 2 A Fl NIT D ion myavMpMTGAWvgz e OMLIUE Oimz PEI TieAL mmumwww mm v LWEM 4346 Jar V KKK egg Wei F EWWMEQQ RGG3 95 gawk f 209 91quot 39 u y 39 v39 I v 39 I V I 39 I 1 V 39 l I 39 h v 39 39 y 39 i w 027 6 39 i 9V W14 quot39 WT EE 43 EA is I a Law g amuss 51 me s 7 Law 1gquot fw 39 l 7 I 5 229 1 Wt 695 15 0N 391 gt gt relative loss bound for GD gt progruwquot22uw2etawxyxquot2l2 1 391 progrz5uw2 Euw2nwxyx2 gt p1factorprogr p12nx wxynxynxzwuw gt p22etaquot2wxyquot2xquot22etauxWquotXWXV p2 2n2wxy2x2 2n weW WCy gt factorprogrp2 O gt ewwxy euuxy gt p32etaA2ewquot2xquot22etaeuewew 2 p3 2n ewzxz 2n eu ew ew gt factorprogrsubsewwxyeuuxyp3 O gt to show that f ltO gt fp3aewquot2beuquot2 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