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Varieties of Human Experience

by: Claire Goodwin

Varieties of Human Experience ANTH 160

Marketplace > Kansas > anthropology, evolution, sphr > ANTH 160 > Varieties of Human Experience
Claire Goodwin
GPA 3.68

Bartholomew Dean

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About this Document

Bartholomew Dean
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Claire Goodwin on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANTH 160 at Kansas taught by Bartholomew Dean in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/182437/anth-160-kansas in anthropology, evolution, sphr at Kansas.

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Date Created: 09/07/15
Chapter 11 quotWomen Work Men Sponge and Everyone Gossips 0 PART 1 Sex Work in Sosua 0 Sex Workers as Exploited and Exploiting I Sexual economy money spending and saving money I Sex workers usually quotAfrodominican and Afrohaitian I Customers usually quotGermanquot or quotwhite European I Customers can chose the race or fantasy with sexforsale I Fantasies not only as quothotquot but for greater power then they may have at home I Believed and aunted to be quotbetter and more exciting than women from home 0 Both customers and workers promote this stereotype for business I Due to being in industrially deprived countries women rely on dangerous work to make money I Women make more money then Men in Sosua 0 Women 500 pesos 1 client 0 Men 1000 or 1500 pesos 1 month I Earning Power Money Earned and trying to get visas are what they are after I Early 90 s are when these patterns started in Sosua I Not ALL sex workers are exploited I Different classes of sex workers 0 Sosua s Sex Workers Look to Migrate off the Island I Sosua s sexworkers see the men as walking visas and a way to leave 0 Exploiting the ones exploiting them I Dominican s have been migrating to New York I Tourists can enter Dominican without visa not the opposite I They use scams often dangerous to get off the island Dominican Republic 0 They useyola sto get to American shores and pay quotline waiters to hold their place for a visa 0 Yola Small boats or rafts used to travel to Puerto Rico I Many travel to Sosua because its closest they can be to leaving Puero Rico 0 Fuera Outsideoff the island I When women in Puerto Rico move to Sosua for sex trading they view it as a step to entering another country 0 Performing Love and Selling Sex for Visas I Sex workers pretend to enjoy the sex and pretend there in love 0 Par am or for love 0 Par residencia for visas I If successful could get their families out ofpoverty I Sex workers talk to 4 or 5 clients at a time through fax 0 Costs 1 dollar to send and receive a fax Sex workers receive faxes to 0 Pick up money 0 Planning their European boyfriends visits 0 News about the woman s visa 0 Travel plans to visit or live in Europe with there men Progesar To get ahead Harder to exploit the customers who have to leave and go back to where they live as opposed to the Dominican men 0 PART 2 Rewriting the gender quotscriptquot in Sosua o Sosua s Sex workers Code ofBehavior Men in Sosua like when they are expected to sponge off there wives Women in Sosua risk being gossiped about The women often repeat scripted stories that others may share The quotthemesquot of sex workers are the values and beliefs they claim to embrace o Sosua workers are given a quotcode ofbehavior to live by Major themes to follow as a worker o Motherhood and the problems 0 Safe sex 0 Frustration with Dominican men s infidelities Themes are used to stop gossip about sex workers 0 Gosip s Function Unifies and Divides Sex workers gossip together and form bonds with each other Gossip also plays with reputations and truth and false of the activities or values and feelings of other workers Sex workers use gossip to decrease competition in work or get an immediate sense ofpower 0 I m Not Like Other Sex Workers One popular story of sex workers is that of quotgood mother They make it out to be doing there work for there family 0 Prostitutas Prostitutes o Putas Whores Pretending that there not like the other sex workers Sex workers say that other sex workers are 0 Dangerous 0 Have AIDS or steal from tourists o Untrustworthy o Lie about HIV status 0 Manipulative 0 Take advantage ofmen and there money Kenyan sex workers quotStand together or fall together Sosuas sex workers quotWomen must them each other Gossiping helps set the quotgood mothers apart from the quotprostitutasquot Multiple Scripts 0 Ambivalence PART 3 Sex workers make sure not to talk about there rewards Talking about there rewards would show they lied about being a quotgood mother Sex workers usually complain about the work but love the money and exible hours they receive 0 Able to provide for their families but is dangerous They tell multiple scripts to make themselves real women instead of sacrificing mothers Workers don t tell friends what they have incase they gossip ab out it later 0 Not all sex workers usually the younger ones don t listen to this Some sex workers enjoy the time away from home and child upbringing Some workers quotswagger through town buying new clothes and aunting there money 0 New Meanings of Masculinity o Drains I In Sosua women take care of men and give them money Men who take money from there girlfriendswives are not seen as less masculine makes them more macho Some men openly rely on there girlfriendswives relations with other men 0 Tigueres Tigers The ultimate Dominican machos who earn less then the women there with or nothing at all Criticized by sex workers who call those men quotChulo pimps Admired by other migrant men Men get the benefits the women get all the stress risk and danger on Sex Workers Earnings Difficult to save up money Most sex workers earn just enough to cover there daily expenses and provide for there children Sex work pays better then factory work but usually is more costly to pay for an absent father Most sex workers return home in less then a year just as poor as they started Those who can save money usually 0 Buybuild a home in there original community 0 Try to start a small business 0 Colmados Small grocery store Women must learn to guard there earnings from people trying to exploit them People who exploit them 0 Police through extortion o Boyfriends 0 Family 0 Friends 0 Shop and Restaurant owners Many cannot save money because ofbeing exploited o Boyfriends Benefit from Sex Workers Transnational Relationships Andrea s benefits Quit sex working Move into a house used to live in a wooden shack Have her two daughters live with her New clothes Pay bail to get friends out ofjail Tourist visa Andrea s Dominican boyfriends benefits Paid for his apartment New clothes Gifts from Germany when she visits 0 Gossip about Bankrolling A Boyfriend Should not advertise the boyfriend gets money Women who receive money from men overseas are enviable How they spend the money determines there reputation Not all sex workers give money to there significant others Ex Carmen received money from a client in Belgium Ex Carmen didn t tell her boyfriend and saved the money for a house Sex workers often lie to mean saying they quotlovequot and quotmissquot them Sex workers are criticized if they tell too many lies 0 Gossip about Women Who Spend Too Much Money on Themselves Women cannot live too good or the reputation as a caring mother disappears Young sex workers early 20 s are criticized for dressing quotthe way they think prostitutes should dress Older sex workers are criticized the most for not giving money to there children The younger ones are thought to quotnot know better as opposed to the older workers


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