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Psychology 202: Emotion

by: Bryce Buser

Psychology 202: Emotion

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Psychlogy > Psychology 202 Emotion
Bryce Buser

Azim F. Shariff PhD

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About this Document

These are the notes from the Emotion lecture, it includes study tips, and an easy to read format of the notes given to us.
Azim F. Shariff PhD
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This 3 page Reader was uploaded by Bryce Buser on Thursday May 29, 2014. The Reader belongs to a course at University of Oregon taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 110 views.


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Date Created: 05/29/14
Psychology 202 CRN 37657 T R 4 550pm Updates Midterm this week meaning no notes on Thursday All material covered on midterm 1 is included through Ls lecture which is on Emotion The midterm will also cover the readings including the video that has been posted on blackboard There are two more midterms after this all of which are cumulative What You Need to Know Notes that you need to know are in black Any notes that I have added for clarity on the topic will be in green Hopefully this makes things a more clear for you all and if you have any ideas in how I can format these notes to make things even easier send me an email at buseruoregonedu Study Tip use this material to make ash cards Use the bolded words for the front and their definitions and explanations for the back Study with a buddy Learn the material as well as you can before meeting up and then quiz each other It39s easy to give yourself credit when taking practice quizzes because you were close or quotI knew that When you think you39re ready have someone ask you questions so you can see what you think you know verses what you actually know This is best done a few days before the midterm so you have a chance to review the material you get stuck on rather than the night before Tuesday April 15 2014 Corresponding Readings p 421467 Vocabulary Error Management Theory In terms of courtship women tend to be more skeptical when it comes to male tactics and debate more the question of commitment Men tend to overestimate whether a woman in into him based on self report and lab studies This is because for them it is better to overestimate than to underestimate For women if they underestimate the commitment of a man they are in more trouble then if a man overestimates Three Things to Remember 1 Evolution and Social Construct 2 The Naturalistic Fallacy 3 To Ask Why a Developmental Psychology when b Personality Psychology who c Neuropsychologyzwhere d Evolutionary Psychology why How We Can Build NYC we are able to transmit culture with each other and by working together and documenting information we are able to continue forward as a culture nation etc instead of everyone staring over when they are born Transmitting Culture this requires intelligence and Theory of Mind which is the ability to understand others and their viewpoints and ways of thinking Transmitting Culture Tradeoff the benefit is the fact that it is low cost and we have cumulative information The ip side is that we have to be able to trust others who came before us and who are teaching us these cultural ideals The best way to work with this is through the Pretige Bias When we see people who are successful it is a good idea to imitate them and when someone gets imitated a lot that is a good cue of success over a long period of time This can also lead to a silly maladaptive runaway process Emotion Historical Position Bertrand Russel stated The degree of one s emotions varies inversely with one s knowledge of the facts Hot feelings emotion feminine chaos and intuition Cold facts rationality masculine order and truth Emotion A rapid and automatic cascade of subjective experiences psychology responses and cognitive appraisals 3 Models of Emotion 1 The Common Sense View 2 The ames Lang Theory 3 The Schacter Singer View Common Sense View Perception of stimulus subjective experience Run away bear example IamesLang Theory perception of stimulus emotional specific psychological response subjective experience Schacter Singer View 1962 perception of stimulus general arousal cognitive label subjective experience Subjects were injected with suproxin and group 1 was told it would make them amused and group two said that is was nothing but a vitamin The groups were then assigned to the emotions of euphoria or anger The euphoria patients were put into a room where an actor was telling them to have fun while the ager participants were asked a bunch of insulting questions It had been theorized that feelings are merely interpretations of body sensations It was found that subjects who were told that it would make them amused didn39t attribute their feelings to the situations but to the drugs The patients who were told the drug was a vitamin didn39t attribute their feelings to the drug and instead expressed their euphoria or anger Facial Feedback Hypothesis people can be happier and more amused simply by faking a smile Injections of Botox can decrease self report of emotional experience brain activation of emotion and decreases the ability to process emotional language and emotional understanding Adaptation a psychology reaction to a stimulus in an environment Exaptation a characteristic that has evolved but is not an adaptation Pride adaption boosts testosterone and oxygen intake for attack Exaptation communicates high status and dominance Experiments Misattribution of Arousal this was done on the Capilano suspension bridge A woman would approach people on the bridge and on the parking lot and ask them to take the survey She found that people were four times as likely to call her after she gave them her number on the bridge when she would ask them to take the survey on the bridge then in the parking lot This was because the men attributed arousal to the girl and not about the fact they were on a massive suspension bridge Antonio Damasio s Card Sorting Task people with brain damage were able to recognize that one deck of cards was more risky than another however they were unable to stop themselves from picking from the riskier deck This comes as a result of a problem in emotional decision making Emotional decision making is a large component of our decision making and is not irrational People to Know Paul Ekman conducted that largest cross cultural psychological study in the 1960s using the 6 core emotions He used the recognized faces of emotions and determined that they could be identified around the world and that language barriers didn39t affect how people described the faces shown to them Phineas Gage had a railroad stake driven through his head and survived It changed him however and he became more of a jerk drank a lot and lost the ability to make decisions based on emotion


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