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Intermediate Spanish I

by: Dino Veum

Intermediate Spanish I SPAN 212

Marketplace > Kansas > Spanish > SPAN 212 > Intermediate Spanish I
Dino Veum
GPA 3.68

Amy Rossomondo

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About this Document

Amy Rossomondo
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dino Veum on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPAN 212 at Kansas taught by Amy Rossomondo in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/182347/span-212-kansas in Spanish at Kansas.


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Date Created: 09/07/15
SPAN 212213 Instrucciones para Quiz 1 A De niciones Escucha la frase que lee tu instructora y decide cual palabra se asocia mejor con la de nicion Escribe la letra que corresponde a la respuesta en el espacio en blanco 10 puntos B Los numeros Tu instructora va a leer una serie de numeros y cifras Escribe el numero que escuchas en el espacio en blanco para completar el cuadro 8 puntos C Los comparativos en contexto Usa las estructuras comparativas para crear oraciones verdaderas que re ejan la inforrnacion en el cuadro chart arriba 10 puntos 2 cada frase Va a ser necesario hacer comparaciones de desigualdad mdsmenos que de igualdad tan coma 0 tantouosus coma y con mils de D SerEstar Escoge uno de los siguientes ternas y escribe 6 oraciones en que usas SERy ESTAR correctamente para expresar tus ideas 13 con ser y 3 con estarL Tanto el uso de ser y estar como la calidad y comprensibilidad de las oraciones se consideraran en la evaluacion 12 puntos 2 cada uno Vas a tener 2 temas y es necesario elegir uno E Sucesos Muchas veces se usa el tiempo presente para hablar de eventos en el pasado o la historia Esta herramienta retorica rhetorical tool se llama e1 presente historico Escoge 1 de los 5 sucesos eventos mas importantes de la historia de los latinos en EEUU identi cados en tu clase y usa el presente historico verbos en el presentet para proveer la siguiente informacion J Tu instructor a va a evaluar tanto el uso correcto de los verbos en el presente como el contenido del parrafo Aproximadamente 4565 palabras 10 puntos F Unidad 1 Una reflexion nal Escribe un ensayo breve 100 palabras en el que re eXionas sobre lo que uno puede aprender de esta unidad que no mencionamos ya en el quiz Es necesario seg11ir los criterios que aparecen a quot 39 39 J You will choose I or more activities as the focus of your essay from a broad range of activities from Acceso You will need to provide SQECiZlC examples to support your claims Make sure that you understand the question and answer it completely The scale on which your essay will be evaluated follows 15 points Excellent Task is accomplished completely and successfully Answer is thorough and displays genuine critical thinking skills and attention to detail by the student Language use has minimal errors in the grammar presented in the lesson none of which interfere with comprehensibility Precise and impressive use of vocabulary from the unit Correct spelling and limited agreement errors 135 points Very good Task is accomplished completely and successfully Answer is thorough and displays a good level of attention to detail and critical thinking by the student Language use has very few errors in the grammar presented in the lesson none of which interfere with comprehensibility Effective use of vocabulary from the unit mostly correct spelling and limited agreement errors 12 points Good Task is accomplished satisfactorily Answer is fairly thorough and displays some attention to detail and critical thinking by the student Language used had some errors in the grammar presented in the lesson which rarely interfered with comprehensibility Fairly consistent use of general vocabulary and evidence of incorporating words from the unit comprehensibility was occasionally impeded Some errors in spelling and agreement 105 points Acceptable Task is partially accomplished Answer is acceptable though it does not display much depth of thought or provide many supporting details Language use contains errors in the grammar presented in the lesson which interfered with comprehensibility Inconsistent use of vocabulary that confuses meaning or avoidance of use of vocabulary words from the unit when it would have been appropriate Numerous spelling errors andor agreement errors detract from comprehensibility 9 points Needs much improvement Task is not fully accomplished Answer does not meet the requirements of the assignment though some effort was made AN DOR Incorrect and careless use of vocabulary grammar from the lesson agreement errors andor spelling render entry very dif cult to comprehend 75 points or less Unacceptable Task was not accomplished Answer does not meet the requirements of the assignment little or no attempt was made or a signi cant amount of the task was completed in English AN DOR Errors render language use incomprehensible with respect to grammar from the lesson agreement errors andor spelling


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