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Rural Sociology Week 2 Notes

by: SC_Kara Beemer

Rural Sociology Week 2 Notes RU_SOC 1000 - 03

SC_Kara Beemer
Rural Sociology
Amanda Sims

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About this Document

Rural Sociology
Amanda Sims
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by SC_Kara Beemer on Monday September 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RU_SOC 1000 - 03 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Amanda Sims in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see Rural Sociology in Sociology at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 09/07/15
Rural Sociology Week 2 Social Location 0 Where you are situated in relation to the others around you 0 Social location affects how those around you treat you 0 Sexual orientation Race Class Physical ability Gender Citizenship 00000 World View Perspective Shaped by social location 0 Experiences biases observations 0 quotI wouldn t have seen it if I didn t believe it Conformation bias 0 World view conforms what you will believe Fundamental attribution error 0 Tendency to favor personal over situational expiations o EX bad lady drivers 0 quotI hate that guy because he wears cargo shortsquot Common Sense 0 Stuff you should just know 0 lnstinctual 0 When is it helpful 0 Collection of behaviors practices and customs 0 Ways of thinking we expect everyone to know 0 We don t talk about common sense 0 Helps us understand history 0 Why do we pay babysitters but not parents 0 Why it s misleading o Paradox o Unreliable when applied to large groups of people 0 Incomplete understandings Two problems with Common Sense 1 It isn t common everyone holds a general version of common but they re all different Depends on upbringing culture background a Using two towels after a shower 2 It doesn t make sense and is often contradictory quotLook before you leapquot VS quotHe who waits is lostquot 0 quotAbsence makes the heart grow fonderquot VS quotout of sight out of mindquot 0 quotBirds of a feather stick togetherquot VS quotopposites attractquot Social science 0 Use scienti c method to know 0 Beware of intuition 0 Progress and innovation are a result of ditching common sense Sociological Imagination Understanding your personal biography within the greater historical context Coke or Pepsi 0 Look deeper Troubles vs Issues 0 Troubles individual or personal problems that are solved by the individual EX Roommate is tired because she is hungover 0 Issues broader problems in uenced by outside forces EX Roommate is tired because she works 3 jobs to payforschool Meet the Theorists Auguste Comte 17981857 0 Coined the term sociology 0 Karl Marx 18181883 0 Con ict o Emile Durkheim 18581917 0 Social facts and suicide 0 Max Weber 18641920 0 Social actions 0 WEB DuBois 18681963 0 Double consciousness Jane Addams 18601935 0 Social work 0 First halfway house Sociological Theory Guiding steps of questions to ask 0 Key concepts 0 Framework keep you in line 0 Using theory to understand the world involves 0 Core assumptions 0 Concepts you use to analyze the world MACRO 0 Social institutions 0 Big things 0 Con ict o Functionalism MICRO 0 Agency 0 Interactions 0 Culture symbols material Big 3 Theories 1 StructuralFunctionalism Anything that serves a purpose Helps society OrderStability Seek equilibrium Society system of interrelated parts f Part is a contribution to whole system 2 Con ict a Power relationships between dominant and subordinate groups disproportionate relationships b Focuses on strategies dominant groups use to give them an edge over subordinate groups Haves vs Have Nots Con ict over scarce resources Argues that con ict is the main source of social change Facade of legitimacy 3 Symbolic Interaction a Investigates meanings people attach to actions beliefs symbols and objects Dirkheim s Suicide 0 4 types of problematic social ties 1 Egoistic a Don t feel attached to others b EX Loners 2 Altruistic a Feel like their life belongs to others b Ties to a group c EX suicide bombers martyrs 3 Anomic a Due to drastic economic changes b EX lost job wall street crash 4 Fatalistic a Dire circumstances b quotNo way outquot DP00quot rhme c EX terminally ill death row Romeo ampJuliet o Merton s theory 0 Functions contribution a segment of a society makes to the order amp stability of that society 0 Dysfunctions disruptions or consequences a segment of society makes to the order amp stability of that society 0 Manifest Function expect to happen Dysfunction expect not to happen 0 Latent Function unexpected good Dysfunction unexpected bad Function Dysfunction Manifest Intended Intended disruptive consequencesto consequences order amp stability Latent Unintended Unintended consequences to disruptive order amp stability consequences Marx s Class Con ict o Bourgeoisie capitalist class owners of production who seek pro t at all costs only 1 of society 0 Proletariat working class owners only of their labor which they sell to the bourgeoisie for a wage a large majority of society belongs to this class Commodity o Commoditv an object or a thing which through it s qualities satis es needs and can be exchanged anything we want 0 VALUE Use value usefulness of a thing Exchange value usevalues of one kind exchanged for usevalues of another kind Surplus value what is left over after original value is accounted for PROFIT Sign value symbols carry meanings not Marx s idea 0 Commodity fetishism process of ascribing magic quotphantomlike qualities to an object Turning something into a commodity fetishizes it Magical value tied to the commodity not necessarily its components


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