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CHEN 2810: Biology For Engineers

by: Ryan W.

CHEN 2810: Biology For Engineers

Marketplace > University of Colorado > Chemical Engineering > CHEN 2810 Biology For Engineers
Ryan W.

Jennifer Cha

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About this Document

These notes cover Chapter 9: Cell Signaling, Chapter 11: DNA Replication, Chapter 12: Gene Expression (Transcription and Translation), and Parts of Chapter 13 and 20: Biotech Processes and DNA repl...
Jennifer Cha
Biology, Engineering, Chemical Engineering, MCDB
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This 16 page Reader was uploaded by Ryan W. on Wednesday May 28, 2014. The Reader belongs to a course at University of Colorado taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 412 views.


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Date Created: 05/28/14
Biology for Engineers Professor Jennifer Cha BIOLDW KEVIEV EXM 2 Cti fAneJfmC nvPf 53 1 gees oF signaxllngz X ommct V Pn3V lt39 39 Xruvdrin5 on marker lE39JOCf s39nCquot Signd lnofmoh f NI lkrox9k Ho 04 i39f39eNV 7t7Afacara39ne CzsI5nas are secreteI MJ mIel 0 oPaar oco cc LI uerono Maren makes to m om3c cell bq o newromsmu391 c6f DzPerm lVeckmisms VI39recA39urec oormc auross gone jxmtrions D Yor c B UNZIv39nco sigmk genemx2A acF Fec Mwbg oe Us 3 ErJocrIne dtm39La5Jumones ftue3 CMo booasrM ml drtuaecea o N393e cells LL 53mg 39cv Irmsmission of newrnns MIH er Fun newon W synaetfc 5 10 Ie x nerve c J Pa 39ocn39 c Signals quot Hrfcmlly Sm franks known as o5rok39n s comolso be grovJk 1 c ol39 ct LelVeo 7eiF m or J39 riAe3 quot PMocrine S395r A t5 ax 199 of H f9m M3 1395 quot6F si3Mn39n5 quot kwm l beams u cm awe A c 0 Self d39n3e comer Eniocrhe signals gt ecftvles konmo nes Mo blooAsnsum quot 39o5 o139 kese hummus MB kg rophdoic M 0M be fmein looxsc or 5eroc39Js ahJpkobic yreroi s um eermewce membranes quot mrmurIE om rB5gton539H For mevgton39gtm Moo Ml gmwkk Erinepkrtne lac o n Mkiskomone amses wer cc5 0 me kbg zq Nutcose and kcor calls o cornma more Ho quotquot ks5pkor9lah39 n is 4 g 0 MM S 3noiN DE CNASE i Smee 9W5 ecom f 1Egt5 C9d39c Ame gtu eI 0 mns r car in mu gtIw lg awcimea bxg urugme re ugtors ml MOS 7covPK Rf ovlein recemors 9 bn nJ 40 and mafia Mes P 39 Fu39 proR3n nMe InrMc vw39 mg gtr2nepmr pmes n LCM saerbi s ws are secruc me la oH o Form a hormone Fece or oomflex Hormone QlecgflOFS KNIPC L45m5e5 ofallrzggg 39 Akormonz HM Hug AorVon N ax DReoe17 quot AcVIMh39n W5 Hn ing clomolun ma Ops Jmvxmm H0136 as S 39gna bx nAs recepor Comcidu ror 0 can0 amount Em LoASco F39mn13939ono ckmge 4a ocr39mm EXP 55 5igM Trmsdmurion 39 ifi4N t39gna1 comlerredto ax da39 argn SH 6 sI39o s 39vIJe Ce H Louverveck S3nt M528 are osc wtinoxckJude new 56 oFpr o leins 3 CQW Keseonsc 3 Common proteins FFectc EV Lg m 3 CM oltH3ec M2vxbo ism Q Tm tfb on Fmors scan oFRc gene M3 ere en BgtltPF 530quot Q 5ruvUN Praieins gt cm Jfeat Ce l Mgtemob39I39y Re camTugroslne Ktmxsc5 RV43 i39i39 rI39mltt5 3 3g23s amp msew e or by being 39 Ligmn s bind 1o recc or and mo reczpkor mssocJo2 pkosgtk rgloe each bike mar K A29 lt mltr39se 0W ogtVose mr3ciof 04her proteins com be phoSgtko glo39vElt B19 RTL E9 binding o fkospkoIvarosine on Peccpior 39 Insmlfn comrol gwsusc kvels in 4kt boag M3 clor So by bfvwhng o RTK 12 C9 90 Li 5 ml 539 gIa inkz0sL Ion 39 Wtgk coMeMrow39m of 39amA 5 neeael For S aHl39I9 39 quot C P0fgt are erg seedIito IvnrcS s39gonAr39cepor 39n cerascaans axre omwoe gte 3939L39ox tke cegro K Ju395socu39Miorx 0on9on l39 wowaueew l J quotquot 9quot e 4 39 39P 395 W W395H1 ligen K Ligcng Signaling 5 Igphlxl Hug 0 5 39gnn ax Ugnnlfecepfor HAJCAI is 1Lrzmgln plsosrlnorylmon fkosplnorylmion is lP39 osllg Jone llxrosgk lgitmse gnzgmeslkgp mil uses AT D99 A R 39 lTi A D O39 3Mo39or DR 9 p D Clwl nels LInlltec 39 Lamrals on clnmnels gnofrmsllta in nerve cells En3929me K czplar 1rmsncnbrnne cavlallfzes cell response inside cell lag mpmcg glgmul PX 112K 739 Pfvltfn Loaplt re L291or ll 5 ants oM 5 rl of 3 gtn 2vm s met 33945 n wwmembrme r espoI4 uJl GT bnJ39o5 Mn ecovx mt5 s5ML5 actws 3 LChr Kimcs r L p39o 39 M l 2 f Elt fH l 39 39 g lym L NMgt er Prolelnsz bin to fkosphavylaml grmpson P39llt n become plmM4 39rPltrvCx e oklnef erlzwgmtslraW6 0 creme ox lame coecake oml At39uvq p mg5 5lqM cannula acts on Kw Km KlI0S Cmscax g 39 Equot35 09 Pfoltin kinvsszs llam Vkosekargloece emck 0ker A 0CL39m 39lM ever is omivwcitu Nr39uws MM 5N 3939lIfN5gn paos lonM39sox 5B sA Cfclters Sftmi kormone ecu Por are no Mzhbv390V recemr A 9r o l 3n Kfnosse au A P 5P5aves 0 9Meins owl IA proIein fhospk oxse remIe5ken 39 Vmraodne S39gnaln39n5invoIs ligxv15 Secretes by n9i5 Lor 39n5 cel5 I EL395mJltl4mo mcpors Hm AM he bouml 40 a 39gom c sigmls mIm gene expregstonjncremse Hf enzymes ml osorime pqr39cuIor M39rA1 er Nuns iMracevN recepm M Hal DNA uillte membrme recepor 395399naIng 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ull


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