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by: Ashley Jerread

SWK 240 WEEK TWO SWK 240-002

Ashley Jerread
GPA 4.0
Basic Working Relationships
Mr. Robert

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About this Document

Here's the next week of notes everyone!
Basic Working Relationships
Mr. Robert
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashley Jerread on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SWK 240-002 at University of North Carolina - Wilmington taught by Mr. Robert in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see Basic Working Relationships in Social Work at University of North Carolina - Wilmington.


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Date Created: 09/08/15
SWK 240 Week Two Notes 912015 Don t Ask Whv Instead you need to ask what when how 0 How can the future be positive Problem VS What Can I Work on o What would be helpful to work on today 0 Goals desired outcomes possibilities Exceonn Not as hard or as bad as it seems Do you feel just a little bit better Don t bring up circumstance it takes them out of the situation If someone is really negative and complaining why is that helpful They have to be able to make their own decisions SHOULDing on yourself not good Never use the word should to explain anything you need to have done WA T 0 Why am I talking 0 Why am I here 0 Conversation negative or positive problem free do not attack 0 Create a relationship 932015 Ask Questions Help them describe what39s around them and what39s going on What39s the preferred future What39s been better Don39t be discouraged at an quotI don39t knowquot answer some of these questions can be really hard to answer the client may be afraid to answer Instead of quotwhat39s going wellquot that would signify black and white thinking 0 We ask quotwhat39s going betterquot because it signi es movement towards their goal What we Do Ask useful questions Listen with a constructive ear Echo appreciate and summarize Ask open ended questions 0 Get used to silence Let them pause and think before you attack them ProblemFocused Conversation Social Worker amp Rosie the client 0 O 0 How do you feel being pregnant again judgmental amp negative Did you use birth control Do you even want to use birth control Attacking amp negative Did father use a condom Attacking amp she also knows she has resistance because she knows that they can take her kids away He39s being a social policeman She tells him that she39s basically a prostitute but not in as many words we can39t be judgmental Sometimes the kids are exposed to gross men Theory or idea about who someone is don39t assume Notknowing no preconceived idea no judgments about people Nothing about what39s going on Be compassionate Problem gt Judgment This CANNOT happen we are social workers and we must be judgment free in our work Listen train yourself What can we do for you here today Saying that the client needs help amp attacking You have to be able to compliment and show compassion How did you feel about your kids being taken away Closed questions not inviting you need to ask open ended questions Don t worry about anyone39s feelings right now Feelings don39t need to be included in this conversation What was your childhood like This is ridiculous don39t back track She grew up in a bad situation DO NOT INTERPRET WHAT IS BEING SAID HERE just listen Don t interpret no judgments But yet you prostitute yourself for money WOAH judgment no appreciation or compassion Tell me about dif culty getting boys to school Looking at things as a problem Don39t you know there s someone who can take the kids to school Offers advice to the problem trying to come up with their own solution Your solution may not always be helpful to the client Have you thought about adoption Trying to convince her to put the baby up for adoption brings up education level unnecessary Degrading Hostile Insensitive Obtuse o How39d you feel about dropping out of school Do you want to nish school You can take the bus or ask a neighbor Don t try to gure anything out you39re just try8ing to listen and help the client come up with their own solution Don t be belittling not trying to make the client feel attacked or useless Must have compassion Be with that person be there for them Must have made you sad your mom treating you so bad Do you treat your children like your mom treated you How do you feel about this Ever thought about a parenting class Attacking her Calling her a bad parent sort of Again do not attack just listen OOOO SolutionFocused Social Work 0 Cheryl social worker amp Rosie o How can I help you Open ended questions amp listens to the client explain all of the problems not just pieces 0 Delivering goods Trying to describe Show the client that you just listened to everything that was just said Ask questions about their story Having compassion Compliment them even if it doesn39t seem like a compliment Re ect back to what was said at rst acknowledge them 0 So Several big problems gt miracle question gt go to bed amp miracle is solved What would happen tomorrow that you notice is different Imagine positives she wants Push further into having the client open up about the miracle quotthat d be great what elsequot Very important question try to unpack the conversation give them a chance to think 0 Sounds like a big miracle what would you notice rst that would tell you that the miracle has happened 0 Ask about what kids would do if she got up and cooked how would this work out better for her 0 Exception question a little bit of something has worked 0 Tell me about HOW it would be different 0 How d you make this different happen Answer then change and ask how again Continue asking how she would go about making the miracle continue to work Pointing out that it39s not easy but she did it 0 Things on a scale of 110 0 How con dent are you that you can have another good day How d you make this Difference Happen This is a very common question 0 We can see this in many different forms OpenEnded Questions This allows the client to open up and talk a lot more than usual Give reasonable goals moving her con dence from a 5 to a 6 This is something that seems within the clients reach Don39t create a lens of a judgment about someone You have to be compassionate and love other peopl


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