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General Physics I Honors

by: Dr. Baby Lebsack

General Physics I Honors PHSX 213

Marketplace > Kansas > Physics 2 > PHSX 213 > General Physics I Honors
Dr. Baby Lebsack
GPA 3.98

Graham Wilson

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About this Document

Graham Wilson
Class Notes
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This 30 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Baby Lebsack on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHSX 213 at Kansas taught by Graham Wilson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 84 views. For similar materials see /class/182460/phsx-213-kansas in Physics 2 at Kansas.


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Date Created: 09/07/15
PHSX213 class Potential Energy Diagrams Energy Conservation with NC forces CenterofMass Newton 11 for system of particles Linear Momentum Applied to system of particles Fri Septr21t i V Vquot a 0 A r L A a 2rd 139 p rm 6 W 39Lm w 0quot 1 D rm g rrc D nu n w 39xa 39 NAN Lax h lpwo P L UJQLE 19 paw 1f 2 SHE1m LUIS WMth 2 cmgw an MS fCJMQ al L gt y f0 H I 11m Syst m has 0 33 ru rq L39 i g A poss39bIF 1i 1 vl 1 ILu39u39mg puim atWu m J EWh 5 PE function 5 J 4 39 H J H XL I 3 rquotm K H m w rr 3 yStfj m W5 2 a com rauu quotQ Ara 5 A1 a l We mm 1101 1 f rquot W WT 1 a quot a 391 131 1 16 x 3 JF gl L l VAUl1f6 KL 2 1 w a 6 v x v m a u M 1dn1 CE QLSKU gtAg gtA H PE liagrams and three If My Fm My V U II quotf39lhlllllll ug puilll fth MI J 5 quot la 4 f K 50 J 11 x2 5quot 3 K 2 I ll al 1 1 3 oV a i 6quot Q E 7 7 vv Ewin OmbgLg 1 F OFLJCL 2 h I 11 3a x5 34 I x F N He 51m 1111171quot H Il39m t kill 7D Q 39f o f Tj 7739rvr D Em Mm 13 z dMJdz g l JIL 1 ame A W WE ax quota 39 it n 4 quot G 1mm QUE dig l p f 3ng Mad MA 9 Jquot39 quotXxI MHII 39rl m z x1 l39l w km be Pamf fgka calm be um Timth pat jmtia Initagy W C0mfinemem and equilibrium Lquot J Km m neutral siabig T i V J 5m Empgdhl Lu T U9 dl Eimh V I gt I I L Qmmracib U r 7 i quot 7 A A K E ED V Z LO r r quot a quotNa rquot Aquot quot7 7 AL39 n a 5ng Ll lt2p 1m uuiig m in W hk 15 W a 5 311 19 ME gm Miw m f r ma wL Y f L6 fi A L a v v 411CC9Ji 31IULC Mam LS Jf Lian XCQDASHS 7V Hm L HKQ 1 L 7d mm 41 Pmlblem 888 mm gl pce f SEE mm mat f5 r p H mauk J1 ta 1 N Example Problem 822 Fri Sept 2151 Block of mass m20 kg Dropped from height h 040 In Spring has spring constant k 1960 Nm How much is the spring compressed at maximum compression CheckPoint 1 A stone is launched upwards into the air In addition to the force of gravity the stone is subject to a frictional force due to air resistance The time the stone takes to reach the top of its ight path is A larger than B equal to C smaller than the time it takes to return 39om the top to its original position m Sept let 7 Check Point 2 A person attempts to lgnock down a large wooden bowling pm by throwmg a ball at it The person has two balls of equal size and mass one made of rubber and the other of utty The rubber ball bounces back while the ha of putty sticks to the pin Which ball is most likely to topple the bowling pin A the rubber ball B the ball of putty C makes no difference D need more information Fri Sept 2131 Linear momentum p m V y m v with y 5132 1 2 and 3 5 VIC For non relativistic velocities 320 y 1 is de ned as the linear momentum of a particle a vector quantity SI units kg ms 0 The de nitive version of Newton H is X F d p dt and applying these de nitions to a system of particles of constant mass M one sees that ZFdPdtMaCMwherePEpiMvCM Fri Sept 2Ist 9 Linear Momentum P is very useful because in systems with no net external