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Greek Week 2

by: Haley Heil

Greek Week 2

Haley Heil
CL HUM 2100

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About this Document

Week 2
CL HUM 2100
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Haley Heil on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 56 views.


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Date Created: 09/07/15
Greek Week 2 The Dark Age Recap Schliemann s Legacy Aroused interest in archaeology Proved that civilizations thrived at Troy and Mycenae The later excavations show his dates don t match with those of the epics Linear B Deciphered by Michael Ventris in 1952 building on the work of Alice Kober Linear B tablets records No history poetry or myth Tablets clearly illustrate how Mycenaeans governed their territories Pylos huge stash of linear B tablets Mycenaean Pylos Tightly organized and very hierarchical Fortified palace center of power The wanax rules around 200 villages1400 sq miles Area divided into 2 provinces each province into multiple districts 0 Don t really know the number of people Officials from the palace survey the districts claim livestock and produce taxes for the palace o What do you get for taxes 0 Men expected to serve in army under the control of the lawagatas and the wanax People could expect protection inside fortress walls in times of danger Referenced to slaves in the palace and provinces Palace Managed imports and exports employed huge staff of workers Names of Greek gods appear in linear B tablets Zeus Hera Poseidon Artemis Hermes Dionysus Ares Destruction by quot1100 Palaces cities houses gone Writing gone Changing in artistic architectural production Trade spots Affects of all eastern Meditteanean Dorian invasion Sea people Ad agricultural practices Climate change Socioeconomic revolution Do ans Descendants of Heracles Brought the doric dialect Sea Peoples They wiped out some of the Egyptian peoples 12001100 BC upheaval everywhere The Dark Age 1100750 BC Dark because of the low standard of living and scanty archaeological evidence no writing small communities of subsistence farming and livestock no palaces archaeology shows depopulation and mass migrations 0 especially to the islands Some technological advances iron 0 no more trade routes less bronze 0 iron ore found throughout Greece 0 harder than bronze pottery improves o faster wheel better glaze o protogeometric pottery 1050900 BC I Nice shaped pots I No figures just shapes on them I Use of a compass to make shapes architectural remains o the house of basileus in Nichoria big house 0 Lefkandi structure 950 BC tomb House I Has 2 shaft graves Horses in one human and cremation in the other I Horses are status symbols and the urn mean they did have hierarchical system I The wealthy woman of Lefkandi Late Dark Age 750700 BC Alphabet adoptedadapted from Phoenicians replaces syllabic linear B system New style of pottery geometric Rise in population leads to colonization Greeks living outside Mycenaean areas The Return of Greek writing Nestor s Cup 8th century Drink from this cup Homeric Epics written I 8th century 2 epic poems Iliad and the Odyssey center on the Trojan War Greek expedition against Troy Still finding things in Egypt that are translated into the Iliad and the Odyssey These poems speak to you with age Myth category of stories that have to do with things that didn t actually happen History stories that actually happened Legend stories that have been modified around a hero Schliemann Tried to change these stories from myth back into history Both center on the Trojan War Iliad fighting at Troy Odyssey return from Trojan War to back home 0 Boar tusk helmets chariots Homer knew about chariots but didn t know how they worked or were used Place names in Homer s epics List of cities in Book 2 catalogue of ships Many match Mycenaean remains 0 Troy AKA Ilium Ilion o Mycenae o Pylos SocialPolitical structure hierarchical Note Greeks referred to as Danaans Acheans and by local affiliations Into to Homer Iliad and Odyssey are epic poems o The verse form is dactylic hexameter 0 Oral composition poems are sung over and over from generation to generation 0 Basic plot remains but details change as the culture changes Dactyl finger 3 parts Poems have to do with heroes If the story takes place in a certain time they have specific details that are different Who was Homer 1 person Doubtful within the oral tradition lots of singerscomposers Homer the tradition of writing it down Poems finally committed to writing 750700 BC 0 Why not written down earlier I No writing in the Dark Ages So important people wanted to write them down 0 Adapting the writing system of the Phoenicians A scribe writes them down Iliad starts out talking about the wrath of Achilles Homer s Iliad Back story Judgment of Paris 0 Golden apple disrupts wedding Athena Hera Aphrodite all claim the apple Paris a Trojan prince is the judge Aphrodite gets the apple Paris gets Helen the wife of Menelaus a Greek king Greek fleet sails against Troy to retrieve Helen Agamemnon Meneleus brother is in charge Greek force a collection of local leaders each with his own contignent of soldiers Homer s iad Book 1 Achilles vs Agamemnon Immediate cause war prizes 0 Agamemnon wont return Chryseis o Plague from Apollo until Chryseis returned 0 Ag takes Briseis from Achilles o Achilles refuses to fight insults Ag by saying he is the best of the Acheans Cultural cause shame vs guilt 0 Win glory avoid shame o A heroic code Divine Response 0 Thetis Zeus Hera Hephaestus 0 Comic closure Book 25 Catalogue of ships all the troops who fought Duel Paris vs Meneleus Teichoskopia Helen s view from the wall Aristeria of Diomedes his moment of glory 0 He goes on a rampage berserker state of mind Book6 Glaucus and Diomeded Xenia Hospitality Hector and his family Similes remiders of peaceful life outside of war


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