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Material and Energy Balances

by: Noble Bednar

Material and Energy Balances C&PE 211

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Noble Bednar
GPA 3.83


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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Noble Bednar on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to C&PE 211 at Kansas taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see /class/182452/c-pe-211-kansas in Chemical & Petroleum Engr at Kansas.


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Date Created: 09/07/15
CampPE 211 MATERIAL AND ENERGY BALANCES Instructor Julie Howat TA MuraliSatuluri 230 320 MWF 330 520 M 3016 Learned CPE 211 F02 Lect 1 1 COURSE INTRODUCTION TEXT Felder and Rousseau Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes 3rd Edition OFFICE HOURS 1030 1200 MWF 3014ALeamed Hall 200 7 330 TuTh 200 Burt Hall NOTES WWWengrukanseduthl COURSE OBJECTIVE Students Will master chemical Engineering material and energy balances 39 Students will be able to identify the problem 39 Students wil be able to identify an appropriate control volume 39 Students will be able to write correct material and energy balances around the control volume Units Account for multiple phases and chemical reaction Calculate energy content 39 Students will be able to identify a workable solution strategy Hand Spreadsheet ChemCAD Students will be able to carry out the solution strategy F or full GRADING 5 Hour Exams 100 points each 500 k 100 Homewor Projects 100 Final Exam 200 TOTAL 900 DISTRIBUTION OF GRADES A 85 100 B 75 85 C 65 75 D 55 65 F 0 55 credit on any given exam or homework problem as follows Full credit requires correct analysis and procedure and the correct solution 10 of the credit is awarded for the correct solution including numerical values and units If the only error is incorrect signi cant gures 5 of the solution credit will be 90 of the credit is awarded for analysis and procedure Any grade appeals must be submitted in writing within one week after the assignment is returned to the student CPE 211 F02 Led 1 3 MATERIAL AND ENERGY BALANCES HEAT TRANSFER MASS TRANSFER YOUR LIFE AND YOUR JOB CPE 2n F02 Led 1 4 STRATEGY FOR SOLVING HEAT TRANSFER PROBLEMS BLOOM S TAXONOMY OF COGNITIVE LEARNING Knowledge Comprehension Application Analysis Synthesis Evaluation Remembering of previously 1 39al earned maten Ability to grasp the meaning of material Ability to use material in a new situation Ability to break down material into component parts to understand the structure of the system Ability to put parts together to form a new 1e Ability to judge the value of material CPE 211 F02 Led 1 MPS 6STEP STRATEGY TO PROBLEM SOLVING 1 Fquot 5 5 V39 Fquot Engage De ne Explore Plan Do It Evaluate Develop mental desire to solve the pro e Identify the actual problem Care xlly read the problem What is the question Identify attributes area of knowledge For material balance problems the main tools are Control Volume Balance Equations Specifications Develop owchart alternate plans and translation Solve the problem Verify check criteria communicate CPE 211 F02 Led 1 EXAMPLE Fmpana FmpylEne Samman wlth Aumremgmuun szmlzrCandznser mm Pmdm The feed to the tower is 1000 lbhr total 30 Wt propylene 90 ofthe propylene is recovered at a purl ty of 99 Find the ow rate of each component in the propylene product stream CPE 211 F02 Lect 1 7


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