force P is constant It doesn t change it is a conserved quantity 0 Fri Sept 215 Explain Ballof mv 0 TV1 MV1 putty Rubber mv mv2 Mv3 ba11 0 39 The change in momentum of the bowling pin is greatest Mv3 gt le Fri Sept 2151 11 PHSX213 class Class stuff Thermodynamics Heat Moan 1911 1 1st Law of Thermodynamics 39 AEintAUQ W The change in the internal energy of a system is the sum of the heat Q added to the system minus the work done W by the system MonNov 19th 2 A gas cylinder and piston are covered with heavy insulation The piston is pushed into the cylinder compressing the gas In this process the gas temperature A doesn t change B decreases C increases D there s not suf cient information to tell Moan 19111 3 Various Engine Cycles 1506 Stirling Engine see p546 too 1507 Hero s Engine Mon Nov 19th Question 0 A piece of wood at 80 C can be picked up comfortably but a piece of aluminum at the same temperature will give a painful burn Why is this MonNov 19th Speci c Heat Capacity Aluminum 900 JkgK Wood 1700 JkgK Mon Nov 19th Speci c Heat Capacity Aluminum 900 JkgK Wood 1700 JkgK In this context speci c heat capacity is most relevant to the eventual thermal equilibrium 39 Eg Drop a 1 kg object of either aluminum or wood at 80 C into 10 kg of water at 20 C What is the temperature once they have reached thermal equilibrium MonNov 19111 Thermal Conductivity Aluminum 235 WmK 0 Wood 101 WmK 39 This looks better the property has units containing the time dimension This can describe how fast is heat transferred aluminum conducts heat better so the heat will transfer to your hands more MonNov 19111 CheckPoint F irewalking walking on high temperature coals eg 1000 F is possible because A Coal is black B The speci c heat capacity of coal is high C The speci c heat capacity of coal is low D The thermal conductivity of coal is high E The thermal conductivity of coal is low Moan 19111 Equilibrium temp of water aluminum calculation Drop 1 kg of A1 at 80 degrees C into 10 kg of water at 20 degrees C CAl 900 JkgK Cwater 4186 JkgK Mon Nov 19th Radiation The rate at which an object emits energy via thermal radiation is given by P dQdt 039 e A T4 StefanBoltzmann eqn 6 567 x 10398 Wm214 0 A area T temperature in K e emissivity between 01 black 1 Moan 19111 11 Mon Nov 1911 VPython Gas Demo Avogadro 1 mole number of atoms in 12 g of Carbon12 NA 602 x 1023 mol391 0 Number of moles n NNA Molecular mass mass of 1 molecule m Molar mass mass of 1 mole M m N A Moan 19111 13 Ideal Gases Ideal Gas Law PV n R T usual Chemistry form PV N kB T more Physics form With R 831 JmolK 39 With kB 138 x 1023 JK the Boltzmann constant MonNov 19th 14 Molecules in a Box demo P pressure gt sound of marbles on walls ofbox 0 N number of molecules which can be varied T temperature Vigor of shaking box around which varies the average kinetic energy V volume Can vary by a factor of 2 Moan 19th Ideal Gas Law What are the assumptions of the ideal gas law 1 Large number of molecules N moving in random directions 2 Molecules are on average far apart from each other 3 Assume molecules obey laws of classical mechanics and interact with one another only when they collide 4 Collisions with other molecules or the wall of the vessel are perfectly elastic 5 Collision duration is small so can neglect the potential energy associated with the collision MonNov 19m 16 MonNov 19th Eqn 1919 pV N m 03an 3 components so pV N m v2avg 3 N m vrms2 3 l7 Kinetic Energy Can show that for a monatomic ideal gas 1an 32 kB T Mon Nov 1 9th Molecular Speed Distribution Follow s Maxwell s distribution See demo and sec 197 Mon Nov 19th


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