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Applied Optimal Control

by: Miss Sid Klocko

Applied Optimal Control AE 750

Marketplace > Kansas > Aerospace Engineering (AE) > AE 750 > Applied Optimal Control
Miss Sid Klocko
GPA 3.58


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 24 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Sid Klocko on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AE 750 at Kansas taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/186817/ae-750-kansas in Aerospace Engineering (AE) at Kansas.

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Date Created: 09/07/15
SENIOR MOBILITY OPTIONS IN RURAL COMMUNITIES October 23 2006 Jon E Burkhardt prepared for the 17th National Rural Public and Intercity Bus Transportation Conference Stevenson Washington Seniors Benefit from Transportation Coordination Partnerships A Toolbox 3 Major Products from Administration on Aging I Westat gtHow to Establish and Maintain DoorthroughDoor Transportation Services for Seniors gtSeniors Bene t from Transportation Partnerships gtCommunity Transportation Template gtCRROM with all products gtwwwaoagovlprofltransportationltransportationasp 2 COMING TRANSPORTATION CHALLENGES gt LOTS of changes and challenges on the horizon regarding future travel needs esp for seniors and persons with special needs gt Current services and organizations are not con gured to address these challenges gt Limited funding limited understanding of mobility gt Need new policy new services new management new support gt Interesting advancements are now being implemented gt Outcomes more choices more independence gt We need to start NOW I my 4 a t 31 3939 39 driVe a car or other motor vehicle a 65 0 Age 69 o 69 impairment or health preblem o 69 female 69 below poverty line 69 3 or more ADL limitations 210 95 344 95 318 450 as 627 9539 Problems that TD Individuals Have Public transportation is limited nonexistent 33 Don t have a car 26 Disability makes transportation hard to use 17 o No one to depend on 12 BTS 2003 TRAVEL NEEDS AND TRAVEL 0PTI LDER TR n39rr g 93972 n l l w o i laquot 39 ltA 39 Q39tl quot L391 3 quot amp1 A 7 in A quotquot 4 quotit 2 quot provide the trips that feed the seniors39 spirits igt Provides more freedom and independence far these who use these services and theircaregivets gt Allows people to age in place It ensures that we don 39t let people down They can in the long hau Gentle support opening doors 1 Physical support handson assistance for balance etc gt Activity support helping the rider at the destination gt Personal support dressing groceries friendships 39 r 1 quot 4 39 F a 1 r Jquot 434 quot ifs rd Ride Bedford Virginia Gadabout Transportation Services Ithaca NY Kaunoa Senior Services Paia Hawaii gt Ride Connection Portland Oregon gt TRIP Riverside California gt West Austin Caregivers West Austin square miles 69000 persons 39gt Area Agency local hospital churches and 6305 Volunteer drivers systemowned vehicles gt 110000 per year 5000 oneway longdistance trips gt Medical and shopping trips only gt Weekdays only 78 square miles 110000 persons Public transit social service agencies university gt Volunteer and paid drivers systemowned vehicles only gt 990000 60000 trips gt Most trip purposes gt Weekdays only KAUNOA Maui County gt 729 square miles 118000 population gt County Office on Aging I Dept of Housing amp Human Concerns gt Most trips by paid drivers in countyowned vehicles gt 350000 17000 trips gt All trip purposes gt Weekdays only RIDE 939 3amp2 square miles 1500000 persons Public transit 33 agencies providing the trips gt 401 volunteers 268 paid drivers personal agency vehicles gt 52 million 300000 trips gt Multiple service types all trip purposes gt Mostly weekdays but loaned vehicles L services 39 square miles 1700000 persons Transportation Commission Office on Aging gt Volunteer drivers only personal vehicles only gt System pays riders who reimburse drivers fOr mileage gt 350000 30000 trips gt All trip purposes gt 24I7I365 Number of trips per year 50000 or less 3 Per trip costs 10 15 long distances 20 30 gt Average annual budgets 50000 gt Budget range 35300 52 million gt Smallest potential service 4000 shortdistance trips 15000 20 000 per year I rthrudoor senior services Tompkins Co Privately financed senior trips Portland Maine gt Volunteers assisting public transit Portland Oregon gt Coordinated transportation plans North Carolina gt Local aging transportation plans San Francisco gt Consumeroriented transportation St gt Multistate large rural region Wash in gt 39 I transit partnerships Suburban Detroit Ce exchange program Severna Park MD Medicaid transit passes Dade Co FL igt Brokered paratransit services Pittsburgh PA gt Free transit for paratransit riders Charlottesville VA gt Outsourcing ADA paratransit Minneapolis gt Travel training gt Regional coordination thru ITS Vimn I social service trips Reestablishing interurban routes gt Multimodal brokered services gt Senior assistance advocacy gt NextBus ITS realtime arrival gt Lowfloor vehicles Ottumwa IA Eastern Indiana Monroe Co NY Arlington VA San Francisco Many sites Components of the Age Wave In 1900 4 of the US population was 65 or older in 2030 21 of the US population will be 65 or older At 65 years old today men can expect to live 16 more years and women can expect 19 more years There are now more seniors than teenagers in the US In 2020 10000 persons will turn 65 every day In 2040 there will be more persons 85 than there were persons 65 in 1960 K In 2050 40 of 65 year olds will live to be 90 m 21 Trend Data More seniors More trips by seniors More trips by seniors in autos More persons with disabilities More persons with reduced mobility More spatial dispersion dedensification From Awareness to Action What to Work For More accurate informed public perceptions v Comprehensive public policy partnerships More funding for transportation services Support for new mobility and pricing options Mobility planning at the local level Intelligent approaches to driving safety Support for innovations and service quality 23 Contact Information Jon Burkhardt WESTAT 1650 Research Blvd Rockville Maryland 20854 U S A Jon Bu rkhardtWestatcom 3012942806


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